How to Order Korean BBQ Like a Pro

If you’ve never tried Korean BBQ, you’re seriously missing out—but if you're intimidated, here's a beginner's guide to ordering Korean barbecue like a pro. At the most basic culinary level, it’s simply...

Ttobongee: Korean Style Fried Chicken in Pacific Grove

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Pacific Grove has a genuine Korean fried chicken (KFC) place! My first visit to Ttobongee was July 3. It opened in March just as the pandemic restaurant restrictions started. Chicken is fried to...

Korean inspired cocktails?

by curseofleisure 4 years ago

We are throwing a party for the Olympics opening ceremonies and want to include food and drinks on the menu that give a nod to the host country. Looking for ideas for cocktails with Korean flavors/...

Where to buy soju in St. Louis?

by king920 5 years ago

Does anybody know where to find a decent selection of soju in St. Louis (preferably not county)?

Zzan (Korean) replaces Ar Roi Thai on Post St.

by soupçon 6 years ago

Zzan, a Korean restaurant and soju bar, opened a few days ago in the recently closed Ar Roi Thai spot (643 Post St.). Ye*p has a bunch of pictures, including the full wall menu. It looks pretty h...

Where to buy Soju in Flushing?

by Cemota 7 years ago

In this order: Liquor Store, Restaurant, Bar, Thanks.

Soju cocktails

by lif0o 8 years ago

Can anyone recommend some good Soju cocktails that are fairly simple?

Farmshop: Farm to Table to Soju-love to Austerity

by falkfood 10 years ago

Had a much ballyhooed dinner at Farmshop last Friday night. The hostess station's cool ipad with a multi-colored reservation app made me wonder why the actual tables aren't outfitted with the same ...

Yogurt Soju in Shanghai???

by aktan85 10 years ago

This is basically served in korean venues.. a mix of their korean alcohol (soju/sochu) and what tastes like calpis or yakult. This has been bothering me for a long time. a long a long a lonnng ti...

Soju in West Phoenix

by nearlywild 10 years ago

I'm on the western side of Phoenix near Glendale. I'd like to find a store that sells soju by the bottle. I would be willing to drive a little. Does anyone know where I can find some? Thanks.

Where can I get retail Soju?

by gutterman 11 years ago

I am looking for a retail bottle of Soju? anyone know who sells it? thanks Gutterman.

Guatemala City: Gourmet Center – Chinese sausage, pannetone, soju, wine, spices, Kosher, gluten-free food and Turkish delight

by rworange 11 years ago

Specialty food shops mostly occupy the Gourmet Center in the upscale Zona Viva. Stores include a number of ethnic groceries, an ice cream shop, some health food stores, a chain bakery, a cheese...

Help Me Find Andong Soju

by upickforus 11 years ago

HI Everyone! I am desperately looking for Andong Soju. My girlfriend's Dad loves this stuff and I want to get some extra points so I was hoping to buy some for him. Does anyone know where I ca...

Soju and Shochu [split from General Topics]

by hannaone 11 years ago

[Note: This discussion was split from a thread on General Topics: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/380600 -- The Chowhound Team]. Just a side note on soju - It was probably brought into Korea...

Soju (Japanese & Korean Cusine) - Portland, Maine

by snick 11 years ago

I went and had lunch today at Soju and I was very happy with the meal I had. I got Kim Chee Chi Ge (Kim Chee, tofu, Korean vegetable & pork stew. The broth was really good a mixture of pork goodn...

Soju in Philadelphia?

by rckyu25 11 years ago

Does anyone happen to know where I can get Soju, the korean liquor in Philadelphia. Not from a restaurant? Thanks in advance!

Dohatsuten - new ramen soju tapas place in Palo Alto

by K K 12 years ago

Dohatsuten is the latest tenant that occupies the former Hattoriya in Mountain View on San Antonio Road. The interior hasn't changed much, and solo patrons are ushered to the counter area. Do...

Where to buy SOJU in Montreal ?

by nekojita1980 13 years ago

Hi, Im back in Montreal after a while in Asia and would love to know where I can buy Korean Soju in Montreal ? Also does anyone know where to find delicious bibim myung here ? A bit tired of the...

Soju in Westchester

by arylinth 13 years ago

I am looking for recommendations for locations in Westchester to purchase Soju for a party. If anyone has favorite brands please let me know as well as I have not had this before. Thank you.

Soju Cocktail Help

by cresyd 13 years ago

I understand that the basic soju mixed drink is soju with a lemon/lime soda of your choice - but I am looking for a somewhat more interesting cocktail to make with soju. Personally, I like my ...

Playground (Korean food in J-Town, Karaoke, Yogurt soju cocktails), SF - anyone been?

by hhc 14 years ago

Saw this on Check Please. I don't remember seeing this on the board. Sounds fun! Korean food in J-Town Korean bar - Yogurt Soju, mango soju jaengban jjaing, $11.95 Korean seafood pancakes mand...