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Feedback on Locking Inactive Posts

by patsully 1 day ago

Hi all, as we continue to plan improvements for Chowhound in 2019, we'd like to get your take on a few potential improvements, which we'll post about on here Site Feedback for discussion. The fi...


Feedback on Merging Lower Volume Communities

by patsully 1 day ago

Hi all, as we continue to plan improvements for Chowhound in 2019, we'd like to get your take on a few potential improvements, which we'll post about on here Site Feedback for discussion. As par...


Why are new Site Talk posts NOT visible under “Latest Discussions”

by saregama 19 hours ago

Well, what the subject says. It would be more effective (especially if you’re looking for feedback) for everyone to be able to see recent Site Talk posts the same way one sees all other recent p...

Chowhound Style Updates Follow Up

by patsully 16 days ago

Hi all, Thanks so much for all your feedback on the new Chowhound styles over the past week. Today, we’re making a number of follow up improvements to tackle the most common areas of feedback. ...

Not Receiving Emails

by L.Nightshade 1 year ago

Once again I'm not receiving emails from CH. I've tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, to no avail. The last email I received was on September 25th. I thought it might be an issue on my end, but ...


Bad Request Error

by TastyReuben 6 days ago

Anyone else having a problem viewing the "What's For Dinner #424" topic? Every time I click it (iPhone XR and Safari), I get this error: Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this s...

Site Loading entire history

by estufarian 15 days ago

Whatever page I am on the site keeps loading entire history (I presume since start but I haven't had the patience (or data plan) to wait more than 40 minutes). Can we return to the previous opt...

Chowhound Font & Style Updates

by patsully 26 days ago

Hi all, tomorrow afternoon we’ll be rolling out an update to Chowhound’s style guide across the full site, including the community. At first glance, you’ll notice that we’re moving to a simpler ...

Site keeps reloading repeatedly

by saregama 23 days ago

The new site keeps reloading over and over again. Started with the “Latest” feed. Doesn’t happen on individual pages. Started today at some point after the changes. On IOS, using Firefox.

“Weekly Menu Planning” as a separate Topic for navigation

by saregama 23 days ago

Weekly Menu Planning is one of the most active threads on the site, yet does not have its own topic label under “Topics” - as opposed to DOTM and COTM. To get to the thread, you have to pick “Me...


by masha 23 days ago

It appears that the recent changes have finally corrected my inability to start new threads on CH from my IPad. Thank you.

New CH Format

by Ziggy41 23 days ago

Dear Chowhound team, please dont tell me this is your new format. These fonts hurting my eyes

Unable to flag posts on iPhone

by small h 4 months ago

Clicking on the flag icon gets me the four options. Clicking on "spam" gets me nowhere.

Can't access CH from Safari

by Westminstress 2 months ago

Hello, I can't access much of CH from my phone. I can usually (not always) click on a post header, but if I try to follow the link to the most recent post I get the following message: "Bad Reques...

Image Upload Improvements

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 3 months ago

Hi everyone, Our team has been focused on nailing down some pesky image upload bugs you’ve reported this month. Here’s a quick rundown: — Images not uploading - This was a really hard one to ...

Add Photo Help

by TastyReuben 1 month ago

Hi - I'm having difficulty uploading photos to a post. I'm clicking the "Add Photos" button, choosing a photo from my photo library, and the image appears, with the ability to name it and add a...

The Newsletter on Chowhound site?

by LarryT 29 days ago

I think the Newsletter is great but I can't find it anywhere on Chowhound.com. Am I just lost or is it not on the website? If I'm lost, can you please help me find it? If not, Chowhound please ...

This damn site does not work properly and is no longer easy to use

by Howard_2 3 months ago

I keep trying to post a comment but cannot. And the place where I log in is no longer displayed. Is it even there any more?

Back button using forums

by LennyC 2 months ago

I'm on a Mac, if that matters, but when I'm scrolling thru forum topics (Cookware, for instance) and click on a post to view the discussion, when I click the back button, I am returned to the top o...

Daily Recipe Email?

by BorealysAA 2 years ago

Hello, I used to get daily recipes from Chowhound instead of a newsletter every so often. That doesn't appear to be the case anymore, but is there somewhere on the site that I can sign-up for ge...