Short Ribs

9 Meaty Rib Recipes for Father's Day

Yes, we know not all dads like stereotypically masculine things, but for those that do embrace their inner caveman when it's time to eat, these rib recipes are the perfect thing to make for Father's...

Flanken Cut Short Rib Ideas?

by zackly 19 days ago

I bought these @ Costco. I've braised many a short rib but don't have much experience with flanken cut ribs. Any ideas other than Korean BBQ (Kalbi)? Speaking of Kalbi most marinade recipes include...

Costco Sliced Beef Short Ribs?

by zackly 2 months ago

I I just saw these at my local Costco. Does anyone know what they are and how best to prepare them? I've used their boneless short ribs many times but this is a new item for me. Thanks!

How to fix my Red Wine Braised Short Ribs? (Too sweet)

by cgxy96 4 months ago

Hi all, I followed the recipe but added too much tomato paste. Now it taste too sweet and too tomato-y. I have a pantry of basic herbs and spices, lemon, orange, onion, fresh birds eye chilli, some...

Asian Beef Short Ribs Recipes, Please

by ninrn 9 months ago

I have about 7 lbs of English-cut beef short ribs that I’d like to braise with Asian flavors for my niece’s birthday dinner. A few of stipulations— • I don’t have a grill. • They can’t have ...

Braised short ribs: trim lat muscle or no?

by shescheeky 11 months ago

Hi Everyone, I'm making this braised short ribs recipe for Christmas. Should I ask my butcher for short ribs that are trimmed of the lat muscle or no? I plan to order English cut. Thank you!!

How long does it really take to braise short ribs?

by Megiac 13 years ago

I attempted the Zuni Cafe's short ribs braised in Chimay ale yesterday. The recipe calls for braising at low heat for 2-2 1/4 hours. I have a hard time getting my stove low enough, so cooked it i...

short ribs: how to brown before braising

by david kaplan 12 years ago

Usually, I brown short ribs before braising by searing them on all sides for 3-5 minutes per side. Last night, though, I was making a much larger batch and decided instead to roast them in the oven...

Short rib Plate

by 3MTA3 2 years ago

Looking to score a whole Beef Short Rib Plate, 3-4 bones, fresh. Have done the local inquires. Any luck with odd purchases in Maryland ?

Beef short ribs: How much do I need?

by ninrn 2 years ago

Hello, I’m making braised beef short ribs for Thanksgiving (the kind that are bone-in and shaped like big cubes). Somehow, in the last week, the number of people we’ll have for dinner has ballo...

Non-BBQ sauce ideas for smoked short ribs

by dummkauf 2 years ago

I am planning to smoke a rack (4 bones) or two of beef short ribs for memorial day. I have the rib smoking down,and typically enjoy them without sauce. However, I'd like to change things up a bi...

Flanken! Help!

by SmallGoodThings 3 years ago

Hi. My in-laws are coming to town this weekend. They are meat eaters. It's finally chilly out. I thought long and hard about what to cook for them and eventually chose Molly Stevens' short ribs...

Short ribs: is the searing part crucial?

by kat249 3 years ago

I just threw everything in the crock pot on low- veggies.. a whole bottle of cabernet, and 3lbs of boneless short ribs. Been in crock put for 5.5 hours now and tough and dry. The one step I skipped...

How to cook short ribs for frozen spaghetti/taco meat

by marys1000 3 years ago

Basically I am looking for a non beef alternative for ground beef. I thought maybe I could just simply bake some boneless short ribs and shred/chop it down, freeze it for future use? I popped som...

Beef Short Ribs for Wedding Reception

by MahoganyQueen 3 years ago

I would love to make beef short ribs for my neice's wedding reception. The guest list will be about 125. I estimate about 2 bones per person. How do I go about making this for such a large crowd? W...

Ribs Cooking class in Twin Cities

by MargoJDavies 3 years ago

Hi. We are looking for a cooking class for the most delious ribs. We are not big ribs eaters/ cookers but would love to learn. Can anyone suggest somewhere in St Paul preferable but Minneapolis.

Still safe to eat short ribs after I forgot to turn on slow cooker?

by swedishfishsticks 3 years ago

So I seared some short ribs and placed them in the slow cooker - but forgot to turn it on low - sigh. They sat in the slow cooker for probably 45 minutes to an hour before I noticed an turned it on...

NYC - looking for braised short ribs!

by baxter101 3 years ago

Hi! We have a special event coming up to celebrate, and I'm looking to find a restaurant in NYC that has good short ribs. Since it's a special event, expense doesn't matter. Also, I'd appreciate if...

Where to get Short Rib STEAK?

by VillagingEastly 3 years ago

Looking for restaurants that serve short rib steak, only one I can think of is Quality Eats in the WV, anyone got other places? Thanks. Bonus, what are your favorite short rib dishes of any pr...

Chewy Beef Short Ribs

by JuniorBalloon 4 years ago

I've cooked this many times and usually it comes our melt in your mouth. This time not so much. Here's the process: 1. Brown the ribs 2. Saute chopped cauliflower and shallots and garlic 3. Ad...

Braised Short Ribs Dutch Oven Stack?

by U2Boy 4 years ago

Hello All, I have a recipe for short ribs that calls for 6 (16 oz) ribs which will serve 6 people. I have 8 people coming and the butcher cut me 8 ribs. My first question is how to braise these ...