Places selling shochu?

by yuzu_ranger 10 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know of liquor stores besides Spec's that sell shochu (often referred to as soju, but I'm looking especially for Japanese spirits)? Are there any liquor stores down Bellaire/Chinat...

Specialty liquor store for Japanese sake/shochu?

by nakni 9 years ago

I was wondering if there are any liquor stores that have more and rarer options for sake or shochu than what the Japanese supermarkets typically offer. I remember walking into a liquor store in a s...

Buying Shochu in Phoenix

by mwolfson 6 years ago

Does anyone know if any liquor stores in Phoenix stock Shochu. Visiting family for a couple weeks and would love to get a bottle. Some liquor stores who have a good sake selection sometimes carry a...

Tokyo - Shochu to bring back to the U.S.

by ASiteSeer 7 years ago

I would like to bring a few bottles of shochu back from Tokyo, to include in gift sets I will put together and maybe one to keep. I am looking for highly rated or very good ones that are probably a...

66 Gilead Distillers - Prince Edward County - Gin, Pine Vodka and Shochu,etc

by ylsf 8 years ago

http://www.66gileaddistillery.com/ Anyone tried their stuff? I am curious about the shochu in particular but they mention that their Canadian Pine Vodka and Loyalist Gin are/were available at t...

Help! Advice on Shochu Tour of Kyushu?

by mrgreenbeenz 8 years ago

In Korea for a couple weeks and am contemplating popping over to Fukuoka for a few days. I'm a HUGE fan of imo-shochu's and I hear that Kyushu is the spot. With Fukuoka as a starting point I'm wo...

DoDomPa, at 71 Clinton NYC for 鐵板 and Takowasa and Japanese Dishes, Sake and Shochu

by jonkyo 9 years ago

This new Japanese restaurant takes over from a Japanese bar, and has been opened about one month. The venue is owned by a person(s) of Korean origin, who like the Chinese owner-chef of Saburi, has...


by akq 10 years ago

I'll be taking a trip to Portland and am looking to purchase some Japanese Shochu (NOTE: NOT Korean Soju!). Which stores carry a good selection? Our state liquor stores in WA don't seem to carry ...

San Diego - Shochu bars/restaurants

by FrenziedPalate 12 years ago

Are there any shochu bars in San Diego? Or any good Japanese restaurant for shochu? To clarify, shochu is not sake and is made from barley, sweet potato, or rice and is higher in alcohol percentage...

Soju and Shochu [split from General Topics]

by hannaone 11 years ago

[Note: This discussion was split from a thread on General Topics: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/380600 -- The Chowhound Team]. Just a side note on soju - It was probably brought into Korea...

Shochu bar hatchan?

by deam 12 years ago

What is going on with this place? It was a Little Izakaya near Grand Central that specialized in shochu, next to the East Yakitori place. They had a fire a couple months back and closed up. Are ...

Shochu Bar

by JacksonH 12 years ago

I used to go to Hatchan on 44th Street, which was closed due to a fire. They supposedly moved to the East Japanese Restaurant on 3rd Ave, but the website makes no mention of it and I'd like to fin...

Shochu fans?

by tokyodrinkingglass 12 years ago

Anyone out there with recommendations for great shochu bars in Tokyo, especially places that serve shochu cocktails? I'm much more of a sake person myself, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Sochu, who has a good selection?

by addROC 14 years ago

Where I live in Brooklyn I can only find one kind at my local liquor store. I am looking for somewhere that has a good selection to browse, and if they did tastings that would be even better(but I...

What to do with shochu? Just bought some...

by Cinnamon 12 years ago

What great drinks do you make with this or do you sip it? We like things like caipirinhas, Canton ginger cocktails, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur with champagne, rum swizzles, mai tais etc., b...

Tantakan Shochu in Victoria?

by bonbons 13 years ago

Hi, does anyone know if this is available here, or do I have to go to Vancouver for it? It`s for a Christmas present, and I don`t know if I`ll be able to head over there before Christmas. Thanks! ...

Shochu Cocktails?

by singe 13 years ago

Hey Booze..er, Chowhounds...where are they serving up shochu cocktails...or are they? Cheers!


by 808Dave 13 years ago

There needs to be more shochu available in the United States. It seems we mostly get imojoshu, with the occasional mugi and kome varieties. My personal favorite at the moment is Kokutou, particular...

Best bar or restaurant shochu list ?

by kid cha 13 years ago

Looking for best bar or restaurant shochu selection. Have been to : Aburiya Kinnosuke En Brasserie Hatchan Izakaya Ten Lan Sakagura Soba Totto Sugarcane Tori Shin umino-ie Yakitori Tais...

Looking for shochu in DC area

by Yukari 14 years ago

I am looking for bars or restaurants that serve shochu. Ideally a place with a variety of shochu. Not looking for shochu cocktails, but a wide variety of shochu. If possible, including sweet potato...