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How to Make Any Burnt Pan Look Brand-New

The best way to clean a burnt pan depends on a few factors, including what it's made from and what's burned on. But these tips will help you clean burnt food off of most all your pots and pans. Whether...

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Buying a Cast Iron Grill Pan. Flat Rectangular Two-Burner Type or Skillet with Sides?

by ellaj 15 years ago

I am thinking the flat one that covers two burners (has grill pan on one side, flip side has flat griddle surface) would be most practical as it offers more cooking space but wondered if there's an...

Best Skillet Cake Recipes?

by Oliverstreet 15 years ago

I made a fabulous upside-down pear skillet cake last week (with a recipe from Epicurious) and am now skillet-cake crazy. What are other good desserts that can be made in a cast-iron skillet? He...

4.5 lb chicken in a cast iron skillet?

by mtl to tor 15 years ago

I've got an organic bird that I'm going to roast for friends, and as it's my first go at this, I have a couple of questions: 1. Anyone have tips in terms of temperature and time for a 4.5 lb bir...

Easy skillet meals

by hungrymom 15 years ago

My best friend is living in London for 10 months for business. It's difficult for her to cook much in her kitchen--not many dishes, small stove, etc. She's looking to me to help her out of the re...

Rick Bayless Skillet Mango Upside Down Cake- need recipe

Sarah McC
by Sarah McC 15 years ago

I saw this on his PBS show this afternoon, but I can't find the recipe on his website. A Google search found a Rick Bayless Mango upside down cake, but it is a completely different recipe. The one...

Non-Stick 12-Inch Skillet Recommendations?

by Melissa 15 years ago

(re-posting this from General Topics...) I'm looking for a non-stick skillet for under $100. I had read a while ago that America's Test Kitchen recommended the Farberware Millennium Soft Touch St...

Foil on a handle of a NON oven proof skillet?

by Novice Cook 15 years ago

Is it true you can wrap foil around a handle then stick it in the oven with no problem? I really don't want to melt my skillet handle!

First Cast Iron Skillet - what size?

by Alison 15 years ago

I'm considering buying a cast iron skillet. I've never bought one before. If I can only have one cast iron skillet, what size would you recommend - 10 in., 12 in.? I don't really know what I w...

What did I do wrong? re: seasoning cast iron skillet

by foodiex2 15 years ago

Kohls was having a huge sale last week and a I bought an extra large Lodge "pre-seasoned" cast iron frying pan w/ wooden handle for less than $12.00. I have had my current cast iron pan for 20+ yea...

I bought a used cast-iron skillet -- now what?

by wyf4lyf 15 years ago

I found a No. 8, 10-5/8" cast-iron skillet at a thrift store today for $7. Couldn't resist. There's no brand name on it, but it does say "Made in USA" on the bottom along with the size. It has 2 t...

Help! Your advice needed on oven-proof skillets.........

by shazzer65 16 years ago

I'd like to get an oven-proof skillet so that I can do magical things like brown a chicken on the stove and then put it into the oven to roast... Any suggestions? Le creuset? Others?

Help Me Christen My New Cast Iron Skillet!

by Dommy! 16 years ago

My parents got me a Lodge Preseasoned 12' Cast Iron Skillet for Christmas! WHEEE!!!! :) What should I cook first in it that will aid in getting it to that rich black glossy finish all us hounds...

seasoning cast-iron skillet problem

by Roch cook 16 years ago

I read through earlier posts and tried to follow directions. My skillets emerged from the oven bumpy with freckles -- the freckles were shiny against the dull surface underneath. Any suggestions ab...

Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy my cast iron skillet from K-Mart?

by Mr. Taster 16 years ago

Martha Stewart cast iron pan, on sale for $12.99 Any reason why I shouldn't buy it? I've never owned one before and am eager to make some cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving this year (and I'm s...

Cast Iron Skillet Advice

by Jane Hathaway 16 years ago

I've been thinking about buying a cast iron skillet for awhile and JeffW's pizza recipe below sealed the deal for me. I've been looking at a 10 1/4 inch or a 12 inch pre-seasoned one by Lodge Logi...

Skillet Corn bread

by dude 16 years ago

I've come across numerous recipes for this. The question is: Has anyone tried using their grill as an oven to make it? Aside from not wanting to use an oven in August, my wife has a need to use a...

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

by valerie 16 years ago

So I just got a Lodge Logic pre-seasoned skillet and I really want to try it out. But I'm scared! According to the Lodge website, it says to just rinse it out with hot water, dry thoroughly and ...

Cast Iron Skillet in Long-Term Storage: What should I do?

by BabyLitigator 16 years ago

I have a cast-iron skillet that is one of the few kitchen implements I will be taking with me when I move from Boston to L.A. this week (I'm a student, and will be upgrading everything else and let...

ISO: De Buyer carbon steel skillets

by Mortadella Bodywrap 16 years ago

I recently discovered the joys of cooking on De Buyer carbon steel skillets. I'd like to buy other sizes, but I'm having trouble finding a source in the US. My local Sur La Table has a few, but n...

Rippin' hot skillets/fry pans

by the(jello)sound 16 years ago

I've always wondered about this and would love to hear about your insight/experiences. On several cooking shows and in cookbooks, they'll say something along the lines of, "Put some oil in the pan ...

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