How to Smoke Meat Like the Pros

Grilling season is for smoking too—and there's still plenty of time between now and Labor Day to achieve your pitmaster dreams. Here are some expert tips to help you smoke meat like a pro. The opportunity...

Favorite place to order grill or smoker parts

by nofunlatte 3 years ago

My Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5-in smoker is in semi-dire need of a charcoal grate (the one that the charcoal ring sits on top of). Does anyone here have a favorite place from which you've ordered pa...


by VFish 1 year ago

So I was wondering if anyone here has a smoker? I can't find the thread where I had asked about smokers and it was on someone else's thread so I'm starting a new one. Looks like the last smoker t...

Cast Iron Dutch oven for Smoking?

by soyena 5 months ago

Hi, I want to smoke really simple and not too much food, like 2pcs chicken legs or a piece of tofu. I have seen some stovetop smoker and I wonder if I can simply use my Dutch oven instead. If I do,...

ISO Pimento Wood

by Googs 7 months ago

Alas, I ran out at the end of last summer. Now that Ontario Gas Barbecue is gone, I don't know of another supplier. US companies are no longer shipping it into Canada as far as I can tell. Has a...

What to serve with smoked duck?

by LookingBusy 11 months ago

Hi everyone! The hubby bought a new smoker grill recently and is now trying to smoke whatever he can. We found a whole duck on sale recently and he wants to put the entire thing on the smoker next...

Home-Smoking Meat Without a Smoker – It Can Be Done!

by OffTheBeatenPlate 8 years ago

I was REALLY in the mood for some Smoked Duck Pastrami yesterday. Problem is, unless you have the room and disposable income for a proper setup, or live out in the sticks somewhere with an outhouse...


by KingsKetz 13 years ago

Years back I used to have an electric water smoker. I loved making smoked chicken. Easy to make and then freeze and keep on hand. Ultimately the one I had rusted out and I have never replaced it....

Who Knows What to do with this Gas Smoker Grill?

by kySafran 2 years ago

I've just acquired this gas smoker grill. It didn't come with an instruction manual. Though there's a few manuals online, I'd much rather get the knowledge of the 'Hounders. Is the one I have an...

Propane-fueled smokers needed for Sonoma County food relief

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Operation BBQ Relief, that provided hot meals joining forces with Guy Fieri and local BBQ teams during the 2017 fires in Sonoma County, is potentially looking to deploy to the Kincade Fire zone. We...

Bradley smoker taking FOREVER to heat up???

by linguafood 8 years ago

Ok, turned my smoker on high about an hour ago and it's *just* under 150. Should I be worried something's wrong? I was hoping to start my ribs at 1 PM but that's obviously not happening. It'...

NorCal BBQ 101 Class, Livermore, Saturday 8/31

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

A fundraiser for the Calif BBQ Association's charitable endeavors. "During this 6-hour class, taught by some of the best, award-winning pit masters from the CBBQA, students will be guided throug...

Brisket logistics

by reewah 2 years ago

I am planning to smoke a brisket for my son’s graduation party Sat but have a few logistical issues. Plan was to do a rub and cook in a makeshift smoker (big barrel-style grill with indirect heat a...

Emson Pressure Smoker.

by nuraman00 9 years ago

I smoked a whole chicken a few weeks ago. I had brined the chicken for a day, seasoned it, kept it in the fridge, then put it in the smoker the next day. This is a similar process to how I make...

How long to cook 20lb tukey in smoker and what temp???

by rarmenda 15 years ago

Hi, I'd like to smoke a 20-25lb turkey in an offset smoker this year. Can anyone provide their advise on what temperture to smoke it, as well as tell me how to estimate the amount of time required ...

Smithfield Foods closes the only smokehouse making genuine Smithfield ham

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

" ... A Smithfield Foods spokeswoman said that the smokehouse had reached the end of its useful life and that the company has plenty of genuine Smithfield hams stockpiled to satisfy immediate deman...

Opinions on basting a brisket

by MMartyn 4 years ago

I've seen various opinions on whether or not you should open up your smoker to baste your brisket to keep it moist. What are some of your opinions on the subject and why? I'm asking because the las...

Electric smoker help

by wildcat2012 10 years ago

this is the fist time i am ever using a electric smoker and i was looking for some help. i am doing a pork shoulder this weekend. first what temp should i smoke at i have hear that you don't receiv...

"Grand Cafe" smoker Costco

by justanotherpenguin 14 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with this. I like smoking, but am tired of sitting and tending charcoal. Want a gas one. This seems to be a nice design and the construction appears sturdy. I tend t...

stovetop smoker and low temperatures: pointers?

by adam 15 years ago

The following gifts have been given in the past couple weeks: 1) I gave my brother the camerons stovetop smoker 2) My girlfriend gave me a meat grinder, sausage stuffer, and casings to make sau...

Philly: Where to buy wood chips for a smoker?

by ivyleigh 12 years ago

I'm looking to buy different kinds of wood chips for the new smoker I just got, but I can't figure out where to buy them in Philly. I'd prefer to stay in the Center City area, if possible. Also, ...