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Need Charleston advice for NY and SF foodies!

by nyperr 5 days ago

Three of us from New York and San Francisco are meeting in Charleston - for all of us it will be the first time. We w...

six dower commented 3 hours ago

Unsweet Thai food in Triad NC

by dombey 7 months ago

As title says... we relocated to Greensboro over a year ago and have been unable to find a Thai place that doesn't go...

LaLa commented 10 hours ago

Dive N Boar Greenville... a transformation

by mollybelle 6 months ago

We slowly lost our affection for Southern Culture Kitchen as the fish offerings and other interesting specials droppe...


krandy21784 commented 22 hours ago

Sitting at Halls Chophouse in Greenville last night

by BobBigEater 1 month ago

Yes it is expensive but the service and bar menu vary fairly priced are awesome. I over heard a manager say that the...


krandy21784 commented 22 hours ago

Savannah HELP! NY and SF foodies looking for advice

by nyperr 5 days ago

Three of us from New York and San Francisco going to Savannah for the first time. We will be there 2 days. We want...

meatn3 commented 1 day ago

St. James - new Matt Kelly place

by LulusMom 7 days ago

Just got an email that mentioned that Matt Kelly (of Mateo and Mothers and Sons fame) is opening a new place called S...


burgeoningfoodie commented 3 days ago

GA PIG Closed

by crewsweeper 5 years ago

I know this Brunswick, GA place off I-95 gets its shareof picks and pans but no more. Last plate of Q sold yesterday...


BhamGuy commented 4 days ago

Asian Market in or near Winston-Salem

by wreckers00 6 years ago

Looking for an asian market--hopefully Japanese, Chinese or Korean--that sells some interesting Asian products in or ...


jthannikary commented 5 days ago

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Awesome find in Wilmington, NC

by vandiemen8 5 days ago

We came to Wilmington to visit family this weekend and visited a newly opened restaurant, Epicurean Grill at Sweet an...

Dan Dan Noodles - Triangle Area

by Panski 13 days ago

Lately I have received a few e-mails about the food of Chengdu, China (I subscribe to several travel blogs). Today's...


Panski commented 7 days ago

Motto restaurant in Durham

by bbqme 5 months ago

Formerly Lucia at American Tobacco complex. Friends went there recently and raved about it. I took a look at their m...


Guilty Gourmand commented 7 days ago

Rose's Meats and Sweets Opens in Durham

by burgeoningfoodie 4 years ago

Been a long time coming but the meat and sweet shop is open and also serves a lunch and dinner.


burgeoningfoodie commented 8 days ago

Dinner in Downtown Raleigh (by the opera theater)

by mcfreid 13 days ago

Hello Chowhounders, 'long time lurker here and with the decline of foodies (


burgeoningfoodie commented 8 days ago

PA to FL - Good Eats near I-95

by jennyjennyjenny 19 days ago

Family trip to Disney from Philly - looking to stay close to 95, any good family friendly spots, or some must have so...

erica commented 9 days ago

South Georgica Barbecue

by bkhuna 7 years ago

Much has been written about barbecue in the Southern part of Georgia, but things change and places come and go. What...

Mississippi Snopes commented 11 days ago

Most underrated and overrated restaurants in NC Triangle

by 27705food 1 year ago

Perhaps a good discussion starter. Which restaurants do you feel are overrated (this board, critics, newspapers o...


Tom from Raleigh commented 15 days ago

Manhattan to Charlotte transplants looking for newbie advice!

by saregama 1 month ago

My friends are relocating from Manhattan to Charlotte, and we've been discussing the transition from the perspective ...


ickymettle commented 16 days ago

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The New New Greenville, NC thread!

by kagi 17 days ago

The last "New in Greenville, NC" thread was started 8 years ago: ...

Nana Steak--Durham. Blu-- Durham

by Barbarella 8 months ago

Pls give me some feedback on these two restaurants if you have been We are seeking seafood and steaks mainly..

romansperson commented 19 days ago

Charleston trip report

by LulusMom 24 days ago

I am going to try to report on our meals while they are still fairly fresh in my mind, so hope to do a post each morn...

LulusMom commented 20 days ago