Silver Spring


Trini Restaurant Tour vs...

by Steve 1 year ago

Tim Carman of The Washington Post wrote a feature article a few weeks back about all the Caribbean restaurants up Georgia Ave. He mentioned six spots, but once you get there you can see the neighb...

Arepas Pues in SIlver Spring

by Steve 3 years ago

For a quick snack in Silver Spring. Arepas Pues can't be beat. They offer an arepa de choclo, made with sweet yellow corn that makes the arepa all golden and gooey, naturally sugary, and with a lo...

Dinner Recs in Silver Spring

by Indy 67 14 years ago

Whoops! Waited too long to try for a reservation at Ray's the Classics with the predictable result that there are are no available tables for Saturday night until 9:30 p.m. Other than Ray's th...

Burger King in Silver Spring, MD 1960s

by toomuchnoise 6 years ago

There used to be a Burger King (possibly King Burger) at the intersection of University Blvd and Piney Branch Rd in Silver Spring MD in the 1960s. There is a dispute among friends as to its true na...

Shabbat-knowledgeable appliance store Baltimore/Silver Spring?

by AdinaA 6 years ago

Do people in Baltimore/Silver Spring have an appliance store where the sales staff is familiar with Shabbos/YomTov mode ranges?

where to purchase Beurre Echire butter in DC area? I am in Silver Spring, MD.

by tanyacakes 7 years ago

I have already reached out to Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca, and Balducci's...... so far drawing blanks... any definitive stores that carry this french brand of butter? thanks. tanyacakes.com

Noodle King Restaurant in Coleville/Silver Spring

by deangold 14 years ago

For future search purposes, I decided to post a new thread under the name of the restaurant discussed here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/447270 I returned after our first meal and decided to ...

Recommendations in DC, Silver Spring, Baltimore

by emacat 7 years ago

Taking a quick, 2 day family trip to DC, with a stop in Baltimore. What are good places to eat with the kids? They need at least one meal of pizza, the parents need other meals of something else, b...

Myanmar in Falls Church or Mandalay in Silver Spring?

by versicle 7 years ago

My spouse and I will be staying in Baltimore over the weekend. We're been to Myanmar and would like to make an outing to a Burmese restaurant. Are these the only two in the metro area? Is one better?

New and exciting in Silver Spring?

by nc213 7 years ago

Headed to Silver Spring in a few weeks for Silverdocs (or, as it has sadly been renamed AFIdocs) and planning some good eats. I used to live in the area, so we have some perennial favorites, especi...

Upper Crust Bakery in Silver Spring

by Transplanted Texan 9 years ago

Wanted to put in an enthusiastic word for Upper Crust Bakery. I don't know how I've lived her so long without knowing about this place. We bought four kinds of bread: Russian Black Bread: ...

Silver Spring, MD/ DC area

by rowead 8 years ago

I'm headed for Silver Spring, MD for a couple of days. Suggestions on where to eat. Not oposed to taking the Metro to D.C. if need be.

Silver Spring/Bethesda - Extraordinary breakfasty takeout food?

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 8 years ago

I'd like to bring a nice spread of something breakfasty to an office I'll be visiting in the area. Are there any extraordinary doughnut shops, bagelries, etc. that could put together an easily t...

Callebaut chocolate callets near Silver Spring, MD

by maianajewel 8 years ago

I just made one of the best batches of chocolate chip cookies I have ever made using a combo of about 1.5 cups of Callebaut callets and about 1 cup of Guittard chips. The chocolate was so much smo...

Quarry House Tavern - Silver Spring

by dinwiddie 8 years ago

My son and his friends go to Quarry House often and last night he took me there for a guys night out. It would be an understatement to say that this place is a dive, but in many ways that would al...

Oriental East (Dim Sum in Silver Spring) Revived?

by Marty L. 8 years ago

In his most recent chat Todd Kliman remarks on "the remarkable change in the cooking — lighter, tighter, brighter." This would be welcome news. Any confirmations? Kliman writes: I’ve ...