Why You Should Stop Thinking of Sherry as Just ‘That Cooking Wine’

We need to talk about sherry for a minute. This fortified wine is aged and blended in a unique, centuries-old method called solera that takes great skill and wisdom that is passed down from generation...

Sherry Extract?

by lifecomm 11 years ago

Hello, I need some sherry extract for a white fruit cake. This stuff is no longer easy to find. I found this: http://spicebarn.com/sherry_flavoring.htm Is this the same thing? Can I make s...

Sherry Week at Jaleo

by Steve 2 years ago

This week through Sunday is Sherry Week at Jaleo, with a special menu featuring a one ounce pour of sherry paired with each dish. I tried only the dessert from this menu, but it was so outrageou...

Shelf life of Port and Sherry

Ali G
by Ali G 14 years ago

This might be a stupid question, but how long does Port or Cream Sherry last once it's been opened? We have a bottle of each that we started and never finished and I'm wondering if I should just t...

Info on “sherry flavoring”

by tracy_d 3 years ago

Hello, all, newbie here. I’m posting because every time I google a cooking question, the best answer seems to come from the Chowhound community. I am trying to re-create or update some rec...

Dry sherry for cooking

by Wendy Lai 19 years ago

I need some advice about dry sherry for cooking. Is it expensive? Is there a different between cooking sherry and drinking sherry? How much should I expect to spend on a decent bottle? How lon...

Does cooking sherry go bad?

by MIMIMOM 4 years ago

I bought a bottle of cooking sherry about 3 years ago to make some she crab soup. It got pushed to the back of my pantry nad I now have another recipe that calls for sherry. Is it okay to use the...

Sherry in Cooking

King of Northern Blvd
by King of Northern Blvd 14 years ago

I am making Red cooked Pork Belly tonight from All about Braising. I have to run out to buy sherry for the recipe and don't know anything about it. Is there a special brand I should get? Are there ...

Emergency Dessert From the Pantry

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

I've been making this so long that I have no idea if it's my recipe or not. If you're lucky, you'll have a long, thin serving dish, but if not, just ad lib with individual ramekins or build it in a...

Cooking with sherry. How long do you keep the bottle for after using it?

michele cindy
by michele cindy 10 years ago

I occasionally cook with a recipe that calls for a few tblsps of sherry. I run out, buy a bottle, and then a few months go by until I need to use it again. I have no plans to drink it so it just si...

Dry Sack Sherry - Opinions [Moved from Spirits board]

by kare_raisu 14 years ago

This seems to be the only Name protected Jerez sherry at the local safeway...any opinions?

Looking for sherry (wine) in Vermont

by Idyllwild 6 years ago

Could anyone suggest a place, either retail or bar/restaurant, to find sherry wine in Vermont? Would love to find manzanilla, but would settle for a dry fino. Any info appreciated.

Graphs detail plummeting Sherry sales

by zin1953 6 years ago

"Sales of Sherry have all but collapsed in the category’s top five markets over the last decade, with global exports nearly halving since 2002, new graphs show." (article continues)

Emu Sherry - what gives?

by DockPotato 8 years ago

My wife, and occasionally myself, enjoy a glass of dry sherry. In Toronto we had a decent selection to choose from but since moving to a small town felt lucky to have Alvear's Fino stocked at our l...

Chinese sherry/cooking wine

by bgirl180 12 years ago

I've seen several recipes that call for chinese sherry or cooking wine. Can someone let me know how I can tell that I'm buying the right one?

substituting different liquor in recipes

by Wendy Lai 20 years ago

Can any one tell me if it's okay to substitute different type of liquors in various recipes? I don't want to go out and buy a bunch of different kind. I have a big bottle of congnac, can it be us...

Sherry Cooking wine versus Sherry Wine Vinegar.

by Angelina 14 years ago

I am making a skirt steak with chimmichirri sauce and the recipe calls for sherry wine vinegar. Not much, about 2/3 cup, but I don't have the SW vinegar, instead I have Sherry cooking wine. Will ...

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