Help Me Recreate & Identify Components Of A White Chocolate Butterscotch Cake I Tried (Photos Included)

by cgxy96 10 days ago

I fell in love with a white chocolate butterscotch block cake from a chain store in my country called Awfully Chocolate. Trying to recreate it at home but I need help identifying certain components...

Surprisingly Rare and Interesting 'Snacks' Find at 'Foody Mart, Steeles/Warden, Scarborough'!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 7 months ago

To some of you who do not mind paying a hefty premium for a bit of rare snacking products that would bring back some fond and nostalgic ' Pre-Covid ' overseas vacation memories?! This morning, whi...

Spicy Singapore style Chili-crab Lo-Mien with freshly shucked crab meat and brains

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

After a heavy sit-in supper yesterday before another round of modified Covid lock-down takes effect here in Toronto. Tonight, settled on a bowl of comfort, rustic ' Spicy lo-mien tossed with 'Prima...

Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring – Putu Piring (Kueh Tutu) Something New and Delicious For Me

by Lau 8 years ago

**For full post and pics**: https://www.lauhound.com/2013/03/traditional-haig-road-putu-piring-putu-piring-kueh-tutu-something-new-and-delicious-for-me/ When I was planning where to eat in Asia,...

How to keep kale in airtight bags from getting soggy in refrigerator

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

There's an amazing Singapore urban farming company called Sustenir that supplies airtight, prewashed 125g bags of kale with the stems on to the Cold Storage grocery across the street from me. I hav...

Some of my Singapore restaurants' reviews

by Bu Pun Su 5 years ago

Under the new Chowhound forums format, sometimes I got difficulties to find the old reviews of certain restaurants. Because of this, I created this new thread for some of my foodie adventures in Si...

Feedback on Feb. 2020 Singapore Itinerary

by smiles33 2 years ago

My family of 4 heads to Singapore in a month and we love to eat. I've been perusing Chowhound and reading travel bloggers and would love some feedback and additional tips. My younger DD and I love...

'Crazy Rich Asians' made me hungry!

by gutreactions 3 years ago

With all the talk surrounding this movie, we had to go see it. Very entertaining! And those titillating food scenes: making dumplings at the table, over-the-top feasting at the mansion, the food st...

Looking for recent Singapore recommendations

by lichow384 2 years ago

Hello- we will be in Singapore for three days, end of 2019. We've been advised to look at markets and food courts, but I am wondering what restaurants are good as well? Money isn't the driving con...

Singapore - Fabulous Kachchi Biryani and Bengali cuisine at Fakruddin, Desker Road

by klyeoh 8 years ago

Fakruddin is that famous Bangladeshi biryani restaurant which, since its conception in 1966, has played hosts to numerous personalities from the Indian sub-continent and elsewhere, from the scion o...

What's better in Singapore vs Penang?

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 7 years ago

Hello. I'll be visiting both Singapore and Penang. Which city is better for certain food items? Eg. Would Singapore be the better place for chicken rice? Is Penang better for cendol? Or does it not...

Singapore - Nyonya Snacks at PeraMakan, Tang Plaza @ Orchard

by klyeoh 7 years ago

This smallish but well-stocked food kiosk run by one of Singapore's leading Nyonya food purveyors, PeraMakan, is a gem of a food find along Orchard Road. Nyonya food, despite being perhaps Singapor...

Singapore Food & Restaurants

by justlaz 3 years ago

Hello! Going to Singapore in November and looks like no one has an updated thread of latest places to eat. So we're going for 3 nights (staying one night at MBS) and we currently are planning o...

Singapore and Siem Reap Reccs

by morninglemon 3 years ago

Heading on an HKG-SIN-REP trip next month, and I am completely over my head with the Singapore portion. It'll be my first time in SIN + REP. My heart is racing and my mouth salivating just at the p...

[Singapore] Chowdown at Guan Hoe Soon

by klyeoh 4 years ago

It's been quite a while since I took part in a Chowdown - the last one where I participated in was at Crystal China near Tower Bridge, where London-based Chowhounds got together for a night of reve...

Candlenut? Recommendations?

by Cornstar 4 years ago

I have three nights in Singapore and I want to make the most of my time and stomach space. I'll be having one dinner at Long Beach seafood for some crab and I'm debating if I should do a dinner ...

Singapore: Fruitful Areas to Prowl

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 4 years ago

Hi, all. I'm headed to Singapore ($435 airfare!) for my first time in early November. I don't enjoy scavenger hunting - dashing around a city to various famous places for their famous rendition ...

Good Morning, Singapore - Part 1: Economy Breakfast Noodles

by klyeoh 6 years ago

I like Singapore when it wakes up in the morning. In the soft light of dawn, I can sometimes catch a glimpse of the soul of old Singapore - harking back to an era before the city embraced its curre...

Food Tour 2015 Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau

by pinballer 6 years ago

Travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau for the first time. I booked the flights a year ago, so I've had time to do 'a bit' of planning. Here's my dining list. I have a month left before I go,...