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A Guide to Barbecuing Internationally: From Kansas to Korean BBQ

The world of barbecue is big, even while much of the planet remains off-limits—these are some international BBQ styles you can try for a taste of travel in your own backyard. As one who grew up in a...

Bruce Jack on the human & industry cost of Covid-19 in South Africa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

During the pandemic, exports of South African wine have been prohibited. The SA wine industry normally sells 50% of its production abroad. And domestic sales of alcohol are banned as well in an eff...

Foreign Candy Near Santa Monica

by GoldfishHero 4 years ago

I'm looking for a specific South African candy called Peppermint Crisp for a gift. Anyone know of a specialty shop or foreign market near Santa Monica that sells this? Thank you.

Authentic International Grocery Stores

by nerdman 4 years ago

I work at a boarding school and we have a good number of international students that are unable to find some of their favorite cooking supplies at the local grocery store. I am looking for stores i...

South African Meat Pies

by ishmael 14 years ago

My friend just rreturned from South Africa and can't stop raving about the almost ubiquitous pie shops. He said they ranged from delicious to just OK. Can anyone tell me a little more about them. W...

Biltong in Phoenix?

by tivon 7 years ago

Does anyone know of a local store that sells Biltong (South African dried beef)? Thanks!

South African/ British style meat Pies in Sarasota

by ezpiez 10 years ago

We have a new Pie Shop in Sarasota specialising in meat pies in a "puff" pastry pocket. A great easy and quick meal on the go, or order frozen pies to bake at home. We have a wonderful range of ...

South African Food

by AngloAmerican 11 years ago

Ever since the demise of the Cape Dutch Bakery I've been unable to find a source locally for boerewors, chackalacka, or any other of the delicious South African foods I used to get there. I have to...

South African groceries in Pgh?

by alaskanjackal 5 years ago

Specifically looking for a place I can get the Pronutro breakfast cereal for less than the $14.99 it is on Amazon.com. Recently came back from South Africa and fell in love with this delicious (nut...

South African spices in the Bay Area

by MonsieurTrent 6 years ago

Howdy gang, where can I buy South African spices in the Bay Area? Specifically looking for biltong spices but would like to know where I can pick up South African spices in general. Any ideas? I ...

South African wine body calls 2015 vintage 'exceptional' | decanter.com

by zin1953 6 years ago

And their popularity is growing . . .

South African Swartland Winery sold to Chinese investor | decanter.com

by zin1953 6 years ago

Another one bites the dust . . . and another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust . . .

Jackson Family Wines buys South African vineyard | decanter.com

by zin1953 6 years ago

There are some excellent wines produced in Stellenbosch . . .

south african grocery/food

by sue bailey 13 years ago

I am looking to purchase south african spices and food...does anyone know where in Toronto.. ? Someone mentioned Baxters on Sheppard...they have since gone out of busines ? thanks for any help

South African food products in NYC

by Rob Lieberthal 18 years ago

I am looking for Chipniks, Appletizer, Joko Tea, Mrs. Ball's chutney and other South African food products in NYC (or the Metro area) at a store (i.e. not a web or catalog based "importer"). I fou...

South African Food

by dsc110 7 years ago

Does anybody know a market that sells South African food besides the African Hub in Orange County. I am looking for the Nestle Milo cereal. Thanks in advance!

South African

by IEatMyVeggies 7 years ago

I'm trying to give a friend who lives in NYC a taste from home. Where can one find some South African delicacies/bakery items/candy/food AND a large selection of South African wine (have found that...

South African wine exports hit record in 2013

by zin1953 7 years ago


South African restaurant: where can I find one?

by Me 18 years ago

I may be visiting South Africa this fall, and I want to learn about the food and culture. The only African food I've ever eaten is Ethiopean. Is it at all similar? Is there a good restaurant in LA ...

China Makes First Investment in South African Wine Industry

by zin1953 7 years ago


Amawele's South African Kitchen - Rincon Center [San Francisco]

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 8 years ago

New place with some dishes I haven't heard of before such as bunny chow and vetkoek: http://www.amawelessouthafricankitchen.com/menu.php