Recreate the Very First Oscars Menu for Your 2020 Oscars Party

Attending the Oscars is a lifelong dream for many, but being one of the millions of fans who watch the show’s telecast has its benefits—particularly, the opportunity to chow down during the nearly four...

Sole Francaise in Los Angeles

by marcjh 2 years ago

I am looking for a good, but reasonably priced, sole Francaise in Los Angeles. Any recommendations?

Joe's Filet of Sole

by Arlo48 2 years ago

I've been ordering the filet of sole at Joe's in Westlake and North Beach for years. It has a very light breading of some sort and is slightly egg-y. Does anyone who has had it have any idea how to...

What types of fish do you recommend cooking in a non-stick pan?

by Tektrex 2 years ago

I currently own a 9-inch (22cm) Le Creuset TNS shallow skillet which I use solely for the purpose of cooking fried/scrambled eggs and omelettes. I'd like to invest in a larger 11-inch (28cm) for mo...

Looking for sole meuniere in Paris

by cainroma 3 years ago

We will be in Paris in a few weeks and would like to go somewhere with an exceptional sole meuniere. We lived in Paris for a while and used to go reasonably often to Chez Georges on Rue de Mail (we...

Sole meunière in Paris

by POY 5 years ago

I will be celebrating my 70th birthday in Paris this November. I am looking for a restaurant that serves Dover Sole meunière preferably as part of a tasting menu although I realize that is stretch....

Dover Sole in Chicago area?

by Drew 15 years ago

Hi, My girlfriend's favorite fish is Dover Sole and I'd like to take her out for her birthday. I haven't been able to find any (recent) recommendations . . . Any ideas? Thanks!

Do Fish Names Encourage Fishy Business?

by MGZ 6 years ago

For all those who have asked about "Dover Sole" over the years. "Under current Food and Drug Administration rules, a single fish species can go by multiple names from the time it's caught to the...

Dover sole price

by Monica 6 years ago

I just bought some frozen dover sole from Trader Joe's for $6.99 per lb. Is this the 'same' dover sole that are sold at some fancy French restaurants for much much much higher price? Currently $68...

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