South San Francisco


Free Sushi Sandwich at Moonstar in SSF for the vaccinated

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

"Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with the news that we have all been waiting for, COVID-19 vaccinations are soon to be available to everyone age 16 and older starting April 15th ...

Little Free Libraries >>> Little Free Pantries

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Little free pantries are springing up in the time of coronavirus and mass unemployment. Previous discussion of little free pantry movement: https://www.chowhound.com/post/free-pantry-san-jose-1...

See's Candies suspending production

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

For only the second time in history, See's Candies has suspended production and shipping temporarily. The other stoppage was for World War II. https://www.sees.com/

See's Candies resumes production and reopens stores slowly

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

In time for Mother's Day, See's Candies started up production again with a reduced crew after a history-making closure due to the Covid-19 crisis. https://www.chowhound.com/post/sees-candies-suspe...

Teani's Italian Deli | South San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

As a 30-year fan of Little Lucca deli in SSF, where I first encountered Dutch crunch bread and LL's famous garlic sauce, I noted a mention on HO that the original owners have a new place, Teani’s D...

Bertulucci's Cannelloni [South San Francisco]

by 90024 6 years ago

I had this dish 30 years ago and thought it was the best I've ever eaten. I still think about and meeting Mama Bertulucci in the kitchen while she was hand filling the tubes. Is it still the sa...

Lunch in SSF/San Bruno (Bart accessible)

by mdpilam 6 years ago

Any recommendations for a lunch spot to meet a friend who is working in SSF (Genentech)? I don't have a car and am coming from the City (she has a car and can meet/drive somewhere reasonable). ...

Flavas Jamaican Grill [South San Francisco]

by caryjones 7 years ago

I'm no expert on this kind of cuisine, but I highly recommend this new restaurant in South San Francisco. I imagine jerk seasoning is like curry, with many variations of spice combinations. Both th...

Boracay Garden and Grill - Filipino food near SFO [South San Francisco]

by mdg 7 years ago

Last Friday I arrived home at SFO at dinner time and decided to try someplace new. I went to Boracay Garden and Grill on El Camino Real in South San Francisco, less than a mile north of I-380. This...

Xiao Long Bao Kitchen [South San Francisco]

by caryjones 12 years ago

Passed by there last weekend but had already eaten. This new Chinese restaurant is at 331 Grand in SSF. They have a large menu with lots of spicy dishes like hot chili oil soup and home made stea...

Cafe Di Casa – the BEST Brazilian cheese bread in the Bay Area, discos, and Fazenda coffee [South San Francisco]

by rworange 13 years ago

The cheese bread here is almost the size of a baseball and has that wonderful texture where the cheese and flour become one and it is like eating a warm ball of soft cheese … which might not sound ...

Beijing Buffet [South San Francisco]

by slew 7 years ago

Does anyone here have any experience of this place? A friend's family is hosting their Red Egg & Ginger Party there... yelp paints a scary picture... ^^; Beijing Buffet 245 S. Airport Bl...

Chowdown Report: We’re on a Roll Trailer @ New England Lobster Co. (South San Francisco)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

Friday’s warm and sunny weather forecast prompted an outing to the normally cold and windy picnic spot and We’re on a Roll mobile trailer operated by New England Lobster Company. http://www.flickr...

Good But Not Expensive Restaurant in South San Francisco

by Canthespam 8 years ago

We have friends who will be staying in So.SF for one night only. They are on a tight budget (not a starvation budget). So the restaurants we would normally pick in that general area are out of th...

GO in South San Francisco

by DavidT 9 years ago

I made my 1st visit to the one week old Grocery Outlet in South SF yesterday. The store seems a little smaller than some of the others I have been seen. I thought there were a number of interest...

Grocery Outlet, South San Francisco

by DavidT 10 years ago

I drove by the location (Hickey Blvd. near El Camino Real) today of the GO that will be opening soon in South San Francisco. The good news is there were workmen inside the storefront making progres...