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Why Deleting Your Food Delivery App Could Help Save Restaurants

The food delivery category has become a true juggernaut, thanks large in part to an explosion of delivery apps and remote ordering platforms. Digital food delivery is projected to grow into a staggering...

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Best Foodish Apps?

by lemons 9 years ago

I'm about to get a smartphone, probably android-based, but might succumb to an i-phone. Suggestions for any particularly useful apps? I know there are useful things for when we travel, but I was th...

Grocery list app for iPhone?

by quirkydeb 9 years ago

I'm looking for a grocery list app for my iPhone that will let me: 1) Make grocery lists for multiple stores and (hopefully) the ability to put a particular product on 2 stores' lists, but not a...

Foodie iPhone Apps?

by cheezwhiz 9 years ago

Do you have a favorite? So far, I like Food Network, but I'd like to expand that. :) Thanks! cheezwhiz

Best apps for Chowhounders?

by lupaglupa 9 years ago

I'm finally caving in to progress and getting a smartphone. Any recommendations on apps I must have to further my chowish pursuits?

Two Great Food iPhone Apps

by FoodChic 9 years ago

I found two great apps that I just love...America's Test Kitchen app has recipes, reviews, etc., all around a great app. Cheese Plate app by Janet Fletchr. The Cheese Plate app is outstanding ...

Best foodie apps for IPhone?

by thunderbug84 11 years ago

I just got an IPhone and I'm excited to find some good foodie apps. The only one I have so far is Urban Spoon. I'd love others that would be useful in cooking (for example, something for converting...

food apps----any to recommend?

by jenn 10 years ago

I have joined the 21st centrury. . . .well sort of, as I now own an Itouch. It does not have permanent wireless connection--I must be connected through whatever Wifi. This is NOT a non-sequiter a...

Food apps for Droid

by The 1st and only KSyrahSyrah 10 years ago

If you have a Droid, and use it for foodie stuff, which apps are you using? I have Epi, BigOven, and I just got Mighty Grocery (love this one for grocery lists, etc.) I can get CI and CC through t...

FYI - iPhone App from CRC is now available

by ferret 10 years ago

They have a cool new app that has product lists as well as a variety of Kashrut symbols with details and contact information for each. Pretty useful.

iPhone Wine apps

by breadfan 10 years ago

Does anyone have a wine app for their iPhone that they love?

iPhone "Apps for Foodies"

by Paulustrious 10 years ago

Apple have introduced an "Apps for Foodies" section. There are others that can do a better job of explaining it than me. For example: http://www.macstories.net/news/apple-introduces-apps-for-foodi...

Wine Related I-phone Apps

by JAB 11 years ago

Are there any that you recommend?

iPhone wine apps

by tljchw 11 years ago

Has anyone been using wine apps for iPhone. I've downloaded a few. Some I like. Some not so much. Drync - searchable wine database. great resource, but takes awhile to find anything and then often...

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