Make the most of your crustaceans. Talk to Chowhounds about the best ways to cook shrimp, your favorite shrimp recipes and dishes, and recommendations for restaurants that serve great shrimp meals.

This Shrimp and Grits Recipe Is a Southern Romance

You don’t need to tell chef Sean Brock that Southern food is among the most respected and cherished cuisines in the world. He’s well aware of that fact, thank you very much, which certainly makes sense...

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Grilled Shrimp - Suggestions for BBQ

by fresserfred 16 years ago

Will be doing a little grilling on Father's Day and I'd appreciate an easy recipe for grilled shrimp to use for an appetizer/starter. I plan to buy fresh shrimp at Costco tomorrow. How much shou...

Shrimp stock

by M. Allen 16 years ago

I am going to make shrimp stock this weekend, any tips ??

ISO recipe YAKI SOBA w/chicken shrimp Thai Style

by Rich in Ansonia,CT 16 years ago

Good morning, Went to Pad Thai in New Haven saturday night and had a dish called Yaki Soba. The wait person told me it was a traditional Japanese dish but that they made it Thai style. Does anyon...

Shrimp vs. prawn

by AlanH 17 years ago

OK, I've had about a dozen people tell me what THEY think the difference is (salt water vs. fresh, size, European terminology, etc.) and all have been proven false. Is there really an explanation?...

fava beans/asparagus and maybe shrimp

by erica 17 years ago

I have on hand lots of favas and asparagus and would like tips on easy dishes to prepare with them. Alternatively, I remember hearing about a classic dish with shrimp and favas.....would love to ...

Shrimp Stock

by CliffA 17 years ago

The local (Clayton, MO. Go figure) Whole Foods has started to carry wild-caught, fresh-never frozen Gulf shrimp with the heads on. Does anyone have the definitive recipe (or a source for same) for ...

Does the sweetest shrimp comes from Key West?

by food rover 17 years ago

I just saw a Red Lobster TV commercial which says, 'For the best lobster you could go to Maine. For the sweetest shrimp, you could go to Key West. But now you can have both at Red Lobster for $12...

How to find good shrimp?

by Sleepy Adam 17 years ago

Hi, I've been looking around for the best shrimps that I can find via mail order or through local retail. I've had great shrimp at a few places and wanted to find some for home use. At a Swedish ...

Shrimp vs. Prawns?

by Bob Martinez 17 years ago

Last night my friend and I had a discussion about the differences (if any) between shrimp and prawns. (After many beers our conversations sometimes become slightly arcane). Anyway, he believed th...

What's with all these shrimps?

by Colin 17 years ago

What's the difference with all these shrimp that are available? Tiger, pink, etc.

Indonesian Ingredients:Shrimp Paste and Candle Nuts

by Lindsay B. 18 years ago

Last night I made my first foray into Indonesian cooking. I have a few questions about ingredients. 1. What's the best brand of Indonesian shrimp paste. I used some I happened to have on hand w...

shellfish/shrimp/lobster: better at certain times of year?

by Stevens 18 years ago

The fact that oysters are better in months with an 'R' got me wondering if other kinds of shellfish and seafoods are better during certain months than others as well. Are clams or mussels plumper ...

shrimp BBQ sauce mystery

by gary 19 years ago

We were trying to duplicate a sauce served on shrimp in our favorite semi-Cajun restuarant, Howe's Bayou near Detroit. We think the sauce is mostly butter, molasses, hot sauce, a little lemon juic...

shrimp and grits

by John T Edge 20 years ago

I am in serach of restaurants that serve variations on the traditional Carolina Lowcountry dish of shrimp in a simple stock and tomato sauce, ladled over a pool of grits. The more aberrant the b...

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