What Is the Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet?

Now that it's almost summer, you're probably gobbling down lots of frozen treats. If you overdosed on ice cream or are just craving something a little lighter, you might want to grab a scoop of sorbet...

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Store-bought lime sherbet

by moss 13 years ago

Sometimes you crave "food" that reminds you of your childhood, like store-bought lime sherbet, the kind that is usually bright green and artificially-flavored. Does anybody know where to buy some?...

ISO Yuzu Sherbet Recipe

by Emme 13 years ago

Hi all, hoping someone can come through on here after Google and other cooking website searches turned up nothing really. We had a decent enough Mother's Day brunch at the W Hotel in Westwood, CA,...

Sherbet Lemons

by JoyM 13 years ago

I've been rereading the Harry Potter books -- the British editions -- and it's given me a hankering for Sherbet Lemons. What I'm looking for is the real British ones, which are NOT the same as Lem...

Chocolate-coconut sherbet?

by katecm 14 years ago

Has anyone made this recipe by David Lebovitz? It was a Chow featured recipe.


by anu 16 years ago

So, I've been experimenting with Sherbet from a recipe out of Cooks' Ill. 1000 best new recipes. The orange sherbet came out really well - EXQUISITE. As I experiment some of the other flavors have...

How do you pronounce "sherbet?" [tangent from General Topics]

Katie Nell
by Katie Nell 15 years ago

I am also curious... how do you all pronounce sherbet? (It's an ongoing discussion in our household!)

Difference between Sorbet and Sherbet...Is there?

by davinagr 15 years ago

Okay somebody brought this up on a post and I've always been curious. Is there a difference between Sorbet and Sherbet? I thought Sherbet still had milk in it.

Delicious Pineapple-rum sherbet (frozen yogurt?)

by Foodie2 15 years ago

Another run-in with the ice cream maker yesterday... produced delicious pina-colada-esque results with on-hand ingredients, hero of the bbq. Heat over low/med, stirring: 1 C. milk 1/4 C. sugar ...

ingredients for sherbert?

by yum 15 years ago

i have to kind of avoid dairy for a few months and was wondering if sherbert has dairy in them? like the sherberts in jamba juice drinks?

So You Think You Don't Like Sherbet? Long.

by Becca Porter 16 years ago

With all the ice cream postings lately I felt compeled to mention Cook's Illustrateds sherbet recipes. They are the single most delicious frozen thing I've ever had. I have been making them frequ...

A warning, a mango sherbet, and a question

by nooodles 16 years ago

WARNING: don't use the recipe linked below to make mango pudding. It's terrible. It says it'll make something akin to mango pudding at dim sum, but it doesn't. Mango pudding tastes decidedly artifi...

Champagne Sherbet

by moomin 17 years ago

Champagne Sherbet... Are there any ice cream places in the greater Los Angeles area that still stock this pink, non-alcoholic, sugary throwback to 1965? I haven't seen it in almost 20 years.

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