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A Bite-Size Stop in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Just the name alone—Truth or Consequences, New Mexico—has likely piqued your curiosity, and with good reason. There is a lot to be curious about in this town formerly called Hot Springs: the geothermal...

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Vegas Dining - Napa? Delmonico?

by sam 19 years ago

We're heading off to Vegas in two weeks and are bringing our appetites. Aside from definitely going to Lotus of Siam, we're looking for some other great places. We've heard that Napa is wonderful....

Traveling to Austin

by Cliff 19 years ago

Over the Xmas holiday we will be traveling to Austin and back from San Diego. Are there any good places to eat in Tucson and Van Horn and Austin? Please exclude BBQ and Mexican cuisine of which the...

Albuquerque Trip Report

by george osner 19 years ago

We went to the Balloon Fiest this year for the first time. From a ballooning point of view, the weather was highly uncooperative; we only got to fly once in the 6 days we were there due to rain an...

P'O'd at "Bet of Tucson" Ratings

by Shelly 19 years ago

Did anyone, other than myself, feel let down by the Best of Tucson Chow Ratings in the Tucson Weekly?? I sent my ballot in, but no one seems to share any of my ideas. All the pics were bland and b...

Where to eat in Tucson

by Dominic McGrath 19 years ago

Roberta said: >Oh, McGrath, Keuken Dutch deserved to die. It was >pretty awful, especially in it's death throe >days.Ghini's is good. My favorite is the imported ham >sandwich on thickly butte...

Tucson Italian

by Dominic McGrath 19 years ago

Jersey Joe's on 6th bet. Campbell and Cherry is a tiny joint (recently expanded, actually) that has what I would call pretty authentic New Jersey (read excellent) Italian food in whitebread Tucson....

Las Vegas Buffets

by Glitto 19 years ago

I realize that buffets aren't the preferred locales for Chowhounds, but my hands are tied: I'll be going to Vegas for a weekend in early November with a couple of friends and about a dozen college ...

Las Vegas dining

by Kevin 19 years ago

I'll be going to Comdex in Las Vegas for a couple of days in November, and I'm planning on the places that shouldn't be missed. Since I have have an expense account of some sort, I'm hoping to go ...

Santa Fe eats

by Marie 19 years ago

Just back from Santa Fe, where it rained for 5 days straight...so unexpected! My first night I ate at the Corn Dance Cafe, which was delightful! It's Native American food -- lots of beans, wild g...

Salt Lake eats

by Tom G 19 years ago

Greetings...I'm off to Salt Lake City for about a week...any suggestions for places to eat -- besides those listed below??? I'm staying at the Marriott Downtown and any places near there would be b...

Aladdin in Vegas?

by Risa J 19 years ago

Has anybody eaten at any of the restaurants at the new Aladdin casino? Would love to hear about it if you have!

Dining at the bar in Las Vegas

by Panoz 19 years ago

It looks like some people are already planning on places to eat in Vegas for Comdex. Since I'm going alone, is there any places that are single-diner friendly, perhaps dining at the bar? Somewher...

New Mexico

by Jan Hartman 19 years ago

Looking for tips on the best spots to eat (any cuisine) in Albuquerque, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, Santa Fe and Taos.

Tucson Mole

by Shelly 19 years ago

My favorite Sonoran delight is mole. I crave its depth and complexity. Yes, there is chocolate in it, but it is also so much more. There are also about 8 different kinds of nuts and seeds groud to ...

More than fair N.M fare

by Bruce 19 years ago

Pleasant wk. in N.M. yielded some notewothy eats. But first, much grass to the chowhound who tipped us to Padilla's in Albuq. Long lines of locals ARE a good sign. I use rellenjos as my yardstick...

Chiles Rellenos con Frijoles Refritos Saturday night

by Canon John C. Fowler - Don't call me "gringo" without a smile! 19 years ago

To all Lovers of the Foods of Sonora: Saturday night I shall cook Chiles Rellenos and refried beans for guests. When I can locate good Anaheims here in little Nazareth, PA, the menu will be superb....

Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix

by Chris 19 years ago

I've seen this place recommended by many, and don't get me wrong, it's good. However, I take a holistic approach to grading a restaurant, and I like to assess the entire package. Food is extremel...

Blue Adobe, Mesa, AZ

by Jeanette 19 years ago

Highly recommended. New Mexican style, nice atmosphere, huge servings, very reasonable prices. Surprisingly the salads and soups are terrific, huge (order the small size and thank me later). Chil...

Breckenridge Food

by Barry Strugatz 19 years ago

I'm in search of restaurant suggestions for Breckenridge, CO. Many thanks.

Lotus of Siam Update

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

Am in Las Vegas and have eaten at Lotus four times in the last three days. Haven't repeated any dishes, so have sampled approximately 20 dishes. I'm not sure I can think of any restaurant offhand...

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