From Flank Steak to Filet Mignon, Here's How to Cook 10 Common Steak Cuts

How to cook steak depends on what cut you're dealing with; and when it comes to picking a choice piece of steak, you’ve got plenty of options—and questions to answer. Which is the most tender piece...

what exactly is a spoon roast & how do I cook it?

by rubrifolia 12 years ago

it looks like a piece of sirloin, but I was told to put it in a low, 325 oven for 15 to 20 minutes a pound. thats it? no searing first? can this be cooked rare or is it like pot roast & alwa...

How to cook a sirloin tip roast?

by nomdeplume 13 years ago

I got a small (2lbs) sirloin tip roast as part of a large order from a beef co-op. Can I just rub this herbs, brown, and slow roast like standing rib roast? The meet is actually vacuum packed, so...

How to BBQ a butterflied top sirloin roast?

by foodmadfam 3 years ago

Have a 3 1/2 lb roast that has been butterflied and want to do a slow cooking method on BBQ. Can you help with timing? It will have been marinated for about 18 hours

How to roast a 9 pound sirloin roast?

by CarolynJ 10 years ago

I am a beginner cook. They have these big Sirloin Tip roasts all the time at Smart and Final for cheap. I bought one, and the young guy who worked there just said cover it with seasoning (rub, S&P,...

Top Sirloin Roast confusion...

by Moimoi 9 years ago

Just got what looks like a really nice top sirloin roast so I invited a couple of friends over for dinner tomorrow night. I've been searching for info on this cut but after much reading I'm even m...

Cryovac Beef

by whyhi 4 years ago

I live in Los Angeles where we have one of the first Whole Foods 365 stores. They sell cryovac beef cuts that have a bit of blood/liquid in the package (image attached) Here's my question- has a...

Best burger meat mixture

by Pwelsh4 8 years ago

Now that summer is around the corner, I want to be outside as much as possible and that means grilling. So whats one of the best things on the grill? Burgers of course. However I'm having some issu...

Sirloin Tip Roast

by bugs2412 4 years ago

I have a 6.5 lb sirloin tip roast and was wondering if anyone has ever slow roasted (225-250 degrees) before? I want it to be moist, but am nervous that it will be tough in the end. Thoughts? ...

Top sirloin vs. top round?

by carophil11 4 years ago

Hey folks! I'm having company this weekend and am planning on grilling a roast low and slow with indirect heat, to just above rare. I have a top sirloin and a top round roast, and I'm wondering...

Cooking 11lb sirloin roast for Christmas -help...

by bmprcp1 5 years ago

Having a large group for Christmas dinner and bought a 11 lb sirloin roast. I have read to braise it and then cook in a low temp oven for 1 1/2 hrs per pound. Also read put in oven at 500 degrees f...

Freshly Ground Brisket & Sirloin in Main Line Philly Area

by dreamer54 5 years ago

Hello All - Does anyone know of a butcher/store that grinds fresh brisket and sirloin? I would like to attempt to recreate the Shake Shack burger and this seems to be the key! Thanks!!

Why can't you find bone-in sirloin steaks anymore?

by Diane in Bexley 15 years ago

We are big carnivores and love all cuts of meat. Husband's favorite used to be pin bone sirloin steak. Used to find flat bone or pin bones all the time but lately, no more. Live in Ohio and the but...

10lbs Top Sirloin Roast

by uzmoe 6 years ago

Hi guys, We are having about 40 people over for Thanksgiving. Along with the turkey and all the sides, I'm also making a 10lbs top sirloin roast and need help on how best to make it. Our guests ar...

My Ground Sirloin Is Not Like That From The Store ?

by JimmyH 6 years ago

I picked up a stainless Tres Spade meat grinder awhile back and I've been doing Danny Kaye's poached chicken, grinding it and making chicken salad. Tonight was the second go round of my trying grou...

Beef Top Loin steak

by daniel1990 6 years ago

I'm looking to make some grilled beef kebobs. Our local store has beef top loin steaks on sale this week. Is that the same cut as sirloin?

McDonald's Sirlon Burger

by sbp 6 years ago

I received a comped meal from McDonald's after bringing a health code violation to their attention. So I splurged on the most expensive thing on the menu that I had any interest in - the new 1/3 ...

Organic grassfed beef

by Monica 6 years ago

So I bought something called organic grassfed top sirloin steaks from Costco.com. We grilled it over the weekend but it was too lean and too gamey...basically no body wanted to eat it. How can I s...

Cooking the perfect tenderloin

by hildesofie 6 years ago

I am having friends over on Wednesday, and I am planning to cook a piece of tenderloin or sirloin like this: http://www.filtsai.com/cooking/tenderloin/psmo_tenderloin.jpg The meat will be about ...

recipe wanted for prime meat

by smilingal 6 years ago

I got inspiration from a recent Costco thread discussing different meats and farm/wild fish so I went to Costco to check things out. I bought prime beef loin top sirloin cap off @7.99lb. Please sug...

Best sides for a steak

by diablo 13 years ago

I bought two beautiful sirloin steaks at the local butcher today. I plan on grilling them up tomorrow for dinner. What do you normally serve as side dishes with your steak? I'm looking for a sta...