Silicone Baking Mats

Greasy Silicone Baking Mats That Never Get Clean? Solved!

Silicone mats are a boon to baking, but after time, they tend to develop a greasy layer that never wants to come off (one area where parchment paper has a definite advantage). Here's how to clean silicone...

Is all 'silicone' the same?

by mobiledynamics 2 years ago

Eon's ago, we bought silicone muffin pans. Could not have thrown them out any faster....they were terrible to clean......I detest even touching the wifey's silpats... The only Silicon we have is...

My Silicone Baking Mat Is Greasy, Part 2

by sbbodcderf 2 years ago

This subject has been discussed before. I purchased some AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mats. They work fine so far, but cleaning them is an annoying chore. I do a thorough job with dish soap,...

Silicone Mat for Half Sheet Pan?

by laculars 3 years ago

Can anyone recommend a silicone baking mat that will fit in the Nordic Ware half sheet pan? I decided to buy a couple of their pans based on ATK's recommendation, and I'd like some silicone mats t...

Silicone - what's in your kitchen?

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

The only Silicone items we have is a single Silpait, a large and very small turner, a couple of spatulas, and 2 Silicone tongs. Primarily use these for the NS bakeware, egg pans, and ECI. We've had...

My Silicone Baking Mat Is Greasy

by jsommer7345 3 years ago

I have read about how some bakers have issues with getting the greasy stains off their silicone mats. There hasn't been a cure-all for this problem. The sticky texture mostly stays. I have using la...

how to properly clean Silpat

by Zengarden 15 years ago

How does one properly clean Silpat? No matter how much I soak it, it still does not feel right.

Greasy Silicone Mats

by reptilegrrl 8 years ago

I'm going nuts with this. I love my silicone baking mats, except that they are SO hard to get clean. After they are washed and dried, they have a film of grease on them. I am not talking about the ...

Help with bakeware!!!

by UnderPressure 5 years ago

I found this great recipe for french baguettes on Food Wishes and the bread comes out amazing- my issue is, the bread sticks to the bottom of the cookie sheet. In the video he uses a silicon mat,...

Getting stains of silpat?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

I roasted a halved butternut squash face down on one of my silpat mats. It stained (I know squash stains. I wasn't thinking or else I would have used one of my stainless baking sheets instead). It ...

How long does silicone kitchen "stuff" last when properly cared for?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

Curious if anyone knows or has an opinion on how long high-quality silicone will last if properly cared for? Things like baking molds, rolling pins, pastry mats ect... Will it, in say 10 years, dry...

Where to find bake ingredients (baking powder, instant yeast, cooking chocolate etc...) in Montreal?

by thutrangphamtran 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I have just move to Montreal and I have great passion for baking so I cant wait to start. But it is quite challenging for me to find a bake ingredients store (I searched online but th...

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