Solo Dining

See what the community has to say about the best places to eat alone, from Chicago to Amsterdam, and beyond.

Dinner for 1 Suggestion Needed

by bostonpilot 4 days ago

Hi All- I am hoping that you can help me out with a restaurant suggestion. Here's the background: I travel a l...


bostonpilot commented 12 hours ago

Solo female dining Rome

by mungoberry2000 6 months ago

I will be visiting Rome on business but hoping to do some sightseeing as well in March- will be staying near the Pant...

prima commented 1 day ago

Dinner for one in Brooklyn

by LulusMom 22 days ago

I'm coming up for one day in early September to see some tennis, and will have one night free for dinner. I'm staying...


Blumie commented 2 days ago

Beijing Alone for 3 days

by DanaB 8 days ago

Aloha all! I will be traveling in China with my brother, sister -in-law (she is Chinese), and niece and nephew in Se...


Steve commented 4 days ago

Eating solo at a Michelin Starred restaurant

by mkmoe 3 months ago

Hello, I am traveling to Lyon, France for business in June, and I was able to secure a reservation for 3 at Paul B...


Polisax commented 5 days ago

Boston advice requested

by Disneyfreak 21 days ago

Hi all! I am coming to Boston early September. My first visit in 2 years. I love visiting Boston. I will be on a ...

BostonBestEats commented 15 days ago

Good Solo Dining Spots in Minneapolis?

by MKH45 18 days ago

Hi, I'm in Minneapolis for work and I'm looking for a good food spot with perhaps a nice bar for easy solo dining. I'...


MKH45 commented 17 days ago

Del Posto at night as a solo diner?

by AtlTransplant 3 months ago

Hi Chowhounds - I'll be coming into New York on business in a couple weeks, and I want to have one meal at Del Posto....


mrnyc commented 22 days ago

Looking for Solo Lunch suggestions in Tokyo/Osaka

by Haruhi7 1 month ago

Hello! A friend I'd planned to travel with can no longer join me when I go to Japan in September so I'll be going sol...


tanseaway commented 28 days ago

Solo diner in Florence

by vinominer 2 months ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Florence. I will be in Florence in early July and prefer to e...


vinominer commented 1 month ago

Place to eat alone?

by jenem001 2 months ago

Greetings Philadelphia Chowhounds. I'll be in Philadelphia for three nights this month for business (staying near Log...

cwdonald commented 1 month ago

Early planning - solo dining in August

by MusicSue1 3 months ago

Hi everyone - I come to you knowledgeable folks as always as I start a plan for 4 days in Manhattan in early August, ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Solo diner in Milan

by vinominer 2 months ago

I am looking for restaurant and wine bar suggestions in Milan. I will be in Milan in early July and prefer to eat som...


bonjourvirgil commented 2 months ago

Solo Dining in downtown Chicago

by ConsApi 3 months ago

I'm staying at the Palmer House, all by my lonesome self. Need to find an interesting place for dinner, not too expe...

nsxtasy commented 3 months ago

Best solo dining?

by yimay 3 months ago

I'll be spending a few weeks in NYC and was looking for some good solo dining spots that aren't terribly expensive. M...


yimay commented 3 months ago

London restaurants (people watching + food/service)

by Marisa Dvari 4 months ago

Hi. I like restaurants like Delaunay and Scott's but I am in London 8 nights and need to find new places. I like to e...


damiano commented 3 months ago

Best solo dining spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn?

by scully4er 4 months ago

I have a last-minute business trip to NYC on Tuesday-Friday (May 2-5) and I have glanced at some of the restaurant li...


foodwhisperer commented 3 months ago

Paris-solo-eating at the bar?

by lady_travelbug 4 months ago

I've been stalking this forum for a while and reading John Talbotts blog but seem to keep going in circles. I'll...

mangeur commented 4 months ago

Seattle trip -- thoughts wanted

by Disneyfreak 4 months ago

Hi all! I'm heading to Seattle on business at the end of this month -- Memorial Day weekend. Haven't been to Seattle ...


Jeffo405 commented 4 months ago