Make the most of your crustaceans. Talk to Chowhounds about the best ways to cook shrimp, your favorite shrimp recipes and dishes, and recommendations for restaurants that serve great shrimp meals.

Grilled Shrimp Recipes That Are Ready in a Flash

If you’re looking for a fast, delicious dinner that’s healthier than a lot of the usual red meat-heavy BBQ suspects, grilled shrimp is a perfect choice. It’s also a lot more versatile than you might...

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St Augustine style shrimp

by sunshine842 11 years ago

Hi guys -- I'm a Florida girl relocated to Europe, and while I'm LOVING the chow scene here (fresh markets, buying Brie *from the producer*...just today saw the butcher taking delivery of whole lam...

When does cooked shrimp go bad?

by daeira 10 years ago

I feel like such a knob. I had pulled some cooked shrimp from the fridge for lunch. I thought it was shrimp from a few days ago but now believe I've misremembered when the shrimp was from. I believ...

Help with sides for Shrimp and Grits?

by Beachbum23 4 years ago

Making shrimp and grits for dinner tonight, it doesn't seem like enough food? What sides would you suggest? I don't think anything too heavy since grits loaded with bacon seems heavy to me! Some g...

Quality of Shrimp these days [moved from Manhattan board]

by takk 10 years ago

I'm posting here because this is an active board of foodies, and I want to know if I am alone in my experiences of shrimp lately. And when I say "lately", I'm talking within the last 5 years or so....

Tail-On Shrimp Protocol

by ElsieDee 13 years ago

I'm sure it's happened to most of us, at one point or another: we order a dish containing shrimp and they're presented with the tails-on. But what is the accepted manner of removing the tails (pre...

rock shrimp

by Yaela 13 years ago

So I got some peeled and deveined rock shrimp from the grocery store and don't know what the best way to cook it would be...any ideas? I want to make a special dinner for my boyfriend for taking s...

Shrimp deveiner

by SoupforBreakfast 2 years ago

Can anybody recommend a shrimp deveiner that really works and is easy to use? Or, at least, one that really works? Many thanks.

Any Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Chinese takeout fans?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

This is my new favorite take out dish. Do you like it over rice or eat it more as a soup?

Shrimp: wierd, mothball-like taste

by 60s Girl 8 years ago

OK, admitedly, I've never eaten mothballs but this is the closest I can come to describing the taste and aftertaste of fresh shrimp from two different reputable purveyors (in Philadelphia) now. Has...

Shrimp Heads

by dtud 13 years ago

people seem to love "head on" shrimp. i used to only see this in bangkok - but now it's getting popular here in the states. i don't get it. do you suck the head - like crawfish. or do you ...

Shrimp Diablo Recipe/North Shore Steakhouse

by JoanNYC 8 years ago

Once upon a time I ate with my parents in North Shore Steakhouse in Great Neck. They served a fabulous appetizer. It was called Shrimp Diablo. It had a brown sauce. Was spicy but not overly. N...

PLEASE HELP! Shrimp powder question

by jefpen2 7 years ago

So I followed the recipe and soaked the dried shrimp for 10 min, patted it dry, and then chucked it in the food processor. It came out more like a paste then the "flaky powder" it is supposed to be...

Thicken sauce for shrimp scampi?

by laraibcooks 5 years ago

I don't want my sauce to be too thick. So instead of making a roux or a slurry with cornstarch I was thinking about coating the shrimp in cornstarch before cooking it in the sauce and adding in som...

Frozen Cooked Shrimp?

by man in the middle 15 years ago

Can someone tell me what I can do with the bag of frozen cooked shrimp I have, besides using it for shrimp cocktail. Can I use these shrimp for a quick shrimp scampi, or a baked stuffed shrimp. Loo...

Shrimp: to devein or not to devein

by xavier 16 years ago

I thought that devening shrimp was a must until I had the best meal of my life in Paris. We got unbelievable, whole shrimp, head and shells on. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to eat them d...

North Shore of Oahu Shrimp Trucks

by ilovecooking721 2 years ago

My husband and I honeymooned in the island of Oahu, Hawaii and we really enjoyed the shrimp we had in the North Shore. I have been looking at recipes on Pinterest to try and make the recipe but so ...

Question about deveining shrimp

by acd123 11 years ago

I usually by gulf shrimp that I have to devein. I run a knife along the back, through the shell and part of the flesh, and pull out the black vein that runs along the back. But when I turn the sh...

Timing on shrimp cocktail?

by somervilleoldtimer 2 years ago

I am giving a party soon. I have five pounds of large, shell-on shrimp in the freezer from when I stumbled across a great sale. I have a shrimp cocktail recipe that says peel the thawed shrimp...

How to cook fresh Andouille and shrimp for jambalaya?

by fldhkybnva 7 years ago

I love the Zatairan's Jambalaya rice mix but have never actually made it myself. I have fresh Andouille and shrimp but I'm not sure how to prepare the Andouille since I usually buy already cooked ...

Crispy Shrimp - A delicious snack find from T&T!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

Found these crispy shrimp snacks at Weldrick T&T, Richmond Hill, after a bowl of superb Pho from nearby ' Little Saigon '. ( will be posting review later ). Reminiscent of the tasty ones I bought ...