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Oak Island, NC

by rcburli 14 hours ago

Heading to Oak Island next week for a few days. What are the best dinner spots for local flavor, seafood, etc?

Kaffir Lime leaves in Chapel Hill?

by Rory 2 years ago

I was at Whole Foods and they stopped carrying them. I'm dying to make a Burmese curry that was in the Wall St Journa...


Tom from Raleigh commented 1 day ago

Treforni (wood oven pizza) now open in South Durham

by LBD 2 years ago

Got a text from a friend yesterday who lives nearby that Treforni had opened and loved it. Even though I had dinner a...


otto_pivner commented 1 day ago


by LulusMom 3 days ago

Just heard that Sandwhich is no longer there. Now a wings place - advertised as "the wing place you've been waiting f...


otto_pivner commented 1 day ago

Doing some Asado in SC

by JeffRhinoBannister 20 days ago

I would love to hear about your techniques and spices used. Here is some stuff I have done. I do lambs in wine, Goa...

BiscuitBoy commented 3 days ago

Savannah, GA

by Candy 4 days ago

I don't know why Savannah isn't on the list of Chow cities we certainly have many destination restaurants. Husk opene...

thegforceny commented 4 days ago

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Great Local Food in Folly Beach, SC

by dreamer54 5 days ago

Anyone have suggestions for a great and fun place to eat in Folly Beach? Not fancy, just really good food and a nice...

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Fresh Seafood In Charleston, SC

by dreamer54 5 days ago

We will be in Charleston the first week of May for two nights. I remember going to a great seafood restaurant by the ...

Bluffton, SC

by stuart954 7 months ago

going for a few days have car and credit card, we are looking for great local food


stuart954 commented 7 days ago

Picnic, new BBQ in Durham

by mark_e 2 years ago

For those who haven't had their fill of 'cue, Picnic opened a couple of days ago:


ksbee commented 7 days ago

New to Carrboro. Tips and recommendations?

by Yuv83 4 months ago

Hey all, I've written about our travels through the south last year (


burgeoningfoodie commented 8 days ago

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Where to eat lunch en route between Charleston & Myrtle Beach Airport?

by lifeistooshorttoeatbadfood 8 days ago

6 of us will be visiting Charleston in April. We fly into and out of the airport at Myrtle Beach at 1 pm and 2 pm re...

Korean Food in Chapel Hill/Durham

by Tom from Raleigh 12 days ago

I am picking up Korean food for take out tonight. I'll either go to MinGa or Namu. MinGa just moved onto 1404 E. Fran...


Rory commented 10 days ago

Myrtle Beach recos

by laurelmcg 1 year ago

Can anyone recommend a few good, non-chain, non-touristy spots in/around Myrtle Beach? Thanks!

LaLa commented 13 days ago

Asheville, NC Restaurants & Bars

by klebb 19 days ago

Heading to Asheville in a few weeks for three days -- I have three kids but they aren't afraid of interesting food. ...

JeffRhinoBannister commented 14 days ago

Greenville, SC reco's

by Lunarmodule 12 months ago

We'll be in Greenville, SC for two nights next week. Looking for recommendations, especially in the downtown area. We...


Steve Drucker commented 16 days ago

Former 'Hound JB Bannister Seen on Chopped!

by ninrn 7 months ago

Surprised no one has posted about this already: Great former Chowhound JB Bannister competed recently on Chopped Gril...

ninrn commented 18 days ago

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Local Savannah Eateries

by Gastrobuck 19 days ago

Chowhounders do not update restaurant discussions frequently but that is okay with me because I prefer to eat at fami...

Single Dining on a Fri pm (9pm) near College of Charleston

by hexepatty 20 days ago

Going to be in the area this Friday, solo. I love bar seating and high tops. Will be near College of Charleston. Pric...

RC51Mike commented 19 days ago

The new Il Palio, Chapel Hill, NC

by LulusMom 2 years ago

Once Adam Rose left Il Palio (in the Sienna Hotel), we found that there just wasn't much that we were interested in h...

LulusMom commented 19 days ago