South Bend


Any real Chicago Style Pizza in South Bend IN?

by Pizzahound 14 years ago

I travel to SB for work every quarter or so, and aside from Barnaby's I have not found any Chicago pizza... and Barnaby's isn't what I am looking for (besides, the Barnaby's in SB and Mishawaka nor...

Michigan S.W. Region Food Updates?

by VTB 6 years ago

Happy Holidays all. I'm going to be in Grand Rapids for a couple days, with the kid. Willing to travel to Holland, Saugatuck, Grand Haven or even South Bend. Anybody have some good food suggestio...

BBQ in South Bend

by samaree 18 years ago

Does anyone know of any good BBQ restaurants in South Bend? Alot of them seem pretty seedy for a 20-something girl to take her senior mom. Has anyone been to the new one (can't remember name over b...

Anything worthy in South Bend, IN?

by rexmo 15 years ago

I'll be there this weekend. Anything that a hound should check out?

Looking for restaurant suggestions between Grand Blanc, MI and South Bend, IN

by Msviolatordm 7 years ago

Tuesday I will be travelling to Indiana to attend my aunt's funeral. Looking for a restaurant about halfway through the trip. I will be travelling on 69 south and the 80/90 toll road. I would pr...

Polito's Pizzeria Restaurant, Mishawaka-South Bend, IN...we'll be back

by Mugs 18 years ago

My wife and I hit Polito's for the first time tonight, eager to avoid the TGIF's, Chili's, etc. directly across Grape Road. She had a triangle of New York-style with Italian sausage and a square of...

South Bend and Fort Wayne recommendations

by salesgirl19 8 years ago

I am flying into Fort Wayne around lunch time, then headed to South Bend for dinner. Looking for recommendations, no chains, open to all foods. I may also be back in Fort Wayne for dinner the nex...

How is Carriage House in South Bend?

by Bada Bing 11 years ago

I'm supposed to schedule three small-group dinners in a casual business setting, at three different places, in South Bend area, Indiana. Typically we use Lasalle Grill, NOMA, sometimes Uptown Ki...

Casual Dinner in South Bend?

by jwats 9 years ago

Wondered if anyone had a suggestion for a casual dinner along 80/90 in South Bend? Diner/family style restaurant would be great. Thanks in advance john

Best Lunch Spot Between South Bend Airport and Notre Dame

by wkbdgrl1223 9 years ago

Hi All: I am looking for the best lunch spot between the South Bend Airport and Notre Dame campus (or on campus). I will be flying into South Bend on a Saturday afternoon and looking to have lu...

South Bend -- Recommendable Pork Tenderloin Sandwich?

by Bada Bing 10 years ago

Another Chow thread got me thinking: I live in the South Bend area, but I've never tried Indiana's apparently signature sandwich. Can anyone recommend a place in this area that offers a worthy i...

Best birthday cake in South Bend, IN?

by Snarkley 10 years ago

I know, I know. It's South Bend. But I am throwing a child's birthday party there and am wondering which bakery might be best to order from. Thoughts? Grocery store bakeries okay too.

Easy lunch in Chicago from O'Hare to South Bend

by mgcmonkey 10 years ago

Hi, Will be passing by Chicago and would like to do a yummy sit down lunch somewhere that has easy parking on a Saturday (do not want to pay for garage). I've searched the boards and came up ...

Indian Restaurants (South Bend/Mishawaka)

by Bada Bing 11 years ago

I get the impression that Taj Indian Cuisine in Mishawaka is more or less permanently closed, although last I drove by they still had a sign up saying they're closed "for renovations." Too bad, b...

Must-eats and must-drinks in South Bend, IN?

by kelelli14 10 years ago

I'm going on a random excursion to Indiana next month and will be making a stop in South Bend; any tips on places to go and/or places I should stay away from? I've read a lot about places to try ...

Döner Kebob anywhere, esp. in South Bend area?

by Bada Bing 12 years ago

Ever since I spent a couple of years in Germany and got hooked on the Turkish Döner Kebab sandwiches, I've wondered if they are made anywhere in the States. I live in South Bend, so that's where...

Auto museum road trip-Auburn, Shipshewana, South Bend, Hickory Corners, Lansing, Flint

by estarae 11 years ago

Looking for any and all restaurant suggestions along our antique auto museum road trip route. We are going from the Detroit airport to Auburn In, then to Shipshewana, South Bend, up to Hickory Cor...

Any good eats between South Bend IN and Grand Rapids MI?

by napolean 11 years ago

Need a place for dinner in the Southwestern part of Michigan. I'm familiar with New Buffalo and the Warren Dunes but is there anything interesting in the area for a nice, casual dinner? Thanks f...

Between South Bend and Auburn, Indiana?

by Bada Bing 11 years ago

Sorry for late notice, but I am suddenly considering a daytrip tomorrow from South Bend area to a military museum in Auburn, Indiana, about 20 miles north of Fort Wayne. Any truly neat hound sto...

South of South Bend, IN?

by Bada Bing 11 years ago

I'll be in/near Potato Creek State Park tomorrow, near Lakeville. Are there any good places to try out thereabouts for lunch?