Simi Valley


Review Luna Llena-Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 5 years ago

I went in after seeing a review by Chris Burrous from KTLA. This is a gem. PERIOD! This is outstanding not too spicy food (maybe a 3 out 10 on the spicy scale) with flavors I haven't had before. I ...

Sushi Tanaka, unexpected gem in Simi Valley

by Sgee 6 years ago

I don't think anyone will dispute that Simi Valley is not a sushi hotbed by any measure. However Sushi Tanaka is a surprisingly authentic high caliber spot amidst this residential suburb. Decided t...

Simi Valley vendors

by SIMIHOUND 6 years ago

Does anyone know of food trucks, food or fruit vendors that come to Simi or Moorpark on a regular basis? I know this is a long shot but I thought I would try asking. Happy Fathers Day to all.

Vegan Gluten Free Bakery-Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 6 years ago

I just received a mailer today for FEEL GOOD DESSERTS which opened up in Simi Valley. I have not been (yet) but knowing me and my love for bakeries I will be there soon and post back to the board....

good food in Simi Valley - Great Central Steak and Hoagie

by LisaN 8 years ago

After hearing about this place, I wanted to check it out myself. Went today and was pleasantly surprised. The place is small, and has some seating indoors and out, the food was delicious. I go...

Simi Valley-two holes in the wall., two holes in one!

by SIMIHOUND 8 years ago

Can you believe it? Simi Valley? Oh yes. Two small places with great food. And they are both owned by the same family and are in the same plaza. Burger Express-They serve a variety salads, bur...

Looking to meet between Anaheim and Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 8 years ago

I want to meet my cousin who is staying in Anaheim for Sunday night dinner. I am coming from Simi Valley so maybe we can meet halfway. My cousin is gluten free, loves Chinese food (can those two mi...

Trucks for the Troops Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 9 years ago

I just saw this article regarding a full day food truck event on May 4th in Simi Valley at the mall. Ten percent of food sales will be donated to For the Troops, a local organization that sends car...

Party trays/platters for SUSHI and THAI FOOD in the West L.A./Simi Valley/Northridge/Chatsworth area?!

by SSB27 9 years ago

Hi all, I"m having an event in a few months and trying to find party trays or platters of decent sushi (I'm half-Japanese with Japanese family, so it has to be passable) and Japanese bar food (...

Upaush Masala Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 9 years ago

This place has been open for a year but never had a website or showed a decent menu in the place so I was turned off and never ordered anything. The owner just kept saying he would fix anything th...

Canton Chinese Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 10 years ago

Today I was hungry and wanted to try something new that was local. That in itself is a daunting task here in Simi. I needed a place that would satisfy my very picky wife which meant that it had to ...

Need a nice place for a business lunch in Simi Valley

by ElPapaGrande 10 years ago

Traveling from out of state and need a nice place in Simi Valley for lunch. What are the nicest places in Simi Valley?

SIMI VALLEY - New to Town. My favorite finds...

by StacyCaFL 10 years ago

Right, so it's not NYC, Miami or Paris, but if you find yourself in Simi Valley ~ I have suggestions for some very tasty food. I'm talking about the FOOD, not the restaurant chic factor. I'm not a ...

Best of Simi Valley Sushi - Half Time Report

by tofuburrito 12 years ago

Those who follow Simi Valley threads may recall the Best of – Thai experiment from last year. This year we decided to take on a more daunting task and score all of the Japanese sushi bars. In order...

Simi Valley New Year's Eve

by rlwestbrook 11 years ago

I am looking for a low-mid price dinner recommendation for New Year's Eve dinner, ethnic is ok. We will be visiting the Reagan Library in the afternoon.

Palermo's Pizza Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 11 years ago

Has anyone been since they changed ownership? I went a few times prior to the change and it was horrible and I am wondering if they have improved. ----- Palermo Pizzeria 2110 Tapo St, Simi Valle...

Cajun Creole festival, jazz and blues in Simi Valley, saturday and sunday, how's the food there?

by kevin 11 years ago

Did anyone go earlier today or in years past, it's located at park in Simi Valley (sounds like a very junior version of Jazz Fest in New Orleans). Anyhow, the important chow details, hows the fo...

Review Sutters Mill Simi Valley

by SIMIHOUND 12 years ago

Sutters Mill has been around for a while out here. It is a transplant from Mission Hills where it stood since 1958. I avoided it because rumor was that they were in some way associated with Stray ...

Looking for good duck in Thousand Oaks/Moorpark/ Simi Valley area

by Lala0310 12 years ago

Hi all, My mom is in Simi Valley and her birthday is this weekend. She is looking for rec's for a restaurant that does good duck. Any suggestions? Thanks!