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Chowhound Maintenance + Search Index Updates

by patsully 4 months ago

Hi all, We will be deploying some behind the scenes updates around 3 pm PT this afternoon. We don't expect to have to take the site down, but if you see any slowness around this time, this is th...

Header for ALDI in November

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

The screenshot shows the header for November buys at Aldi that's been at the top of the page for more than a month.

Ghost post

by small h 1 month ago

This post is off-topic, as I am obviously not the only one to notice, since clicking on it leads to a 404. Yet here it still is.

My Feed not sorting by Latest Reply

by nonaggie 3 months ago

I have "My Feed" set to sort by latest reply, but the posts I'm seeing aren't actually sorted by latest reply (and I can't see any rhyme or reason to how they're sorted). Is this happening to anyo...

No Ch social media posts since Oct 30

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

There've been no posts from Chowhound to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter since October 30, the date of Red Ventures acquisition of the site. The FB page transparency info says that page is managed b...

Knife and fork icon?

by Midlife 6 months ago

Lately I’ve been getting ‘alerts’ (a number on my avatar) showing the knife and fork leading to topics I don’t think I’ve ever even seen before. 1. What does that icon mean? 2. Why would it ap...

Inappropriate advertising

by meatn3 5 years ago

Really? A banner ad about "chronic constipation"? and if that wasn't enough the same ad appears in a side box further down the thread. And I have done no searches for anything GI related so it's...

Error message

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

The site is back up. But when it was down about an hour ago, I got an error message I've never seen here before, so I thought I'd post it.

Saved recipes

by DivaSheila 5 months ago

I have saved a bunch of recipes using my Samsung Tab A and I now can't find them. I have quick links but all that is there is a link to my profile and s link to discussions. I thought maybe my save...

Cannot view comments, help!

by Michelle 6 months ago

Seems to be a new thing, I can read posts, and see that they have comments, but when I click on the comments from within the post to read them, they do not appear. Please help, thank you!

Can't edit my profile?

by Tristor 7 months ago

Just created an account and I can't seem to edit my profile. I thought it was something on my side so I had temporarily disabled Pi-Hole and switched to using the latest Google Chrome w/ no extens...

Tip for linking to Instagram photos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

With many restaurants and food purveyors using Instagram as their social media outlet, and often times the only one, I like to link to one of their posts as a way of adding a photo to what I post h...

Search Tips & Tricks

by saregama 1 year ago

Hi Pat - re chowhound search: maybe it works better for you than for us - or if there are tricks we should be employing, a post on that would be well received. For example, I just tried searchi...

Not using this right

by joeljkp 8 months ago

I don't think I'm using this site right - here are my frustrations: * In a long topic like the COTM threads, sorting the comments by Newest seems to sort by newest reply, not newest top-level co...

Cuisine tag suggestions

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

A few important ones for the San Francisco Bay Area would be Nepalese, Pakistani and Austrian.

How does this work?

by CafeOle 8 months ago

Hi, New to this site. Trying to understand the community setup. When I go to a sub category like cookware and look at the posts, they seem to be in random order, not chronological at all. Some...

New to Chowhound

by DKTong 9 months ago

Hi! I'm so exited to have found this community. I've been driving my husband nuts talking about recipes, kitchen experiments, flavors, meals, baking, and food in general. I had to find another ...

Where are my recipes?

by ryr47 10 months ago

Joined this website because it had a few recipes I was interested in. I will be deleting my account because it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate to my saved recipes.