11 Ways to Use Your Sourdough Discard in Everything from Pizza Crust to Banana Bread

There’s no getting around it: When you bake sourdough bread, you end up with starter discard. Sometimes, a lot of it. Luckily you can use sourdough discard in recipes; here are some favorites. The Best...

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Sourdough starter not rising - help!

by biondanonima 7 years ago

So, I decided to try starting my own sourdough starter from scratch last Saturday, using King Arthur whole wheat flour and water. It's quite cold in my kitchen these days (under 65 degrees), so I ...

Make Authentic San Francisco Sourdough in Palo Alto?

by icecone 10 years ago

The title should read: Authentic San Francisco Sourdough In Palo Alto? I asked this in one of the other sourdough threads but didn't get a reply. Palo Alto is on the bay area peninsula about 30 mi...

Lodge-style sourdough bread in the SF Bay Area?

by Bjartmarr 3 years ago

I recently bought a loaf of bread from Lodge bakery in Los Angeles, and it has changed the definition of what sourdough means to me. Unfortunately, I don't live there any more, and nothing I've had...

No-Yeast Bread Maker Sourdough Recipe?

by Cowprintrabbit 6 years ago

Posted this over in Special Diets and got no response so I thought I'd try here... I'm currently on a LEAP profile diet and can't have yeast. I've got a sourdough starter going and was going to ...

Sourdough Starter Comments

by Jambalaya 3 years ago

I have a 10 yr. old sourdough starter I started myself, use it regularly and like it a lot. Because I'm not in the San Francisco area it does not have as strong and distinct flavor and I understan...

Burning My Sour Dough Crust

by Frankolla 3 years ago

I just finished my third loaf of sour dough using a Tartine recipe, got it tweaked just right using a Le Creuset dutch (pot & frying pan). However, to get the visible crust just right, it burns the...

sourdough starter... freezing flour

by adamclyde 15 years ago

Can freezing flour (which I do to prevent weevils) also kill good enzymes or bacteria or whatever it is needed for a natural sourdough starter? Here's my problem: I'm trying to do a starter. Ever...

I purchased a sourdough starter (dry powder) 3yrs ago stored in A.C. room cool/Dry will it work? Should i freeze it for longer shelf life?

by rawrawj 3 years ago

I purchased a sourdough starter which is in powder form. I never got around to using it rather starting it. Its been 3 years now. So I was wondering if it will still work. It was always stored in a...

If you can find Sheila Partin Hamburger Buns, you can find a great hamburger.

by tuckspop11 11 years ago

Sheila Partin Buns are sourdough buns. One is the regular bun and the other is the jalepeno cheese bun. I like the jalepeno cheese bun. These are made in Houston and are shipped frozen. They ar...

Search for Excellent Organic Crusty Sourdough Bread

by chezron 4 years ago

I would like to find an excellent organic sourdough bread in San Diego. Crusty, really sour, and soft inside like Bread et. Cie sourdough bread, but organic. I hope this bread exists. Do you know o...

Organic sourdough spelt bread

by selena03 4 years ago

I've been put on a special diet due to some health issues and the only bread I've been told I can eat is 100% sourdough spelt. I've already checked beyond bread and batard. Does anyone know of any...

Del la Terre bakery, Vineland, Ont.

by smfan 4 years ago

They are at North York Civic Centre Farmer's Market every Thursday. Organic sourdough bread.

Kosher sourdough Starter

by EmpireState 7 years ago

Has anyone ever seen kosher sourdough starter? I contacted King Arthur Flour- as suggested on an old thread here- and none of their starters are certified. I know that I can make it on my own, bu...

Sourdough Starter - What causes it to look like this?

by sweet100s 4 years ago

Any experienced bread bakers out there? Taking a class with baker Zachary Golper, the author of Bien Cuit, at Central Market, Austin, inspired me to try nurturing a sourdough starter. Sunday...

Can you make sourdough with various non-bread-intended cultures?

by lisaleira 4 years ago

What would happen if you added yogurt whey or kombucha or kefir starter to flour to make a sourdough starter? Would you get edible bread eventually? I wondered because I am starting a little ...

Wholesale organic sourdough producer

by cbaxter 4 years ago

Hi All from de la terre, we are an organic sourdough producer in Niagara looking to increase our wholesale clients in Toronto. We grow our own grain and produce a wide variety of pastries to compl...

Dosas, Injira and other Fermented Flat Breads

by seefox 4 years ago

Hey, I am moving off of a from-scratch tortilla obsession and starting up with dosas. I've made a version of Injira for a long time (basically sourdough with teff flour, though I don't claim mine c...

How to Freeze Sourdough Burger Bun Dough

by giraffebaker 4 years ago

Hello, everyone! I use this recipe to make sourdough burger buns. http://www.culturesforhealth.com/whole-wheat-sourdough-burger-buns-recipe After what step would I freeze the dough to bake th...

Sourdough started- bad?

by carolinaryan 4 years ago

I have recently decided to attempt recipes that I find intimidating, so yesterday I started a sourdough starter. I let it sit for 24 hours and opened it to feed it (it was covered loosely with plas...

Sourdough Bulk Fermentation

by CES22 5 years ago

I haven't been making sourdough very long but have had some great success recently. I was running short on time today and as soon as I mixed the starter, water, flour , salt and let it autolyse for...