Slow Cooking

How to Make Slow Cooker Apple Butter

It's peak fall produce season, so it's the perfect time to make an easy Crock Pot apple butter recipe—and learn how to take the basic slow cooker apple butter recipe in whatever direction you want when...

Beef stew, what about the potatoes?

by sbbodcderf 2 months ago

I'd like your experience with crock pot beef stew. Not only Your favorite recipe, but your strategy for potatoes, carrots, etc. I want vegetables with some texture. Bite. If I put them in...

You made WHAT with WHAT?

tim irvine
by tim irvine 4 months ago

The thread on slow cooker pork loin is fun. Hilarity aplenty. It got me to thinking of some of the absolutely bizarre approaches I have seen applied to certain foods. For example, chicken fried r...

Cantonese style Braised Goose Web with Sun-dried Seafood Casserole

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 months ago

Another attempt of a Cantonese " Surf & Turf " Casserole using a mixture of fresh and sun dried seafood and meat with some 'kinky' ingredients thrown in! - Slow cooked Chicken Broth with Italian P...

Cooking 2 different meats?

by Lisa8192 3 months ago

Help?? I’m cooking a 7 lb semi boneless leg of lamb and a 7 lb boneless pork loin roast. Any help in cooking at the same time? Or should I plan on doing the pork in a slow cooker? Thank you!!!

Do you think boiled corned beef can be rushed by an hour or so?

by mushroomaffairs 3 months ago

I just started cooking it over the stovetop 20 minutes ago and now have it at a hard simmer. I lost track of time but I do have all the vegetables prepared and just put an Irish soda bread in the ...

Corned beef

by jmarkp 3 months ago

I have a question about how long to cook corned beef. I think we might be mangling this humble cut of meat. Background: my Mom's recipe --her Dad was from County Cork-- says to simmer a 3# p...

Corned Beef in Crockpot

by BeataStensager 3 months ago

At what time do you add veggies so they don't overcook when doing corned beef in a crockpot?

super-delicious, super-flavourful broccoli recipe?

by prima 9 years ago

Anyone have a favourite? Open to anything, but especially interested in recipes that might use more herbs, spices, wine, ginger, etc, and not as interested in recipes calling for a lot of cream...

A beautiful pork butt and never-used Crock Pot. Need help.

by laredo 5 months ago

I bought a beautiful pork butt today as an incentive for me to get my Christmas Crock Pot out of the box in the garage and read the directions. My family is dying for barbecue and so am I! Sh...

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 4

by DuffyH 2 years ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook from any book or any recipe and any model or kind of pressure cooker, but please n...

Is a mixed pot roast possible?

by GabeHD94 6 months ago

I love the beefiness of short rib and the texture given by the shank, could it be possible to make a pot roast with both? Because of the cooking times I’ll probably have to throw in the the short r...

Molly Stevens' Seven-Hour Leg of Lamb

by Meat_Tyrant 7 months ago

I've seen this recipe recommended several times around here and I'm going to make it. I've never cooked anything like this before, so I could use some wisdom. The recipe instructs to first brown...

Home Made – 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall' (佛跳墙)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 7 months ago

To some of my non-Asian chow-friends, this might be one of the weirdest named Chinese dish you will come across. To some of my Asian chow-friends, they will recognize the inclusion of this dish in ...

Why oxtail for Kare-Kare? L4Seats | Sep 14, 2016 08:51 PM

by filipino_cat 7 months ago

So I'm starting a new post based on the above discussion with the link below. In double quotes and OP is the original poster's post and then I'm replying: OP "....but it's as if Kare-Kare will...

Low and Slow Thanksgiving Turkey

by walker 7 months ago

I've never tried the low and slow method, have you? Any advice? I love the Petrini roasted turkey recipe I've posted here before. (At the beginning, you make a paste of butter, white pepper,...

Marinade for braising beef

by kim2001 8 months ago

I have a recipe for braised beef featherblade. The recipe, like many braising recipes, instructs me to marinate the beef with vegetables and aromatics in a bottle of wine for 24 hours. My question ...

Dinner party dish without onions

by highlyunlikely 1 year ago

I am hosting a birthday dinner for a friend who hates onions and their prodigy (leeks, scallions, shallots). I would have liked to stick to comfort foods like braised short ribs or beef bourgui...

the perfect book for recipes

by recipes12 2 months ago

no problem finding food

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by biovie 8 months ago

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