Solo Dining

See what the community has to say about the best places to eat alone, from Chicago to Amsterdam, and beyond.

One night in Kendall Square - Cambridge

by thegforceny 10 days ago

I'll be at the Boston Marriott Cambridge Tuesday, Aug `14th. Looking for one dinner, one person. Logical choice is ...


BostonBestEats commented 1 day ago

Solo female in Tokyo and Kyoto - confused with food choices

by Aynat62 11 days ago

Hi, I'm going round and round in circles trying to work out where I could eat for 5 nights in Tokyo and 4 nights ...


mutton biryani commented 2 days ago

Solo non-drinker

by augustiner 5 days ago

hello, i will be spending about a week in paris starting this new year's eve with some friends. much of my time i ...


augustiner commented 4 days ago

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Solo Diner in Hong Kong

by debbie421 7 days ago

Hello hounds! I have an unexpected free night in Hong Kong tonight and would love to try an amazing tasting menu, bu...

Santa Maria (Santa Barbara Co.)

by Nutraxfornerves 2 years ago

OK, so this isn't the most common destination. I need to make multiple trips to take care of family business. I'm int...


OldJalamaMama commented 27 days ago

Solo Dining in Copenhagen

by jsandler 1 month ago

Hello, I have an upcoming trip to Copenhagen and am looking for recommendations for restaurants that are good for ...


vanderb commented 1 month ago

Last-Minute Barcelona

by szrah 2 months ago

I'm heading to Barcelona from July 5 to 11 as a solo traveler. Unfortunately, I did not have time to make restaurant ...


chowhound julius commented 2 months ago

Smyth or Oriole?

by sffoodie123 4 months ago

Visiting Chicago soon. Debating between Smyth and Oriole for a single meal. Which is the better bet? Will be dining s...


hirsheys commented 2 months ago

Beijing Alone for 3 days

by DanaB 1 year ago

Aloha all! I will be traveling in China with my brother, sister -in-law (she is Chinese), and niece and nephew in Se...


herby commented 2 months ago

Quick, where to solo dine w/o Reservation?

by cgarner 3 months ago

I am taking my daughter and a friend to TLA on South Street Saturday night. While I am in the city (suburbanite here...


cwdonald commented 3 months ago

Looking for Solo Lunch suggestions in Tokyo/Osaka

by Haruhi7 1 year ago

Hello! A friend I'd planned to travel with can no longer join me when I go to Japan in September so I'll be going sol...


tanseaway commented 4 months ago

Early lunch for one in London

by Blumie 4 months ago

I arrive from Abu Dhabi at 6:30 on Wednesday, 25 April, and depart for New Orleans at 15:40, and while normally my po...


damiano commented 4 months ago

Solo Traveler Seeking Community Tables in San Diego

by Rae1531Rae 6 months ago

I am traveling solo to San Diego (where I have been before and LOVE) and am looking for restaurants that have communi...


Neurofabulous commented 6 months ago

Berlin this weekend: Suggestions for solo traveler?

by kuku2 2 years ago

Any suggestions for a solo traveler Fri-Mon this Easter weekend? Just decided to go to Berlin for the weekend (from L...


VAfoodie commented 6 months ago

Best/most interesting in Sacramento Old Town?

by deadorinjail 6 months ago

Coming into town, staying at the Kimpton, figure I can walk to Old Town for my meals. Any suggestions re lunch, br...


gooster commented 6 months ago

Solo dining in Chicago

by mskilgore 7 months ago

Hi everyone, Just wondering if I could get a couple suggestions for solo dining. I’m very familiar with Chicago’s ...


Gonzo70 commented 7 months ago

Boston solo dinner and breakfast recommendations

by plf515 11 months ago

I will be in Boston October 12-14 and on my own for dinner on the 12th and breakfast on the 13th. I am staying at Li...


lipoff commented 10 months ago

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NAOE Miami - Omakase. Join a solo diner on November 26th?

by djrinsa 10 months ago

It looks like NAOE doesn't book solo diners. Anyone want to join me?

Solo dining options in Harrisburg

by knack100 10 months ago

I will be in Harrisburg for a conference this weekend and have Friday night to myself. Does anyone have recommendatio...


bkivlan commented 10 months ago

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Solo dining in Silicon Valley

by sairuh 11 months ago

What are your solo dining recommendations within Silicon Valley? Anywhere in Mtn. View, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cuperti...