Soda Makers


Carbonated water maker

by VFish 6 months ago

How do you like your Sodastream or other carbonated beverage maker? I am seriously looking into one. Had read some threads on here about it that were a few years back and have looked up reviews a...

Sodastream not so fizzy

by plnelson 3 years ago

I use store-bought canned seltzer water a lot, either drinking it plain or mixing it with fruit juices to goose orange or cranberry juice while at the same time lowering calories (because some of t...

Thicker Homemade Soda Syrups?

by NateHevens 3 years ago

So... as a (very) early birthday gift (my birthday isn't until May 22, but the store we got it from was going out of business and had a fantastic sale), my parents got me a Sodastream. I tried thei...

Soda Stream- Disapointed with the FIZZ

by lestblight 10 years ago

I purchased one of these units and used a few times. I am not happy with the carbonation i am getting.. seems rather weak... Doesnt last very long and is not similar.. to Coke from the 2 liter b...

Sodastream seltzer not holding its fizz?

gansu girl
by gansu girl 10 years ago

I got the Penguin model (has glass bottles) for my husband for Christmas, and we've had a good time figuring out how much fizz we like, trying different flavors (no sodas, just the essences that ma...

Seeking Advice on Soda Stream Options

by nemo 6 years ago

I haven't seen any recent posts about Soda Stream (like within several years). We're pathetically late here. We're thinking about getting one to make seltzer water only.....not interested in the ...

Where to find soda chargers

by dada 13 years ago

I am looking for soda chargers to make soda water. Help! Where can I find them around here?

Soda Siphon help!

The Jeff Next Door
by The Jeff Next Door 14 years ago

My wife and I bought an ISI soda siphon so we could have a regular supply of seltzer (we don't own a car, and it's a drag to lug all that water home on my back!). I understand that the carbonation...

Soda Siphon help?

by DWHCass 8 years ago

I just bought an iSi Soda Siphon, 26-ounce, Stainless Steel. This is my first time using such a device. Included in the box were a measuring tube and riser tube. But the measuring tube is jammed (s...

Refilling hacked Sodastream cartridge near Berkeley

by sunny 7 years ago

We just started avidly using Sodastream and realized that you go through a cartridge for 60L pretty rapidly when you're carbonating multiple bottles a day. I looked up replacement cartridges and s...

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