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Do any of you use a meal planning service or app?

by msoftich 1 year ago

I love to cook at home. I also know it can be a pain to fit time in to cook on the weekdays. I am training to become ...

UberEats Is the Most Profitable Part of Uber

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Despite being a fairly late entrant into the delivery game — the standalone UberEats app launched in late 201...


patsully commented 1 year ago

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Food Vocabulary and Shopping in a Chinese Supermarket

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

If you want to learn more food and drink words in Chinese

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Door Dash robot delivery in Redwood City

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

DoorDash starts deliveries via robot in Redwood City today.

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Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide App v2.

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"Discover complex issues about palm oil and orangutans, from endangered species to reforestation, biodiversity and bi...

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First Class Meal

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . The team’s proposal, which won the Urban SOS: Fair Share competition in January, envisages using the vast pos...

Where can I buy scotch online?

by y528s 2 years ago

I am looking to buy scotch online but haven't found a site I like quite as much as Master of Malt. Although they ship...


DavidT commented 2 years ago

Grocers Feel Chill From Millennials

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

“I don’t think we’ve seen shopping change so dramatically ever,” said Marty Siewert, senior vice president for consum...


Boxman commented 2 years ago

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Uber Eats Finds?

by restaurantarian 2 years ago

What are you favourites on Uber Eats? Generally, and also the Uber Eats options that are not restaurants but deliver....

Uber Eats

by jpr54_1 2 years ago

I down loaded and used the app for first time on Thursday. It was easy to use I wish there was a larger selection o...


thegforceny commented 2 years ago

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Lighter: "Pandora of Food"

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"...Lighter’s new platform (still in beta) helps people to prepare healthy meals by giving them personalized plant-ba...

Food deals app ?

by maj54us 4 years ago

I missed on a great avocado sale in Montreal and was wondering if there's an app that can give you the heads up on we...


lagatta commented 3 years ago

Buypartisan app: for shoppers who care about the politics behind brands they use

by greygarious 4 years ago ...


Harters commented 4 years ago

Slowfood app

by jen kalb 4 years ago

This may be old news, but Slowfood now has an Android Osterie app (2014) in additional to the Iphone app. Just bough...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 4 years ago

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The Gilt Taste app

by andrea thurm 4 years ago

I loved everything about Gilt Taste - especially the recipes - and was very disappointed when the site died. At the t...

Apps for tracking food

by viperlush 5 years ago

My mother is diabetic and will be getting a smart phone shortly. I'm sure she will be asking me which phone to get (d...


shaebones commented 4 years ago

Trader Joe's new app

by Leepa 5 years ago

Just downloaded it today. It's not much so far, but I have high hopes for a shopping list feature. What else would ...


ohmyyum commented 5 years ago

'Fishline' app for Central Coast--fresh fish finder!

by toodie jane 5 years ago

A local company has designed an app for directly connecting with the freshest seafood available on the Central Coast ...


FishLine commented 5 years ago