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Buying Shochu in Phoenix

by mwolfson 2 years ago

Does anyone know if any liquor stores in Phoenix stock Shochu. Visiting family for a couple weeks and would love to g...

johnseberg commented 2 years ago

Tokyo - Shochu to bring back to the U.S.

by ASiteSeer 3 years ago

I would like to bring a few bottles of shochu back from Tokyo, to include in gift sets I will put together and maybe ...


ASiteSeer commented 3 years ago

66 Gilead Distillers - Prince Edward County - Gin, Pine Vodka and Shochu,etc

by ylsf 4 years ago

http://www.66gileaddistillery.com/ Anyone tried their stuff? I am curious about the shochu in particular but they...

mrsleny commented 4 years ago

Help! Advice on Shochu Tour of Kyushu?

by mrgreenbeenz 4 years ago

In Korea for a couple weeks and am contemplating popping over to Fukuoka for a few days. I'm a HUGE fan of imo-shoch...


irukaunyu commented 4 years ago

Specialty liquor store for Japanese sake/shochu?

by nakni 5 years ago

I was wondering if there are any liquor stores that have more and rarer options for sake or shochu than what the Japa...

Tripeler commented 5 years ago

Places selling shochu?

by yuzu_ranger 6 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know of liquor stores besides Spec's that sell shochu (often referred to as soju, but I'm looking es...


yuzu_ranger commented 5 years ago

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DoDomPa, at 71 Clinton NYC for 鐵板 and Takowasa and Japanese Dishes, Sake and Shochu

by jonkyo 5 years ago

This new Japanese restaurant takes over from a Japanese bar, and has been opened about one month. The venue is owned...


by akq 6 years ago

I'll be taking a trip to Portland and am looking to purchase some Japanese Shochu (NOTE: NOT Korean Soju!). Which st...


nkeane commented 6 years ago

San Diego - Shochu bars/restaurants

by FrenziedPalate 8 years ago

Are there any shochu bars in San Diego? Or any good Japanese restaurant for shochu? To clarify, shochu is not sake an...

Silverjay commented 7 years ago

Soju and Shochu [split from General Topics]

by hannaone 7 years ago

[Note: This discussion was split from a thread on General Topics: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/380600 -- The Chow...

hannaone commented 7 years ago

Shochu bar hatchan?

by deam 8 years ago

What is going on with this place? It was a Little Izakaya near Grand Central that specialized in shochu, next to the...


JacksonH commented 8 years ago

Shochu Bar

by JacksonH 8 years ago

I used to go to Hatchan on 44th Street, which was closed due to a fire. They supposedly moved to the East Japanese R...


JacksonH commented 8 years ago

Shochu fans?

by tokyodrinkingglass 8 years ago

Anyone out there with recommendations for great shochu bars in Tokyo, especially places that serve shochu cocktails? ...


tokyodrinkingglass commented 8 years ago

Sochu, who has a good selection?

by addROC 10 years ago

Where I live in Brooklyn I can only find one kind at my local liquor store. I am looking for somewhere that has a go...


dark knight commented 8 years ago

What to do with shochu? Just bought some...

by Cinnamon 8 years ago

What great drinks do you make with this or do you sip it? We like things like caipirinhas, Canton ginger cocktails...


Cinnamon commented 8 years ago

Tantakan Shochu in Victoria?

by bonbons 9 years ago

Hi, does anyone know if this is available here, or do I have to go to Vancouver for it? It`s for a Christmas present,...


bonbons commented 9 years ago

Shochu Cocktails?

by singe 9 years ago

Hey Booze..er, Chowhounds...where are they serving up shochu cocktails...or are they? Cheers!

tbonetak commented 9 years ago


by 808Dave 9 years ago

There needs to be more shochu available in the United States. It seems we mostly get imojoshu, with the occasional mu...

Nate Uri commented 9 years ago

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Best bar or restaurant shochu list ?

by kid cha 10 years ago

Looking for best bar or restaurant shochu selection. Have been to : Aburiya Kinnosuke En Brasserie Hatchan Izaka...

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Looking for shochu in DC area

by Yukari 10 years ago

I am looking for bars or restaurants that serve shochu. Ideally a place with a variety of shochu. Not looking for sho...