Solo Dining

See what the community has to say about the best places to eat alone, from Chicago to Amsterdam, and beyond.

Boston solo dinner and breakfast recommendations

by plf515 3 months ago

I will be in Boston October 12-14 and on my own for dinner on the 12th and breakfast on the 13th. I am staying at Li...

lipoff commented 2 months ago

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NAOE Miami - Omakase. Join a solo diner on November 26th?

by djrinsa 2 months ago

It looks like NAOE doesn't book solo diners. Anyone want to join me?

Solo dining options in Harrisburg

by knack100 2 months ago

I will be in Harrisburg for a conference this weekend and have Friday night to myself. Does anyone have recommendatio...


bkivlan commented 2 months ago

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Solo dining in Silicon Valley

by sairuh 3 months ago

What are your solo dining recommendations within Silicon Valley? Anywhere in Mtn. View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cuperti...

Dinner for one in Brooklyn

by LulusMom 5 months ago

I'm coming up for one day in early September to see some tennis, and will have one night free for dinner. I'm staying...

jen kalb commented 3 months ago

Solo female dining Rome

by mungoberry2000 10 months ago

I will be visiting Rome on business but hoping to do some sightseeing as well in March- will be staying near the Pant...

prima commented 3 months ago

Beijing Alone for 3 days

by DanaB 4 months ago

Aloha all! I will be traveling in China with my brother, sister -in-law (she is Chinese), and niece and nephew in Se...

DanaB commented 4 months ago

Dinner for 1 Suggestion Needed

by bostonpilot 4 months ago

Hi All- I am hoping that you can help me out with a restaurant suggestion. Here's the background: I travel a l...


rhododendron commented 4 months ago

Eating solo at a Michelin Starred restaurant

by mkmoe 7 months ago

Hello, I am traveling to Lyon, France for business in June, and I was able to secure a reservation for 3 at Paul B...


Polisax commented 4 months ago

Boston advice requested

by Disneyfreak 5 months ago

Hi all! I am coming to Boston early September. My first visit in 2 years. I love visiting Boston. I will be on a ...

BostonBestEats commented 4 months ago

Good Solo Dining Spots in Minneapolis?

by MKH45 4 months ago

Hi, I'm in Minneapolis for work and I'm looking for a good food spot with perhaps a nice bar for easy solo dining. I'...


MKH45 commented 4 months ago

Del Posto at night as a solo diner?

by AtlTransplant 7 months ago

Hi Chowhounds - I'll be coming into New York on business in a couple weeks, and I want to have one meal at Del Posto....


mrnyc commented 5 months ago

Looking for Solo Lunch suggestions in Tokyo/Osaka

by Haruhi7 5 months ago

Hello! A friend I'd planned to travel with can no longer join me when I go to Japan in September so I'll be going sol...

tanseaway commented 5 months ago

Solo diner in Florence

by vinominer 6 months ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Florence. I will be in Florence in early July and prefer to e...


vinominer commented 5 months ago

Place to eat alone?

by jenem001 5 months ago

Greetings Philadelphia Chowhounds. I'll be in Philadelphia for three nights this month for business (staying near Log...

cwdonald commented 5 months ago

Early planning - solo dining in August

by MusicSue1 6 months ago

Hi everyone - I come to you knowledgeable folks as always as I start a plan for 4 days in Manhattan in early August, ...

Ttrockwood commented 6 months ago

Solo diner in Milan

by vinominer 6 months ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Milan. I will be in Milan in early July and prefer to eat som...


bonjourvirgil commented 6 months ago

Solo Dining in downtown Chicago

by ConsApi 6 months ago

I'm staying at the Palmer House, all by my lonesome self. Need to find an interesting place for dinner, not too expe...

nsxtasy commented 6 months ago

Best solo dining?

by yimay 7 months ago

I'll be spending a few weeks in NYC and was looking for some good solo dining spots that aren't terribly expensive. M...


yimay commented 7 months ago