Solo Dining

See what the community has to say about the best places to eat alone, from Chicago to Amsterdam, and beyond.


Solo female in Tokyo and Kyoto - confused with food choices

by Aynat62 8 months ago

Hi, I'm going round and round in circles trying to work out where I could eat for 5 nights in Tokyo and 4 nights in Kyoto in March/April next year. There are so many places to choose from bu...

Nakamori! Outstanding!

by Googs 1 month ago

Tonight i dined alone.  Never did I feel uncomfortable. I felt like I was downtown watching all the diners enjoy spectacular dinners. From the first course of octopus salad. I love this dish becaus...

Great Los Angeles restaurant suitable for solo dining (great bar, etc.)?

by rightcoastsurf 2 months ago

Hoping to find a place for tonight. Cuisine doesn’t matter much as long as it’s delicious. Coming from NYC if it matters so maybe something with a California flair not easily found on the east c...

Sevilla/Cadiz... current good bars, restaurants for solo person

by erica 3 months ago

I am on the fence about a visit to Sevilla and Cadiz this winter. I have been to Seville a few times before and am familiar with the places that were tops about 4 years ago. anything new I need ...

Newark Ironbound First Timer

by Daniel_D21 2 months ago

Have been looking forward to eating in Ironbound for many years, and will finally get the chance in two weeks. Best place for seafood for solo diner on a Sunday night?

Narrowing down my list -- can you help?

by Disneyfreak 2 months ago

I am heading to LA on business towards the end of February. Been there a few times. I love the food. I am now trying to put together my dinner list for this trip. I have 4 nights to plan for. I...

Dating apps for food recs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Had to laugh out loud when I saw this article about using dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr to get dining and sightseeing recs when traveling alone. From time to time, an occasional poster has ...

Paris in/near 8th

by Russian 3 months ago

Tomorrow’s my last day in Paris; staying in a hotel in the 8th. What are some good breakfast and lunch options in the area? For breakfast really looking for good coffee and croissant. For lunch mor...

[Glasgow] Solo dinner near Glasgow Central Station

by Kake 4 years ago

I'm off for a long weekend in Glasgow soon! Although I'm meeting friends there, I'm arriving the evening before everyone else does, so will want somewhere to have dinner on my own on the evening o...

Quick, where to solo dine w/o Reservation?

by cgarner 11 months ago

I am taking my daughter and a friend to TLA on South Street Saturday night. While I am in the city (suburbanite here) where can I go 'solo' that I won't need a reservation, that I can maybe grab a...

Solo Dining in Copenhagen

by jsandler 9 months ago

Hello, I have an upcoming trip to Copenhagen and am looking for recommendations for restaurants that are good for solo diners. Do restaurants usually seat parties of one? Do many restaurants hav...

One night in Kendall Square - Cambridge

by thegforceny 8 months ago

I'll be at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Tuesday, Aug `14th. Looking for one dinner, one person. Logical choice is Craigie's on Main, but I'm not into a 5- or 7- course meal alone. WIll I get the...

Nice Solo Dinner at Ippuku in Berkeley

Civil Bear
by Civil Bear 7 months ago

Passed by Ippuku after the Cal game today just as they were opening up so I thought I would pop in. Just a 5-minute wait as a solo diner - score! With a nice cold Asahi, I enjoyed the waiter-rec...

Dinner for one?

by fanoffrance 7 months ago

To my dismay I have encountered several restaurants (e.g. Yannick Alleno, La Table d’Eugène) whose online reservation service does not offer the option of one person. Is there a new trend afoot to...

Where to go for interesting solo dining on a Monday evening...

by Tam_popo 7 months ago

Dear Paris Chowhounds this board was always of tremendous help and insights for the past few years of planning and choosing our meals in Paris andnow is the time to thank you all for that. This...

Solo Diner in Hong Kong

by debbie421 8 months ago

Hello hounds! I have an unexpected free night in Hong Kong tonight and would love to try an amazing tasting menu, but I'm traveling alone. I'm very interested in the usual list, Tasting Court, Ch...

Solo non-drinker

by augustiner 7 months ago

hello, i will be spending about a week in paris starting this new year's eve with some friends. much of my time i think will be in their company and a few others. however, i definitely require a...

Santa Maria (Santa Barbara Co.)

by Nutraxfornerves 2 years ago

OK, so this isn't the most common destination. I need to make multiple trips to take care of family business. I'm interested in great breakfasts; lunch & dinner places that work for one person, and...

Last-Minute Barcelona

by szrah 9 months ago

I'm heading to Barcelona from July 5 to 11 as a solo traveler. Unfortunately, I did not have time to make restaurant reservations in advance or do much food research. Would anyone have any recommen...

Smyth or Oriole?

by sffoodie123 12 months ago

Visiting Chicago soon. Debating between Smyth and Oriole for a single meal. Which is the better bet? Will be dining solo.