What Is the Difference Between Corned Beef And Pastrami?

Have you ever been sitting at a deli and thought, “What is the difference between corned beef and pastrami?” Yeah, me too. When I was younger, I feel like I tried to get to the bottom of it. I was familiar...

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I may have over smoked my butt

by gomocooks 4 years ago

I defrosted one of my pork butts about 3 days ago. I'll admit I was too lazy to worry about the smoker so I ignored it. On top of that, I fully loaded the tray with chunks of hickory; which isn...

Bacon not salty enough

by jtola18 4 years ago

Had my bacon done by a friend and it tastes like smoked side pork. Not salty at all. Is there any way of curing it again after its been sliced?? I've tried seasoning it while cooking but its just n...

Traditional Smoking Wood in Hawaii

by KaimukiMan 8 years ago

I was reading a few old posts about making kalua pig and lau lau, Most of them mentioned the importance of using kiawe wood for an 'authentic' flavor, including my own posts. But Kiawe wasn't i...

Hotel pans? Inserts

by gomocooks 4 years ago

I own a few of what I call hotel pans. These are the pans you'll see on every buffet table. I specifically use mine in my smokers. They work well and Dawn cleans them up so I can take them to ...

New grill, timing question for Boston Butt(s) and whole chickens

by fogette 4 years ago

I have a dual fuel grill with a smoker attachment. I'd like to do two Boston Butts on the gas side and two birds on the smoker side. Do I need to time it for total weight or the weight of the in...

Wood chunks for smoking

by justamtlguy 4 years ago

Hello, would anyone know where I could get untreated wood chunks for bbq smoking? Thanks

Nova Lox Help

by Honartvandelay 4 years ago

I have been making Nova Lox for a few years now. I use a dry brine mixture of salt and sugar followed by an overnight rest in the fridge and then cold smoked. I really like how it comes out with on...

Kemuri - RWC - Go while the getting is good

by bbulkow 4 years ago

Holy Nuts, this place is great. It's in a cursed location, it's on the wrong side of town, it probably won't succeed, so get over there before it fails. The smoked edamame came without us asking...

How much charcoal is in a quart?

by cardigans1 4 years ago

i have a recipe for South Dakota corn smoked ribs on a charcoal grill. The recipe calls for 3 quarts of charcoal. I'm using normal Kingsford briquets - how many briquettes would that be?


by BondJ 4 years ago

Has anyone ever smoked a boneless rump roast? any suggestions

any ideas for smoking something new/unusual?

by Njchicaa 8 years ago

My husband and I both have off this week and want to try cooking some new stuff in our smoker. We've done ribs, pork butt, pork loin, brisket, whole chicken, chicken wings, and turkey breast. Our...

Woods Post

Freq Band
by Freq Band 4 years ago

This is simply my experience.... ~~~ Wood, for smoking and grilling meats or veggies. I found some "grape wood" at a local mid-east market, and have been trying it. Grape has no exotic flav...

Smoking a 6-7 pound chuck roast

by Njchicaa 4 years ago

I got punked at the grocery store yesterday. I could have sworn that I was buying brisket but tonight, upon closer inspection, I see that it is a 6.57 pound "Texas Style" chuck roast. Any sug...

The all mighty "Smoke Ring"... fact or fiction?

by Duppie 7 years ago

I am no expert on BBQ, I grill and dabble with Jerk occasionally. I hear,see and read about the mystical Smoke Ring on some BBQ and know it supposed to illustrate the care and skill the meat has be...

Smoking on gas grill

by Barbara76137 5 years ago

What is the best way to add smoke to whatever I'm cooking on my gas grill. I have the foil pan with hickory or mesquite chips, but where do I put them, and do I change the temp I'm cooking the chi...

Anyone use a temperature contoller on their smoker?

by zackly 5 years ago

I just became aware of these two temperature controllers, the IQ 110 & the Party Q. They control airflow into the smoker, in my case a Kamado, and claims to keep the temperature +/- 10 degrees for...

A nice uneventful overnight smoke

by jnk 5 years ago

Started with 2 butts totaling 23 lbs. I used peach and maple smoke wood on my 22 WSM.

Another Brisket... another round of depression

by e_bone 8 years ago

Granted.. I *know* brisket isn't going to turn out like pork butt roast.. I *know* it's not baby back ribs.. but I've tried 3 times now and always get solid A flavor... B- texture... and a D or w...

Has anyone ever tried smoking in an 18 quart electric roaster?

by richterrenee 5 years ago

I have a small Brinkman electric smoker that works fine for short smoke times but it's a hassle when trying to smoke for anything over 3 hours. Wondered about using my roaster to smoke a brisket f...

Pork Shoulder cooking questions

by WiscoPig 5 years ago

Hi there, I am making pork shoulder on the smoker for a family get together on Saturday. My concern is that I get the shoulder up to temp(195) in time. Guests will start arriving around noon and I ...

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