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Fat layer of ramen broths - to skim or not to skim?

by Chili_Junkie 4 months ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I have been making ramen broths for a couple of years now and still try new things...

Thymus commented 4 months ago

Why does simmering meat with the pot covered sometimes produce gravy but othertimes burns the bottom?

by badatcooking 9 months ago

The title of this post is the story of my life, and it just happened yesterday. Lets say im frying a whole bunch o...

paulj commented 9 months ago

Simmering Bolognese Sauce . . .?

by CindyJ 11 years ago

I'm about to put up a big pot of Bolognese sauce. Two similar recipes, both from trusted sources, both calling for v...


walker commented 10 months ago

Corned beef... oven or stove?

by ashii 9 years ago

I would like opinions regarding the preparation of corned beef. Personally my family always did it covered with water...


LynnYdoyaga commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Can microwave oven be used to simmer/evaporate liquid?

by monotious 1 year ago

I just bount a new microwave oven, which I am told uses inverter technology, which basically means that the microwave...

Use the wok ring as a simmering ring

by MartinG 1 year ago

Has anyone more than I tried to use the wok ring as a simmering ring - put a big pan upon the wok ring? Much more eve...


MartinG commented 1 year ago

Can you overcook Oxtail by simmering too long?

by antihawk 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm using oxtail as the cut of beef for a Genovese Ragu (beef and onion pasta sauce) tomorrow. My que...


curiousgeo commented 1 year ago

Braised Vs. Boiled Pulled Pork

by notoriousben3 1 year ago

I've been using my dutch oven to do a braised pulled pork for a couple of years now, but I've also simmered it on the...


DLovsky commented 1 year ago

Melting chicken skin/fat

by finally_osbscure 2 years ago

Hi, all, I've been making a lot of recipes with skin-on bone-on chicken thighs simmering in coconut curry and I'm int...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Why boil brats?

by knucklesandwich 5 years ago

Can someone out there explain bratwurst to me? Why boil, simmer, or otherwise immerse a sausage destined for a g...


geraldvick commented 2 years ago

what is the trick to not have rice boil over?

by smilingal 2 years ago

I have tried larger pots, placing a piece of foil over the top of the pot then placing it's lid on to create a tighte...


Hobbert commented 2 years ago

Meatballs - to brown or not brown 1st?

by thew 8 years ago

i'm talking your standard red sauce meatball here - what's your take, brown before simmering or not?

BobB commented 2 years ago

Clarifying Stock: making it clear and not cloudy

by pass 9 years ago

Whenever I make stock it always ends up cloudy, I've tried clarifying with eggs, sieving through muslin multiple time...

hotoynoodle commented 2 years ago

Fresh Horseradish -- THAT bitter?!?

by Dmnkly 10 years ago

One of my farmers market pickups this past weekend was a chunk of fresh horseradish. I'd never cooked with it before...


Purfact commented 3 years ago

Gravy burning off?

by jounipesonen 3 years ago

Here's Claiborne's Smothered Chicken:


TacomanJ commented 3 years ago

How long do I boil/simmer pork sausages before browning them?

by pancake 11 years ago

I want to make all pork italian sausages tonight. I was going to simmer them before browning them (recommended on a ...


ARenko commented 3 years ago

want to make sure i am truly simmering, is the heat too low?

by certifiedhumane 6 years ago

hey all hope you are all well... well i am finding myself paranoid over the art of "simmering" . . . i am making home...


racer x commented 5 years ago

How do you "keep meat warm"?

by ITurnedOutTV 11 years ago

I've been trying to cook more lately, and I keep coming across recipes that want me to "keep the meat warm" while I f...

chef chicklet commented 9 years ago

Leaving the stove on, leaving the house

by sweetpotater 11 years ago

When I cook stock for a looooong time, sometimes I leave it simmering when I go out or go to bed. The flame is on low...


Stack8 commented 11 years ago

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