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7 Tips for Smart Shopping in the Time of Coronavirus

We've covered the nuts and bolts of safely shopping during the coronavirus pandemic (and even how to clean and sanitize your groceries), but when it comes to what exactly you should buy—and what to...

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T+T Cherry Street

by Danybear 5 years ago

Got a ride to T+T Cherry Street yesterday and haven't been in four or five years, at least prior to Loblaws taking it under its wing. WTF happened, the place is dingy and the prices are atrocious. ...

Vendee, specfically Apremont

by havanaken 5 years ago

Good morning everyone. So looks like I am heading to Vendee for 6 weeks over the Christmas holiday this year. Any recommendations for butchers, charcuteries, fromageries, etc in and around Apremont...

[London] Brixton Market - worth a foody visit?

by Harters 5 years ago

I find that, on a planned trip to London, I have a couple or so hours spare and wonder if it's worth a visit - a sort of wandering around visit, rather than a buying lumps of meat and a cabbage vis...

Union Market in NE DC

by Steve 7 years ago

Not much yet on Chowhound about Union Market so I will get the ball rolling with this thread. Union Market is off Florida Ave between 5th and 6th Sts, NE, and is an upscale market where you can ...

Montreal kitchen supply store in Little Italy | Quincaillerie Dante

by tchiort 5 years ago

Do you guys know Quincaillerie Dante? I went there and I am surprised not to hear more of that store, they have a lot of cool things, even guns! I bought a pizza pan, ravioli molds and a sausage st...


by BiscuitBoy 5 years ago

Maybe for Tony areas like SF...I sure wouldn't want anyone else picking out my grapefruit, or bread: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/30/technology/personaltech/instacarts-bet-on-online-grocery-sh...

Roche Bros. Downtown Crossing?

by Carty 6 years ago

Hey, anyone know anything about when Roche Bros. Downtown Crossing is going to open? I could not find anything helpful on the Google. Also, any idea if they will sell alcohol? I am very excit...

Instacure #1

by devilham 5 years ago

Anyone know where this can be purchased in the Boston area? I know it can be ordered online, but I would prefer to pay cash (long story, just roll with me here) and prefer not being at the mercy o...

Mandela Foods, W Oakland Opening June 6

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 years ago

Mandela Foods Cooperative opens its new store tomorrow, June 6, across from the West Oakland BART station. From what I'm reading, West Oakland has been without a general grocery store for ages. T...

Where to eat and drink to feel like you're in New York?

by lapengia 5 years ago

I'VE ALSO POSTED THIS IN MANHATTAN AS IT COVERS ALL OVER AND I'M NOT 100% SURE WHERE STUFF IS!! We land tomorrow in NYC for a week of flaneuring and eating. We live in Hackney, London, so I'm...

Additional Boston locations for fresh fish shares

by greygarious 5 years ago

The 8-week Cape Ann Fresh Catch CSF season that starts the week of May 18 will see the addition of two new Boston pick-up locations: Harvest Co-op Arboretum: 3815 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, M...

Gourmet & more - Great new speciality store - Hayes Valley SF.

by sparky403 9 years ago

I just stopped by this 1 week old spot in San Francisco - it's foodie Paradise! Not the mecca of food porn like the ferry building but pretty close for a small space (the parking is better too...

What to bring back from Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City)

Food Tourist
by Food Tourist 6 years ago

I usually stock up on Quebec microbrew beer (not sold at the SAQ -- must search out at markets or small locavore shops), Qui Lait Cru and other local cheeses, fresh bagels (Fairmount, of course), C...

pt reyes/marshall california.....good markets for provisioning

by cathy WATERMAN 8 years ago

heading up to marshall for a week in early sept with my family to relax and cook and look around this beautiful area....we are in a rental house and would love recommendations for local provisioni...

Trip To The Indian Market

by gordeaux 11 years ago

Well, I ran out of most of my staples. No more garam masala, asafoetida, chili pickle, sack of basmati, and I'm down to only one Shan Masala (murg cholay.) So, I'm planning a trip to the good Indi...

Why I love our Asian grocery stores

by blackpointyboots 5 years ago

I was pointing out the crazy price differences between our grocery chain in town (Hyvee) and similar items found at the local Asian grocery stores. Rice stick noodles were $8 at Hyvee. $1.49 at any...

Dr. Browns Soda in Toronto - reliable stockists?

by GrosseDouceur 12 years ago

Has anybody had any luck tracking down Dr. Browns sodas anywhere in Toronto? I know you sometimes see them at Loblaws in Forest Hill, in the kosher section, but even then it's usually only aroun...


by ibew292 7 years ago

Looking for real Buttermilk not the cultured stuff that is for sale everywhere. Hope Creamery makes a lot of butter but I have never seen buttermilk from them for sale. Anyone out there know where...

Eataly ?

by Janskitchen 5 years ago

Haven't heard anything, lately, about Eataly coming to Philly. Anyone know if it's still in the works?

Cane Sugar

by nessy 5 years ago

Hi Hounds I'm looking for a type of sugar for baking. Here's how it's described: "cane sugar means the un bleached, light beige sugar that is less processed than granulated sugar but similar in gr...

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