South American

Here's your South American food guide, covering Peruvian to Brazilian and beyond. Get cooking tips, recipe ideas, restaurant suggestions, and more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Peruvian Cooking

Peruvian cuisine is all the rage throughout the world and for good reason. This culinary jewel of South America with its abundant raw ingredients, dizzying variety of elevations, and clever chefs and...


by granjan 11 days ago

I 1st had these cookies 50 years ago in NYC at an empanada stand! I've eaten them everywhere I find them and have baked lots as well. But none of the recipes stand up to the ones sold at The Pasta ...

Back to the Andes...

by lobstagal 6 months ago

Want to take my husband on a culinary trip back to the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, where he was born and raised as part of his retirement party. I can prepare some traditional dishes but would lov...

Grenadilla in NYC?

by awills85 7 months ago

Hi all! I recently went to Peru and fell in love with Grenadilla (similar to passion fruit but sweeter). I'm determined to find a place to buy it in NYC but Google searches aren't helping. Has a...

Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Uruguay

by dostrovs 1 year ago

There is a good reason why CH has such a paucity of the information on Argentina and Uruguay. Both of these sufficiently attractive countries are not culinary destinations. I will try to summarize ...

Food to prepare for daughter's friends

by gooddaddy 1 year ago

My daughter is finally moving back home after 4 years in the university and I couldn’t be more excited. She’s flying back in two weeks with a couple of Colombian women friends, said they wanted to ...

Cooking for a family reunion with distant relatives

by cuisinier33 1 year ago

My cousin just let me know through instant message that they’re planning on organizing a family reunion to meet our estranged relatives, who are flying in from all over the world. Since I’m the che...

Mexican or South American Cuisine

by sandylc 2 years ago

Hi! I think that the Twin Cities are ripe for some more options for Mexican or South American food. That said, what are your current favorites?

Chilean Corn from La Vega in Santiago - cooking help

by bhanac63 2 years ago

Hello, I recently came back from a trip to South America and I picked up some dried corn from the La Vega market. They are dried corn and I'm assuming they need to be soaked before cooking. Any ide...

Best cassava balls (yuca cheese balls) in LA?

by Hapgood 6 years ago

Years ago I was really lucky and got to go on a Linblad cruise of the Galapagos (I'm only stating this for reference in case if someone happens to have had the same food item I'm looking for). The...

Salteña Corner | OC Great Park Farmers Market - Irvine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Last month I shopped the Sunday morning farmers market at the Orange County Great Park in Irvine. I was delighted to see a stand selling freshly baked salteñas, the signature soup-filled empanadas ...

Luzmary, Bolivian in Falls Church - Report

by Steve 3 years ago

The best Bolivian food in the DC area was never available for dinner. Longtime stalwart Luzmilla's was only open for breakfast and lunch. But now that the family sold Luzmilla's and has open...

La Estancia, Argentinian in Falls Church - Report

by Steve 3 years ago

I didn't go to La Estancia to be served ridiculously enormous portions of food. I wanted to eat a delicious steak and not pay a lot of money for it. What I got when I ordered the steak a la p...

Elitas deli in ossining is now delitas deli

by vinouspleasure 3 years ago

I first reviewed elita's here: http://www.chowhound.com/post/elitas-deli-ossining-814788?page=3 change in ownership, now it's called delitas deli. The biggest change is that the excellent hot ...

Asados Dona Flor Lowell

by justbeingpolite 5 years ago

Tiny Colombian hole in the wall on High Street behind Saints Memorial. Anyone been who knows Colombian food? Just went for lunch. The place filled up with Colombians (I assume). The food was rea...

What are the best Argentinian restaurants in NYC?

by Jennyjenzjenz99 3 years ago

I have a colleague from Buenos Aires, and I would like to take him out to a great Argentinian restaurant. What are the best options in the city? Are there hidden gems in Queens perhaps? I kn...

Argentinian Cuisine

by Simple_Chef 3 years ago

Calling all Argentina Chowhounds! I am planning a dinner that is to feature the wines of Argentina and honor the contributions of Santiago Achaval. I have a few ideas for appetizers, main, and beve...

Suggestions for Spanish/South American

by kmcg302 3 years ago

Hello, LA 'hounds. I was hoping to get some suggestions for a nice Spanish (I'm told there is a dearth of really good Spanish restaurants in LA based on my perusal of previous posts ) restaurant f...

Columbian restaurants - midtown

by kim2310 4 years ago

Bringing 30 high school kids to NYC in early March for the annual Model UN conference. Our country is Columbia so I'd like to find a South American restaurant somewhere near the Hilton on 53rd and...

Mesa Latin Kitchen in Durham

by 27705food 4 years ago

I am a bit surprised that there has been no mentions for this fine new-ish resto on Hillsborough Rd in Durham. I've been a few times now (including opening day) and have been very pleased every t...

South American food?

by GatsbyGirl 10 years ago

What is your favorite South American dish? ----- Fabian's 4238 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203