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See what the community has to say about the best places to eat alone, from Chicago to Amsterdam, and beyond.

These Cookbooks for One Elevate Solo Dining Beyond Ramen and PB&J

Eating alone definitely doesn't have to be a bad thing—even when it might not be by choice. These cookbooks for one make it easy—and delicious—to make a meal all for yourself. Whether you’re a college...

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Recommendations for dining alone in NY

by Libby 17 years ago

I will be travling to NY for business in a few weeks and have added on a weekend before to do some sightseeing. I am looking for a couple of places for a Saturday and Sunday dinner that a single ...

Where To Eat Alone?

by Scott L. 17 years ago

So I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow for meetings through Wednesday -- staying at Swissotel and will likely be on my own for meals until my colleagues arrive on Monday. Any suggestions on good place...

One night, dining alone...Where to go?

by Christina D 17 years ago

I only have one night in NO and would like to make the most of my experience. Ideally, I'd like someplace where I'd feel comfortable eating alone (which pretty much eliminates white tablecloth rest...

Dining solo at Grand Sichuan Chelsea - suggestions?

by anon 17 years ago

I'm heading to Grand Sichuan International at Chelsea this weekend. I've read plenty of posts regarding suggestions, but many of them are for the usual group "order one of several variety" approac...

Dining solo near Carnegie Hall

by Hippo 17 years ago

I'm meeting a friend for an 8pm event around Carnegie Hall tonight, but he won't get out of work early enough to join me for dinner. Are there any places nearby where I can have an enjoyable dinner...

dining alone near embarcadero

by female visitor 17 years ago

Hi! I will be in SF for one night next week, wrapping up some business. Staying at the Hyatt Embarcadero. Where is a good spot to eat alone? I guess a place where I can eat at the bar, good foo...

Good places to eat alone (esp downtown)?

by Polaris 18 years ago

I often have to work pretty late in my job, and find that not infrequently my friends don't want to have a 10pm dinner with me. So the question is: what are some great places to eat alone? Downt...

Dining alone... love? hate? where?

by woo! 17 years ago

Due to circumstance, I often dine alone. Usually it's because I travel nearly every week on business, and don't really want to have business dinners every single night. On those occasions out of to...

Dining Solo #1: AZ, 7/12/02 (long)

by CTer 17 years ago

I wanted to eat at AZ because I’ve read such conflicting opinions, and had to see for myself. From this one experience, I’m on the side of the “pro”s. I made a reservation through Open Table, wh...

Dining Solo #2: District, 7/13/02 (long)

by CTer 17 years ago

I made a reservation through Open Table, which as I mentioned assumes no one eats alone. For District, though, there was a bigger mistake: OT took a reservation for a daypart they don’t serve (wee...

Dining Alone in Central London

by Roger 19 years ago

Will be travelling on business in London for 7 days in mid-October and wondered if anyone could recommend any restaurants (contemporary, seafood, french or otherwise) that would be appropriate for ...

dining solo

by southern boy 18 years ago

I'll be visiting NYC for the fancy food show and I'm traveling by myself. Could anyone recommend any great eating experiences for the single diner? I'm looking for great meals and cost is not an ...

NYC Chowhound dining alone in DC Wednesday evening.....

by Jason W. 18 years ago

...and looking for some reccomendations, if anyone has time to guide a hapless New Yorker! I'm not really interested in delis or steakhouses or anything extremely chi chi. And since I'm dining a...

Dining Alone in Midtown/Theatre District . . . Suggestions?

by Jerry Smolin 18 years ago

I'm spending a day and night alone in the city next weekend and was hoping to get suggestions for places to take myself to dinner on Sunday after a theater matinee. I'm familiar with the high en...

dining alone often...care to join me?

by violaman 18 years ago

Hi Everybody, Just finished my second year as a student musician at Juilliard, and I stumbled upon this site. After reading some of the posts here, I definitely have found people who share in my ...

Dining Alone in Midtown

by Jill 18 years ago

Any suggestions for nice restaurants where it's pleasant to eat at the bar (I prefer that to a dining table). Maybe a tapas bar? Any other suggestions? Midtown area would be best.

Dining solo at Queen

by Scagnetti 18 years ago

I'll be travelling soon to a far away place called Brooklyn and I was wondering how awkward would I feel dining alone at Queen Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. This would be during the week ...

dining alone

by Patricia 18 years ago

I'll be in Manhattan next month on business, and I have a Saturday night free. I would like some recommendations on restaurants that are accommodating to single diners. I'll be staying in mid-town...

dining alone

by Miss Poste 18 years ago

Hello, I'm a New york chowhounder about to go to Boston for a two day business trip. I'm staying in the Financial district and looking a nice place for a lady to dine solo and not feel like a fre...

traveling and dining solo in Montreal

by Naomi 18 years ago

I'm leaving next week and know this is really last minute, but I just found this site. I'm a 24 yr old female, traveling alone to Montreal and Quebec for a week. I was hoping someone could rec...

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