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Lost in space

by Elsieb2 3 days ago

I was a ch member for 10+ years and then I could no longer log in with my user name (elsieb) nor could I reset as CH ...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 days ago

Cannot Edit New Post

by Melanie Wong 20 days ago

I need to make multiple edits of the intro, photo captions and add an ending to the linked post. I've tried in Firefo...

marssy commented 12 days ago

Is Charles All That Is Left?

by franpelyk 18 days ago

Am I the only one, but has this Ontario Post nearly died? It seems like the burden of keeping this post alive is fal...


buyright commented 13 days ago

A Couple of Updates for Writing a New Post

by The Chowhound Team 1 month ago

We have been tidying up the new-post creation page in preparation for upcoming map-related features. Today you wil...

The Chowhound Team commented 14 days ago

Exporting Chowhound Threads to PDF

by Jim Leff 22 days ago

Has anyone devised a way to do this? Print/Save-to-PDF is unusable on all browsers I've tried.


MikeG commented 16 days ago

Hello, new to the community

by Seriously_Savory 17 days ago

Hi y'all I'm a 23 y/o man from SoCal that loves cooking,grilling,food and the art and healing of good cooking. I also...

marssy commented 16 days ago


by Fuffyfuffy 18 days ago

I got a new hardrive and now I can't remember old password and user name so have had to sign up anew. But am desperat...

The Chowhound Team commented 16 days ago

Photo Story Disappeared

by L.Nightshade 28 days ago

I spent a few hours posting about our CH group retreat. Went through a few hundred photos to narrow it down, wrote it...

Melanie Wong commented 20 days ago

Request: Remove "Reservations for French Laundry" thread from RSS feeds and main page

by sfchris 20 days ago

Hello, I understand why the spam thread "Reservations for French Laundry" is important to to draw new ...

Melanie Wong commented 20 days ago

Navigating the site

by nyperr 1 month ago

I cannot seem to find my posts and any responses from them. It used to be easy. I click on my feed but still can't ...

The Chowhound Team commented 23 days ago

More than 15 posts in a thread - never ever loads

by KitchenBarbarian 1 month ago

On any thread where there are more than 15 posts, I see 3 dots under the 15 posts that just load forever - or rather ...

The Chowhound Team commented 23 days ago

S-l-o-w Loading of long threads

by masha 10 months ago

There is a recurrence of the problem of long threads taking forever to load, and often not loading at all -- i.e., th...


masha commented 23 days ago

Help with "post following" feature

by bibliophile02 1 month ago

Hi! I have been "following" a few different threads and for some reason, out of the blue, I am no longer receiving th...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 month ago


by Shaindy 2 months ago

can I print any of the posts? And if yes, how?


MikeG commented 1 month ago

Pornographic advertising!

by Jimisi 2 months ago

Sure there are many frustrating or annoying glitches that pop up on Chowhound, but this is ridiculous. Today I went t...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago

Auto-Play Video -- please, please no.

by hotoynoodle 2 months ago

For whatever reason, site developers everywhere think these are a good idea. THEY MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT. Often ti...

NonnieMuss commented 2 months ago

Comments not displaying on iphone

by vinouspleasure 3 months ago

hi there, when I click on a thread on my iphone, I see the up/down arrow to collapes/expand comments but no comm...


fryerlover commented 2 months ago

Issues posting & reading this week

by saregama 2 months ago

The site has been very buggy this week - even just now as I'm typing this. Weird/ridiculous autocorrects and insertio...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago

Your 'search' doesn't work

by Maggie19 2 months ago

I've been on CH most of this morning - and I can't seem to get anything from your search function. For ex: Brooklyn N...

The Chowhound Team commented 2 months ago