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Highest oven temp that's safe for cast iron skillet?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

What's the highest oven temp that a cast iron skillet can be used at without damage? I read somewhere that the max...


zackly commented 12 days ago

Is All-Clad nonstick a waste of money?

by soniabegonia 8 years ago

It's time to replace my trusty Kitchenaid 10" nonstick (hard-anodized aluminum) skillet. I got it some 3-4 years ago...

drrayeye commented 24 days ago

Scanpan: To sear or not to sear

by DTats0311 3 months ago

OK my friends, I've been reading a lot on here that people don't believe in using Non-stick for searing, to stick wit...

chickentender commented 1 month ago

What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

Yes, I know this thing is a total scam. But a very kind soul gave me a Saladmaster skillet (with a cover) for Xmas...

DuffyH commented 1 month ago

Whether/why use electric skillet

by bananna slug 9 years ago

My wife and I were just given what appears to be a good electric skillet. 12" with non-stick surface and lid with ve...


almers commented 1 month ago

Blu Skillet Ironware?

by eight_inch_pestle 3 years ago

Anyone tried this line yet? Saw them at the farmers' market the other day. Beautiful stuff, but don't see many review...


wabi commented 1 month ago

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 3 months ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product l...


DoubleA81 commented 2 months ago

How old is my cast iron skillet?

by FScarrie 6 years ago

Got this 10 inch skillet at an antique store in Leavenworth, KS about 5 years ago. It was pretty rusty when I got it,...


goldhuntermike commented 2 months ago

Carbon vs. Stainless Steel Fry Pans

by Brushy 4 years ago

I feel guilty for making this post because I worry I should be able to figure out the answer myself through searches,...


ChrisJM commented 2 months ago

Solidteknics Aus-Ion Satin Finish

by Libranflight 3 months ago

I had won one of their satin finish 30cm woks and it just arrived about 2 hours ago - WOW!!!! In the oven to start s...


Libranflight commented 2 months ago

Should I season my new Le Creuset cast iron skillet and grill pan?

by sagestrat 10 years ago

I know I've always seasoned my regular cast iron pans, but should I also season my new Le Creuset cast iron skillet a...


ColmCasserly commented 3 months ago

Optimum handles design

by Bluecroc 3 months ago

I was at an upscale department store in Berlin yesterday and had more than a look at their handsome Cookware departme...

BreadCat commented 3 months ago

Are there any other Skillets shaped like All-Clad's?

by Neo1 4 months ago

I really like the shape of All-Clad traditional frying pans and have been researching getting a large one (12"/30cm)....

DuffyH commented 4 months ago

Is a vintage Lodge cast iron skillet better than a new one??

by Ritcheyd 5 years ago

There are so many cast iron skillet posts, I hope this doesn't get lost but I haven't seen my question addressed. I w...


glockfixer commented 4 months ago

What's the Griswold equivalent of a Lodge 10" or 12" cast iron skillet?

by Mr Taster 6 years ago

All this talk of cast iron has made me consider buying one of those smooth polished vintage cast iron pans-- you know...


MedMarine64 commented 4 months ago


by onefineleo 10 years ago

I love mine......have loved them since 1973 when I got them as a gift. They have served me well for all of these man...


Kellygiminiani commented 4 months ago

Borough Furnace Braising Skillet

by yeldogt 4 months ago

Anybody have one? I happen to have one of the original skillets from a couple of years ago -- we use it often. I c...

kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

New Cuisinart skillet, everything sticks. Help?

by rockandroller1 9 years ago

Ok, I'm not an idiot about cooking in stainless. We got rid of our non-stick pans 2 years ago and have been living p...

DuffyH commented 5 months ago

Best Cast Iron Skillet?

by steakrules85 8 years ago

Hey all I am buying my mom a cast iron skillet for Mother's Day and wanted to know who makes the best for aorund $50 ...


canddc commented 5 months ago

Raymond Loewy Le Creuset

by bradendrake 5 months ago

I started to become a Le Creuset enthusiast about a year ago. About once a week I get on the website to gaze at thes...

drrayeye commented 5 months ago