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Recommendation on a slicer that can dice and Julienne

by thunderrooster 18 days ago

Hello. I am looking for 1 machine that will slice, dice and Julienne. I want it to be adjustable up to 10-12 mm. I ha...


travelerjjm commented 18 days ago

Slicing brisket the wrong way?

by quatrefilles 1 year ago

Growing up we always ate it sliced WITH the grain. If cooked to tenderness, it's not at all dry. The "strings" are n...


quatrefilles commented 1 year ago

Is there a way to get deli-thin slices of roast beef without a slicing machine?

by greygarious 9 years ago

There are a few cheaper cuts of beef that are too tough for ordinary roast beef but if sliced thinly enough, across t...


scunge commented 1 year ago

Slicing a full brisket?

by LennyC 2 years ago

My 8" slicer just doesn't cut it - I can't reach across the whole length of the brisket. I'm looking for a 10/12" inc...


ShmuelMeir commented 2 years ago

Best Commercial Food Processor / Equipment for Catering / Home Meal Delivery

by ashleyg 2 years ago

I'm looking for the best food processor or multiple food processors (or any pieces of equipment) that can help me in ...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 2 years ago

I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so! . . . at least with my Knives.

by RhonelyInsanediego 3 years ago

I am looking for a new chefs knife. Currently I have an 8" Lamson Sharp, that I like, but the camber is a little to ...


RhonelyInsanediego commented 2 years ago

Slicing Whole Almonds

by mialebven 11 years ago

I would like to know what's the best way to slice whole almonds? Are there any tricks? Tips?


jcharrigan commented 2 years ago

Can I use food processor to slice bagel chips??

by kseiverd 4 years ago

I like to make home-made bagel chips. I slice up bagels from "discount" bakery bin (VERY thinly), drizzle liberally ...


NancyJean23 commented 3 years ago

Slicing Ribeye roast for philly cheese steak

by johnandscooter 10 years ago

Does anyone have any tips on how to make homemade philly cheese steaks. I was going to buy a 5-6 lb ribeye roast f...


bkfleming commented 3 years ago

vertically sliced onions?

by bamgordon 9 years ago

Why would a recipe call for vertically sliced onions? I have several recipes that do and I can’t for the life of me u...


paulj commented 3 years ago

How to slice a bagel

by nycguy20011 3 years ago

In case you ever wondered if there was a science to slicing a bagel: h...


Motosport commented 3 years ago

What's the secret of slicing fresh mozzarella thin ?

by chefwong 11 years ago

With a sharp knife, I'm still cutting it waaay too thick. Is it possible with just only a knife ? Just watched a ...


parksgirl commented 3 years ago

Best technique for thinly sliced roast beef...

by zammdogg 3 years ago

Hello, all, I have an awesome roast beef recipe and a great industrial slicer. I'm just having trouble getting tho...


zammdogg commented 3 years ago

How can I slice crusty bread without making such a mess?

by bmorecupcake 3 years ago

I love crusty bread, but I always dread slicing it. Crumbs fly everywhere. I try to slice my bread outside, but it'...


scubadoo97 commented 3 years ago

Explain Alton Brown beef instructions?

by blue room 4 years ago

Alton Brown's recipe for Chicken Fried Steak calls for bottom round. He says to "cut the meat with the grain into 1/2...

blue room

blue room commented 4 years ago

Beef Fajitas - want to use more tender cut than skirt steak...

by ThePiglet 4 years ago

Hi guys! I want to make fajitas tomorrow and although they always turn out pretty good when I use the typical skirt ...

Will Owen

Will Owen commented 4 years ago

Do you cut off the stem end of mushrooms?

by comestible 10 years ago

I just always do this when slicing mushrooms, as I think I learned the cut end would always be tough. Is this standa...

Perilagu Khan

Perilagu Khan commented 5 years ago

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