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True Bistro, Somerville

by RoyRon 3 months ago

Recently my SO and I have been exploring the many new vegetarian/vegan restaurants that seem to be opening in Boston....

Cambridge/Somerville dinner

by AGM_Cape_Cod 4 months ago

I really regret how much Chowhound has gone downhill. A group of five of us are going out for a holiday dinner in Cam...


sallyt commented 4 months ago

AJ Stephan's Ginger Beer?

by yarm 6 months ago

Curious if anyone has spotted this rather flavorful ginger beer from Fall River? I used to get it at Capone's in Unio...

yarm commented 6 months ago

Restaurant wedding venue

by nyc_to_ma 7 months ago

I'm looking for something that might be impossible - my fiance and I want to get married somewhere in Boston that has...


sallyt commented 6 months ago

Highland Kitchen - Most Underrated

by treb 6 months ago

My MSN webpage had an article for the most underrated places to eat in each state, I thought i take a look. msn.com ...

hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

Is Magoun Saloon baby friendly?

by Curlyfry 7 months ago

We're looking for a place in Somerville to get together with a small group for dinner on a Tuesday night. Would Magou...


treb commented 7 months ago

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Spoke Wine Bar closing

by GreyFloors 7 months ago

This is sad news. It is a true gem. http://boston.eater.com/2016/10/3/13156414/spoke-wine-bar-closing-somerville -...

Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant

by VintageMolly 7 months ago

My family is coming up for Thanksgiving this year, and the family preference is to go to a restaurant. We're usually...


hurm commented 7 months ago

Local Greek Yogurt

by Clobberella 7 months ago

I had the best greek yogurt of my life at the Somerville Greek Festival and fear I'm spoiled forever. Anyone have any...


bear commented 7 months ago

What's good in East Somerville?

by stephaniet 9 months ago

I rode my bike on the east end of Broadway in Somerville for the first time the other day, and noticed a ton of poten...


femmevox commented 8 months ago

Olde Magoun's - down the tubes?

by Weiszguy 8 months ago

We have lived around the corner from this pub for 10+ years and it has become a staple for our family. In the past m...


radicaleinward commented 8 months ago

Foundry on Elm?

by radicaleinward 9 months ago

I haven't been to Foundry on Elm in quite a while, as their service has been terrible every single time of gone, but ...


radicaleinward commented 9 months ago

R.I.P. La Hacienda

by Unfoodie 10 months ago

La Hacienda in Somerville was sold last week while they were on vacation and they will not reopen. Not sure what will...


Madrid commented 9 months ago

Help! Laid-back beer cafe in Cambridge/Somerville?

by Nactus 11 months ago

This may not be the most usual search, but there is a small (4-5 people) group of us who want to get together one eve...


mkfisher commented 11 months ago

Beacon Street Pizza, Somerville

by pollystyrene 11 months ago

I just moved from Wayland to Kirkland Village (between Harvard Sq. and Union Sq.), and am jumping-out-of-my-pants hap...


Madrid commented 11 months ago

Chinese Restaurant Catering/Takeout in Boston/Brighton/Allston/Cambridge/Somerville

by lamplight 1 year ago

Would anyone have a recommendation for a good, reasonable Chinese restaurant they could recommend from whom I can ord...

GreyFloors commented 1 year ago

Tacos at Tenoch, Medford Sq. and Taco Loco, East Somerville

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

Last Taco Loco CH thread I found was 2008, but the Globe's recent feature put it on the docket for late lunch yesterd...


Madrid commented 1 year ago

Best retail Calvados selection?

by Klunco 1 year ago

Am looking to get a special bottle of Calvados for a friend's wedding. Ideally, I would love to find a bottle from e...


geoffpm commented 1 year ago

TW Food, Bergamot, Alden & Harlow??? Suggestions nearish Davis Sq

by GreyFloors 1 year ago

Need to eventually get to Davis Square and looking for a dinner place ahead of time. Doesn't have to be in Davis Squ...

enhF94 commented 1 year ago