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Looking for fresh "off the boat" fish in Basque (Spain/France)?

by Bec215 4 days ago

My husband is obsessed with finding and eating fresh seafood - any kind. We've had authentic bouillabaisse in the sou...

Parnassien commented 4 hours ago

Birthday dinner in Sevilla

by redgirl2 7 hours ago

Itinerary almost set and we shifted our dates just a bit so instead of being back in NYC with my head spinning from j...

Large group (75-100) in Madrid

by thawmet 9 hours ago

I'm looking for a place in Madrid to host a large group of people in July...I estimate between 75-100 people. Casual...

Lisbon & Porto Equivalent of Tapas Bars/Cafes

by nlight 1 day ago

Hi everyone, My wife and I will be in Lisbon and Porto in late July, and we're hoping the CH community can share s...


dryhops commented 11 hours ago

Monvinic Barcelona

by KarenDW 20 hours ago

Looking for current views on this. Our last visit, 2014, was lovely. Attentive service, without being overbearing. Lu...

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Azores - Sao Miguel

by traveling 2 days ago

Hi fellow Chowhounders, heading to Azores/Sao Miguel and looking for some good local authentic eats while we are ther...

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What are the best fine dining ventures in Italy and Spain ?

by Chadsie 3 days ago

Really more curious! was just wondering what people thought is ! It can be anywhere and please post prices!

Restaurant Recommendations

by LarzKe 3 months ago

I will be spending 5 nights (4.5 days) in San Sebastian with my wife this coming August. I was hoping for some help w...

erica commented 3 days ago

10 days in Basque Country - What Cities to Visit?

by Mjstout 5 years ago

I am planning a trip out to the Basque Country in the end of August through the beginning of September for 10 days. T...


Bec215 commented 3 days ago

Please Review Barcelona and Madrid Itinerary

by shekamoo 8 days ago

in April. This is based on my old knowledge of Barcelona/Madrid eating that I did not update. Any mistakes/outofdated...

shekamoo commented 6 days ago

Barcelona Business Dinner Suggestion, near Las Ramblas

by buttertartz 12 days ago

Looking for suggestions for a nicer business dinner near the Renaissance Barcelona Hotel, so I guess walking distance...

BCNLocal commented 11 days ago

Solo birthday lunch in Barcelona

by DutchGirlCooking 12 days ago

Hi all, in April I will have an 8 hour lay over in Barcelona, by myself, and to make things worse, this is on my birt...

BCNLocal commented 12 days ago

(Sevilla) Carles Abellan's ENA? go or pass?

by Maximilien 2 months ago

Will be in Sevilla in the first week of April. I stumbled upon ENA while looking at Abellan's Montreal Tapas 24. ...


Maximilien commented 14 days ago

Barcelona Bound

by Furious22560 18 days ago

headed to Barcelona in July. Would like some mid-level restaurant reccos.

erica commented 18 days ago

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Dstage Madrid booking

by ajpickup 18 days ago

Hi wondering if anyone has experiences of booking here , there doesnt seem to be much availability, apparently it's 1...


by Rbrtsuar 11 months ago

Anyone can recommend some places in the Alentejo in the summer? Looking at Torre de Palma and L'And. How are those ...


Rbrtsuar commented 23 days ago

What to bring back from Spain?

by fallingup 1 year ago

I'm currently living in Barcelona, Spain and will be returning to the United States in 2 months. I'm trying to think ...


thedessertcart commented 23 days ago

Restaurants in Asturias this summer 2017

by chrismartinuk 1 month ago

Hello! I'm traveling Asturias for 10 days in August with my wife and have managed to be in Gijon for the last week...

mbfant commented 23 days ago

Where to buy cazuelas/paella pans in Madrid?

by Acidov 3 years ago

Hi everyone! I will be visiting Madrid in October and would like to buy a few cazuelas and paella pan. I saw simil...


ccjohnston commented 23 days ago