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First time in Barcelona, recommended restaurants?

by waylo 1 month ago

My wife and I will be in Barcelona in mid-November for several days. It's our first visit. Anyone with favorite r...


waylo commented 4 hours ago

Ultimo Porto - Lisbon

by Tehama 13 days ago

*****Amazing! Lunch with our guide for the day. Not a tourist in sight. Lunch only. By far, the best food in Lis...

Tehama commented 7 days ago

Is Engima actually accepting reservations?

by kickerconspiracy 1 year ago

Their website says they are taking "pre-reservations" and request that you fill out your ideal time and date. You are...


tjinsf commented 12 days ago

Bodega el Capricho, near León... so many choices!

by erica 2 months ago

While I certainly don't expect this restaurant to offer the "best steak in the world," as has been claimed by several...

erica commented 12 days ago

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Restaurant Closings During Christmas & New Year Period In Andalusia

by mikey8811 12 days ago

Hi I am in the midst of planning a trip from 24 Dec to 7 Jan to Seville, Malaga and Cadiz and was wondering if si...

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Clube Fado - Lisbon

by Tehama 13 days ago

Y'all. It was nearly 300 Euro for 4 people (including wine), and not even close to being worth it. Food was avera...

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Café da Villa - Sintra

by Tehama 13 days ago

Verbatim of quick email I sent myself from lunch a couple of weeks ago (**not** of a high journalistic quality!): C...

Lisbon - dinner on Christmas

by deaddog 18 days ago

We will be in Lisbon on Dec 25 to celebrate my wife's birthday - and I'm facing the traditional hassle of finding a g...


orme commented 18 days ago

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Barcelona Christmas Eve Restaurants

by debra1234 21 days ago

Hello, I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for Christmas eve in Barcelona. I know most places will likely b...

Eating in Lisbon

by damiano 2 years ago

Okay so I will be going to Lisbon Portugal next weekend! Yay! I have already checked this board and my own sources...


mr_gimlet commented 26 days ago

Agromar Cogotes de Bonito del norte en aceite de oliva

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

As one who loves everything about tuna ventresca (belly) except the price, I'm delighted to discover recently cogotes...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Valencia trip report

by dostrovs 2 months ago

We have spent 3 very productive days in Valencia. We compensated for the amount of the consumed food with the excessi...


tigerjohn commented 1 month ago

Rec like Assinatura in Lisbon?

by sarahbeths 2 months ago

My friend is going to Lisbon and while I was compiling my notes I discovered that Assinatura closed. I had a mind-blo...

sarahbeths commented 1 month ago

Spain - Mallorca, SS, Bilbao and Barcelona

by Monica 2 months ago

I just came back from 12 days of amazing trip in Spain. 12 days isn't a lot of time to visit all of the major touris...


Harters commented 2 months ago

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Enigma lunch reservation 10/7

by tdonahue27 2 months ago

Hey guys, I have a reservation at enigma on Saturday October 7th for lunch at 13:00. Unfortunately my dining partn...


by meggan 2 months ago

We will be in Mallorca in October with a car - any great suggestions for restaurants and cafes. We do have a 3 year o...


meggan commented 2 months ago

Restaurant/ Cooking School in Seville

by Shrinkrap 2 months ago

My dentist told me of a Restauarant/cooking School in Seville; three stories, in a poets home. Does anyone know the ...

erica commented 2 months ago

Casual but memorable place in Lisbon for anniversary dinner (with baby)

by newyorker1 2 months ago

Hello - DH and I will be in Lisbon in October on our wedding anniversary, and we will have our 8 month old baby with ...

erica commented 2 months ago

Need one more dinner in San Sebastian

by LABeam 3 months ago

Going to be in San Sebastian for a few days. Day #1 - Casa Urola Day #2 - Pintxos "crawl" Day #3 - Akelarre Day...


mr_gimlet commented 2 months ago

Eat like a local in Porto, Portugal

by Peldog 2 months ago

Heading for the first time to Porto next week for 5 days from Calary, Alberta Canada - not interested in the fancy ex...


shakti2 commented 2 months ago