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Ruddell's Smokehouse | Cayucos - SLOCo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Last month as I prepared to drive home from Southern California, a craving for one of Ruddell's smoked seafood tacos ...

How Do *You* Serve Smoked Herring?

by Gio 9 years ago

I bought a package of smoked herring - USA wild caught - a two days ago and now I'd like to know how to serve them. ...


stonecanoe commented 5 months ago

Smoked & Cured Sablefish

by biggreenmatt 8 months ago

Hi all- quick question about making smoked sablefish at home. I've been making lox, gravlax, etc., for the better ...


acgold7 commented 8 months ago

Smoked Mullet Roe: nay or yay

by honduranterror 8 years ago

So, I am not a native Floridian but I like to believe that I have been inaugurated into the secret realm of local Cra...


petabeater commented 9 months ago

"Centre Street Deli" - A long overdue re-visit for some of GTA's best Corn Beef!

by Charles Yu 10 months ago

This iconic and authentic Jewish Deli has been in this Thornhill location almost since the beginning of time! :D At ...


magic commented 10 months ago

Smoked haddock (Finnan Haddie) in Boston area?

by Allstonian 1 year ago

Previous posts about this are pretty old, so I'm looking for current help. Any thoughts about Boston-area markets wh...


reacol commented 1 year ago

where can I find good smoked mullet dip?

by Florida Hound 3 years ago

I have found some cartilage-laden smoked mullet dip, and I'm hoping I can do better. I tried smoked mullet dip 1x yea...


sunshine842 commented 1 year ago

Recipe Ideas for Smoked Abalone

by EmiratesOfCaligula 1 year ago

I have a couple cans of some small Kona Smoked Abalone and they aren't very good plain or on bread so I want to cook ...


Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Smoked mullet other than Ted Peters in Tampa?

by rebecca.kukla 11 years ago

Hi - It is apparently common knowledge that Ted Peters is THE place for smoked mullet in Tampa Bay. However, I li...


ddjruff commented 1 year ago

Smoked fish

by doozie 2 years ago

I just served some smoked whitefish that has been in vacuum package and refrigerator for 5 weeks, there was a packed ...


LEOFONT commented 1 year ago

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Handy's Smoked Meats in Long Beach?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

In the same shopping strip as Long Beach Creamery is a barbecue place called Handy's Smoked Meats. It was already clo...

Wine pairing with smoked fish?

by Wahooty 9 years ago

I'm no sommelier, and I'm not an expert at wine pairings, but I know the basics and am usually pretty successful. Ho...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 2 years ago

Maine Bagels Nova Smoked Fish, am I dreaming or can I get any?

by gzberg41 2 years ago

Before mail ordering from Zabars or Russ and Daughters is anyone aware of places to get close to traditional NY appet...


gzberg41 commented 2 years ago

Favorite smoked salmon at Russ & Daughters?

by nycguy20011 2 years ago

Every time I go to Russ & Daughters, I always get the Gaspe Nova smoked salmon because that's the one I'm most famili...


rnh17 commented 2 years ago

How do you eat your smoked salmon?

by jo_k 11 years ago

I've had smoked salmon for lunch today with lemon and caper. Other suggestions?


sdoby22 commented 2 years ago

Smoked Sable in the burbs?

by JunieB 2 years ago

In particular, does anyone know a good place to buy smoked sable in the Jenkintown/Abington/Elkins Park area? If not,...


middleagedfoodie commented 2 years ago

What should I do with Smoked Herring

by JMF 12 years ago

I have a pound of very salty, dense and firm, dried, smoked herring fillets. The classic fully preserved, tan and red...


dfrome commented 2 years ago

Smoked white fish (cod, hake, haddock..)

by lagatta 2 years ago

I'm looking for some for a fish pie (not salmon or trout, nor mackerel). Any ideas where this can be found in Mtl, i...


JerkPork commented 2 years ago

Help! Must find ferry building vendor again

by CinnamonKitten 2 years ago

We are lucky enough to be visiting SF in May and we will be going to the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building on Sat...


Multifoiled commented 2 years ago