How Seltzer & Natural Syrups Can Help Kick That Soda Addiction

If you have a soda addiction you're trying to kick, seltzer alone might not quite do it. But seltzer plus natural syrups can be great healthier soda alternatives. Seltzer is all the rage right now thanks...

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Where Can I Buy Kinnie?

by GuyNamedBen 15 years ago

Does anyone out there know if there's any place around the West End of the city that sells the Maltese soft drink Kinnie? My Dad's birthday is coming up & I'd like to buy him some. I live in Miss...

Big Red?

by slewfoot 12 years ago

Curious, does anyone outside of Texas drink Big Red soda? Anyone outside of Texas even heard of it?

help me name a drink

by KatxHeart 6 years ago

Its a very simple recipe. UV candy bar vodka and coca cola. I wanna give it like an off-the-wall name. Like Sex on the Beach or Fuzzy Navel

Soda Siphon help!

The Jeff Next Door
by The Jeff Next Door 14 years ago

My wife and I bought an ISI soda siphon so we could have a regular supply of seltzer (we don't own a car, and it's a drag to lug all that water home on my back!). I understand that the carbonation...

Mexican Coca-Cola in S. Florida?

by Nick 11 years ago

OK, so I can find it at my favorite taqueria (Taqueria Morelia) in Florida City, and I can also find it (oddly enough) at the Publix in Key West, but I don't get to either of those places too often...

ISO: Small Pepsi bottles

by Ted Richards 6 years ago

Does anyone know who sells 473ml bottles of [diet] Pepsi? I know Tim Horton's sells them, so they do exist, but every supermarket I've checked seems to only have the larger 710ml size.

does anyone remember RC Draft cola?

by rameniac 15 years ago

seriously, the best cola i've ever had, with a nice "home-brewed" sugercane-y sort of taste. this was maybe, 10+ years ago, and i remember when they were blowing them out when they cancelled the li...

Why Diet Pepsi's Recipe Change Makes No Sense

by MGZ 6 years ago

Food, health ,science, hysteria, whatever . . . it's a good read on the changes going on in our food products and the reasons therefore. I guess worries about the food supply are still less insa...

New Coke product?

by Candy 6 years ago

Has anyone tried the new Coke made with cane sugar and Stevia? It has a green label and packing. I was not tempted to try it. They were not offering single bottles or cans. Just curious

Economics of High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Cane Sugar in Soda

by Dave Feldman 7 years ago

Let us live in a fantasy world where Coca-Cola decides to dump HFCS for cane sugar in its signature soft drink. Boutique sodas that use cane sugar charge quite a bit for the privilege, while Coke ...

Best Ginger Ale?

by rworange 14 years ago

I like Reeds a lot. However, I tried Stirrings recently and it was very good. Any others? Neigher Reeds nor Stirrings uses HFCS.

Retail source for cola syrup?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 9 years ago

The Double Wide, a rather delicious and easy-drinking shot served at Brick & Mortar that combines Coke syrup and Jack Daniels, got me thinking about cola syrup as a cocktail ingredient. I believe a...

Dr. Browns Soda in Toronto - reliable stockists?

by GrosseDouceur 13 years ago

Has anybody had any luck tracking down Dr. Browns sodas anywhere in Toronto? I know you sometimes see them at Loblaws in Forest Hill, in the kosher section, but even then it's usually only aroun...

KP coke with the yellow caps

by timbrel2 6 years ago

It has sucrose instead of corn syrup as the feature that everyone loves, right?

Soda in cans for Passover 2015

by mommysmazal 6 years ago

This seems to be an annual question. Has anyone seen soda in cans for Passover? Coke hasn't produced it on the east coast in awhile but last year I did find Pepsi, Canada Dry and Dr. Browns. This y...

Boylan's soda

by Mangela 18 years ago

Had this soda recently during a New York trip...really good black cherry and grape. Looking to see if anyone has seen anywhere in Toronto, Niagara or Buffalo region so that I can buy. Thanks

Cactus Cooler Soda

by LATrapp 7 years ago

Has anyone seen or know where to buy Cactus Cooler Soda? PB, La Jolla etc. area preferred. Thanks!

Where to find Boylan's Soda in Montreal.

by patof bleu 11 years ago

I'm looking for Boylan's soda does anybody know where they sell them in MTL thanks

root beer floats

by marymac 9 years ago

This isn't cooking, per se, but it's very annoying. When I make root beer floats the ice cream turns to ice crystals. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Mary Mac

well known brands that just arent as good as in the past

by MarkG 11 years ago

Breyers ice cream. except for 2/3 flavors, has become ordinary. Entenmanns Cakes another. can you think of others??

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