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The Ultimate Guide to Crab

Have you ever been intimidated shopping for crab at the grocery store, or cooking it at home? It happens to me all the time. Which is why I decided enough is enough, and gave myself a tutorial on the...

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Where to purchase softshell crabs

by Vicki 17 years ago

Can someone help me find a (non-online) market that sells fresh or frozen softshell crabs anywhere in Massachusetts? If this is an innapropriate message for this board can someone redirect me? Tha...

Where to go for soft shell crab?

by Kay 17 years ago

Have friends coming in tomorrow for a weekend in Baltimore with us. Where can we get some good soft shell crab?

new york city's best soft shell crabs

by tugboat24 17 years ago

greetings, can anyone suggest their favorite restaurants serving soft shell crab (in all preperations from thai to spanish, german (do they eat crabs?) to french). i just returned from cape cod ...

soft shell crabs -- HELP!

by Elizabeth 17 years ago

Hi 'Hounds, Can anyone tell me where I can buy soft shell crabs on the 4th of July? My usual seafood sources are all closed. Thank you!! Elizabeth

Soft shell crabs

by bomb 17 years ago

...are real cheap right now. They must be getting a good catch.

Restaurants known for their soft shell crabs in Chinatown ?

by Dollar Bill 17 years ago

Any suggestions for lunch either in Chinatown or surrounding area for soft shell crabs. Thanks


by Carole 17 years ago

Will be in NY for 2 weeks in August and would eat softshell crabs everyday if I could. Like them every way except deep fried. What about in East Hampton or Amagansett? Will be there for 3 days. Tha...

Soft Shell Crabs and the women who love them - Park Slope

by MD 17 years ago

No really, I've had the soft shell crabs at Red Hot, that Chinese vegetarian(?) restaurant on 7th Ave twice and have liked both meals very much. I get them with the black bean sauce and they are on...

The Perfect Soft Shell Crab

by Gary K. 17 years ago

I had it last night at Lumiere in West Newton. It was very expensive ($15 appetizer) but I know there was a recent string on this subject and if price is no object this is what you're looking for. ...

O C sushi: best , best buy, also best softshell crab?

by kel 17 years ago

Love to receive some first hand recomendations for OC sushi places; 1--The best, 2--The best value since some of them add up when hungry and eat a lot. 3-- Same quaestions on softshell crab.

Who serves the best softshell crabs in baltimore?

by mrAL 18 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to take a visiting chow hound for soft shell crabs in Baltimore? This Bostonian tells me if I post this message I'll get 10 responses by the end of the day. Chow Hounds rec...

Soft Shell Crabs, OR

by RachaelLK 17 years ago

I don't miss much about the east coast, but I do find myself yearning for soft shell crabs this time of year. Any suggestions as to where I can find them (to cook myself) in the Portland area? If...

Soft-Shell Crabs

by Liz 18 years ago

Looking for some good soft shells crabs now that they are in season. Ideally in DC or VA. I've read about Full Kee, but looking for a place with other seafood options as well. Any ideas?

where to buy soft-shell crabs?

by Louisa Chu 18 years ago

Where's the best place to buy soft-shell crabs in the LA area? I'll go anywhere to buy good ones - at a good price. And what is a good price in this area these days? Thanks. And here's a link...

Iron Hounds Soft Shell Crab Battle; May 14!!

by galleygirl 18 years ago

I can't stand it anymore, everyone is talking about soft-shell crab season on the other boards! I called my favorite purveyors of ultrafresh Chinese-style seafood, Peach Farm Seafood, to check on t...

Soft shell crabs $5 each?

by Bruce Cole 18 years ago

Bryans in Laurel Village is selling softshell crabs, $5 each. Yikes! There must be someplace less expensive in the city?

Soft Shell Crabs are here again!!!!

by DavidH 18 years ago

I bought my first soft shell crab today at the market. Very tasty!!! How do you cook these? Last year I kept trying a lemon caper sauce which I don't really care for. Looking for something differen...

Where can you buy soft shell crab in OC?

by marc 18 years ago

Does anyone know where you can buy soft shell crab in Orange County or Long Beach? I suspect the usual places like Santa Monica Seafood, Bristol Farms, and Gelson's but I haven't looked yet. Does...

soft shell crabs in or near Park Slope

by bigskulls 18 years ago

Soft shell season is upon us. Anyone make them yet? Also, I'm looking for a recommendation as to where to buy them around Park Slope. I'm not that familiar with most of the 7th ave. fish shops, ...

soft shell crab season!!!

by JessicaSophia 18 years ago

I used my Dine Out certificate last night at Tropica and was pleased to see they had soft-shell crabs on the menu-- breaded and fried and served on mashed plantains. Unbeknownst to me, the season...

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