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Cure Deli in SW Durham

by ksbee 15 days ago

Ok, would love to try this place, but who has ever heard of a deli that is only open bankers' hours? Their website sa...


ksbee commented 9 hours ago

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Dim Sum in Charlotte?

by HSB 1 day ago

Anybody know of a good dim sum place in Charlotte? Ever since the place on Central closed down I've gone through with...

Old Havana Sandwich Shop on E. Main Street, Durham...

by RonboNC 7 years ago

Stopped in for lunch at this new restaurant in Durham and was pretty impressed! I get cravings for Cuban sandwiches ...


work2eat commented 8 days ago

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Trip to Savannah, GA

by Cosmula 12 days ago

Looking for restaurant suggestions for a weekend trip to Savannah. I'll eat anything, my husband is a "flexible" vege...

Durham Green Flea Market

by bbqme 14 days ago

My son and I visited here yesterday and what a thrill! It was like we were transported to a mercado in Mexico. All so...


burgeoningfoodie commented 13 days ago

Asheville trip report

by ksbee 2 months ago

Reporting back from our annual (or sometimes semi-annual) trip to Asheville. We had never tried Rhubarb, and thought ...


JeffRhinoBannister commented 13 days ago

Looks like poke is the next hot thing in Durham

by bbqme 1 year ago

Pho & Poke opened recently where Chai's used to be located. In February, a poke joint called Zenfish will be opening ...


LulusMom commented 13 days ago

Best NY style Deli in Charlotte is Katz NY

by GodfatherofLunch 10 years ago

Shortly after arriving in Charlotte about six years ago I found what was then a new restaurant. A place where a New ...


dcalyn commented 14 days ago

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My Pleasants, SC

by CCfromNC 15 days ago

Looking at previous posts, there are a surprising number of recommended restaurants which are now closed. Where would...

Retire where?

by brooktroutchaser 3 years ago

A year or so from retiring. Seeking a walkable small town or beach community with mild winters, farmers market, upsca...


Nowretired commented 16 days ago

Sunset Beach, North Carolina - Anything And Everything Worth While?

by Tatem 5 months ago

My parents are moving to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I am looking to buy them some gift certificates for restaura...


waitress commented 17 days ago

Greenville, SC reco's

by Lunarmodule 1 year ago

We'll be in Greenville, SC for two nights next week. Looking for recommendations, especially in the downtown area. We...


danna commented 18 days ago

St. James - new Matt Kelly place

by LulusMom 9 months ago

Just got an email that mentioned that Matt Kelly (of Mateo and Mothers and Sons fame) is opening a new place called S...


LulusMom commented 21 days ago

Eastern NC cheese biscuits

by WFUnix 9 years ago

Who has the best cheese biscuits in eastern NC? This morning, I had a delicious bacon egg & cheese biscuit at the Tr...


meatn3 commented 25 days ago

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Building a rack to roast a whole cow in Columbia

by JeffRhinoBannister 26 days ago

If anyone has ideas please post pictures. I am redoing mine as it is falling apart and I want to improve it. I am u...

NC Wineries for 21st birthday in March

by AreBe 6 years ago

My first born son turns 21 during his college spring break in March 2012. He has asked us to take him to several wine...


NCFineWines commented 27 days ago

Midwesterner Request (for someone else)

by burgeoningfoodie 28 days ago

Had a few Mid-Westerner's lamenting about tenderloin sandwiches and great onion rings (beer battered and thick cut). ...


Tom from Raleigh commented 28 days ago

Oak Island, NC

by rcburli 2 months ago

Heading to Oak Island next week for a few days. What are the best dinner spots for local flavor, seafood, etc?


12 mile commented 1 month ago

Finch's Restaurant to close - Durham, NC

by ToothTooth 1 month ago

Last meal service will be Sunday, April 15th. http://www.wral.com/finch-s-to-close-in-durham/17475737/ The art...


burgeoningfoodie commented 1 month ago