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Soft Foods

98-year-old needs to gain weight, doesn't eat enough: Food suggestions

by jhopp217 7 years ago

Hey, my grandother has emphysema and the docs said she burns approximately 3000 calories a day just trying to breath....


Bigley9 commented 1 month ago

Just got braces and EVERYTHING hurts, need ideas for softer foods...

by pman 12 years ago

I'm told my teeth will hurt for the next few days. Tried fried tofu, and even that was a bit much. I food processed...


Querencia commented 10 months ago

Long-life cheap snacks

by lanie1996 3 years ago

Hello! I am moving next year to uni & my meals are fully-catered. I need to make some healthy-ish snacks that are...


angustia commented 11 months ago

When a jaw is wired shut... (recipe request)

by xtal 12 years ago

A friend of mine had a biking accident this past weekend, and has his jaw wired shut for 4-6 weeks. Lucky for hi...


KimberlyObrien commented 1 year ago

Advice: Wisdom Tooth Extraction, what to eat?

by Veggietales 12 years ago

I will be having oral surgery to extract my wisdom tooth in about 4 hours. Of course, I was instructed not to eat any...


Querencia commented 1 year ago

Seasonal flavorful foods... with a catch?

by scrambledomelette 1 year ago

Hey guys! I'm looking for really flavorful and/or seasonal foods... that are soft-ish. Long story short, I'm at the t...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 1 year ago

soft food post wisdom teeth

by chardgirl 14 years ago

I thought for a while about which board to post this to, I'll repost if the chowhound heads disagree... I got my wi...


khungry commented 1 year ago

Soft food recipes?

by soypower 8 years ago

My dear mother is in the process of getting partial dentures and is tired of oatmeal and scrambled eggs. Chewing is ...


711232768 commented 1 year ago

Recipes and food ideas picky 2 year old after tonsils removed

by Agent807 1 year ago

My two year old just had his tonsils out and I'm out of food options. I hope you guys can give me some ideas. This ki...


Dearoleg123456789 commented 1 year ago

ISO suggestions for blender purchase: 10-year-old on liquid diet

by gimlis1mum 2 years ago

My son is having surgery in a couple of months and will be on a soft foods diet for 6 weeks (no chewing allowed). Mac...


Cam14 commented 2 years ago

Mushy foods for mouth cancer patient

by katesalter 2 years ago

Hi, Sadly a friend of mine has been diagnosed with mouth cancer. She is having an operation to remove the tumour and...


Querencia commented 2 years ago

Recipes for a tonsillectomy patient

by JungMann 11 years ago

Getting a tonsillectomy when you're older is a pain. So much more so because two weeks of ice cream and popsicles doe...


saram7485 commented 2 years ago

Wisdom teeth removal - Food help!

by cabernet05 10 years ago

Hi fellow CHers I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed in a week and I could use some ideas on what to eat in that ma...


Duck84 commented 2 years ago

What Can I Eat With Brand New Braces?

by brynn.m 2 years ago

I just got braces 2 days ago and... i cant eat anything because it hurts when i chew! i have tried everything. so wh...


brynn.m commented 2 years ago

Foods you don't have to chew

by Christina D 5 years ago

My 16-yr old is having all his wisdom teeth removed on Friday. I need ideas for warm, soft, squishy food that I can f...


KatelynCollier commented 3 years ago

Please help with ideas for liquid/soft food diet for 8 weeks

by Tagerbun 6 years ago

I had an accident over the holidays and without going in to details I have to get all my upper teeth pulled today. I...


Querencia commented 3 years ago

Food to eat while healing a sore throat

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 11 years ago

I am trying to get over strep. I am tired of wonton soups, store made and canned soups, tea w/honey, hot cider,jello...


Peteray commented 3 years ago

Liquid diet recipes for a guy who got his wisdom teeth out?

by The Pie Queen 14 years ago

My fiancee got his wisdom teeth out last Monday, and today he got in trouble with his surgeon for eating too much sol...


Sharingiscaringisjustnice commented 3 years ago

More advice needed on liquid/soft food diets

by phoenixgrrrl 3 years ago

A family member of mine is currently on a liquid/super soft food diet (due to a tear in his intestines), for the ...


hotoynoodle commented 3 years ago

Soft/liquid foods for diabetic, mostly vegetarian diet

by AllyxE 3 years ago

Recently I just got 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled (both upper left side) and I am planned to get 3 more removed before ...


Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago