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New ideas for smoking stuff?

by Njchicaa 6 days ago

I know I've asked this before but I'm asking it again! haha Planning on firing up the smoker this weekend and would ...

Melanie Wong commented 2 hours ago

Opinions on bacon on brisket

by MMartyn 8 days ago

So I've been looking at ways to keep brisket moist during the cooking process and I saw a post about putting bacon on...

BiscuitBoy commented 5 days ago

Brisket Help!

by keetonsmom 23 days ago

So I was going to smoke a brisket for the 4th tonight. Well i am luck enough to have meat from butchering my own cow...


keetonsmom commented 23 days ago

first smoked brisket--what did we do wrong?

by ketchupgirl 11 years ago

Is it supposed to taste like beef jerky? Um, I think it's possible to use too much rub and smoke it for too long. Whe...


AzSmoker commented 25 days ago

Can you wrap burgers in Alu-Foil and grill burgers?

by MajorWayne 1 month ago

My father-in-law has a charcoal grill. Its open and no cover. So I though Wrapping burgers in foil and throw them ...

woodburner commented 30 days ago

Big Green Egg - Is it worth it/cheaper versions?

by carophil11 3 months ago

My boyfriend has been drooling over kamado-style grills for years. His birthday is in July, and I want to go in on on...

justbeingpolite commented 1 month ago

Smoked brisket... How to keep it moist?

by sharon cole 4 years ago

Have a new smoker & want to smoke a brisket but have heard they can be very dry... Any suggestions?

justbeingpolite commented 2 months ago

BBQ Sauce - Commercial Clone

by FoodFundi 2 months ago

Hi Guys I'm going to post an almost impossible request and you probably wondering why post it anyways if it's cons...


boratini commented 2 months ago

Picnic vs. Butt

by Junoesq 14 years ago

Okay, I just realized that this sounds like a battle of the bulge post, but it is not. My question is: For smoking ...


puckhead commented 2 months ago

New smoker - propane or electric?

by Nyleve 1 year ago

Looking for a new smoker to replace super-cheapo bullet-shaped Brinkmann charcoal one that has finally self-destructe...


IDavis commented 3 months ago

Ribs Cooking class in Twin Cities

by MargoJDavies 4 months ago

Hi. We are looking for a cooking class for the most delious ribs. We are not big ribs eaters/ cookers but would lo...


MargoJDavies commented 4 months ago

Storing uncooked pastrami?

by w33bie 4 months ago

I currently have in my fridge two 4lb slabs of homemade pastrami ready for the smoker. Unfortunately, the party I h...

rasputina commented 4 months ago

Advice: Braising in Smoker?

by Franzisaurus_Rex 5 months ago

I've had an idea flowing across my brain waves over the last few months. It's on every channel and I'm getting ready...


zackly commented 5 months ago

Smoke Flavor

by JunieB 5 months ago

During the past couple of weeks I have had "smoked" food at 2 area restaurants - carrots @Helm in Kensington and pork...

JunieB commented 5 months ago

Beef Burger with Hint of Spice

by FoodFundi 6 months ago

Hey Guys I'm new here but have been lurking around here for a while with all the fantastic posts and great advice ...

biggreenmatt commented 5 months ago

Starting Kalua pig on a smoker, and finishing in a pressure cooker

by Shrinkrap 6 months ago

I want to start some Kalua pig in my electric smoker, maybe four hours at 220 to get some smoke on it, then finish in...

Shrinkrap commented 6 months ago

Startup Burger Pop-Up Store

by FoodFundi 6 months ago

Hey Guys I'm planning on starting up a Burger Pop-Up Store and the style of burgers I am interested in is Smashed...


GH1618 commented 6 months ago

Bradley smoker taking FOREVER to heat up???

by linguafood 3 years ago

Ok, turned my smoker on high about an hour ago and it's *just* under 150. Should I be worried something's wrong? I...


DeeFres commented 7 months ago

California BBQ Association Judging Workshop February 11th

by Louise 7 months ago

The California BBQ Association is offering a BBQ Judging Workshop February 11th in Riverside. Topics include History...


and P. commented 7 months ago

How long to cook 20lb tukey in smoker and what temp???

by rarmenda 10 years ago

Hi, I'd like to smoke a 20-25lb turkey in an offset smoker this year. Can anyone provide their advise on what tempert...


Dogboa commented 7 months ago

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