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chicken stock - how long does it keep?

by burbankfoodie 13 years ago

I made some great chicken stock in my crockpot and then drained and put in the fridge. Completely forgot to put in ice cubes and put in freezer. So, how long does refrigerated home-made chicken s...

What's the Shelf-life of Vermouth (if you keep it in the fridge?)

by wontonton 13 years ago

I don't make martinis too often at home, so the Vermouth bottle doesn't get much play, but how long is too long?

Shelf life of boxed chicken broth?

by CarrieAnne 13 years ago

I am new to this site (and cooking!) so this might be an obvious question...but I have a box of Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken broth that has been in my cupboard unopened for about a year. It ...

Can Champagne Go Bad?

gourmet guru
by gourmet guru 14 years ago

We received a bottle of Dom last Christmas from a client. We haven't opened it yet, we wanted to save it for a special occassion. We had a "friend" over recently who is a bit of a lush and as he ...

How long does ground beef last in the fridge?

by digkv 14 years ago

I bought some freshly ground beef on Sunday and I left it in the fridge until now, Thursday (5 days.) Is it still safe to eat? I plan on making Marcella's ragu but I'm worried about any safety is...

Fridge lifespan of chicken stock?

by woodburner 14 years ago

Opened a box of some nice chicken stock but only used a portion of it... placed the rest in a plastic container and put in fridge. How long will that stock last? I know I shouldn't ask this... bu...

So I Just Bought a Supermarket Roasted Chicken & don't want to eat it for 2 - 3 Hours...

by torta basilica 14 years ago

Lazy, I admit it, but our local supermarket's roast chickens are pretty good. It's all warmed up & ready to eat, but we're not. Do I leave it on the counter and what would be the absolutely longe...

how long does summer sausage last?

mr mouther
by mr mouther 15 years ago

I was always under the impression that summer sausage/ beef stick kinds of things were preserved types of food and could last a long time in the fridge, but a friend recently told me that a week or...

can i freeze leftover pumpkin puree?

by emiloo 16 years ago

i've got some leftover pumpkin puree from a pie i was making. is this good to freeze? if so, what's the best way to store...and how long is it good for? thanks!

how long does soymilk really last?

by Debbie W. 16 years ago

I bought some Silk brand vanilla soymilk 3 or 4 weeks ago, and opened it right away. This is the first time I have purchased soymilk. The stamped date on the 1/2 gallon container is 12/8/05, but ...

what's the best way to store fresh cut fruit?

by gummysnacks 16 years ago

We're talking about apples, pineapple, mango, the likes. I'm sure the differences in acidity will lead to different forms of storage. How do you store it and how long does it keep? We're changing ...

How long will a bottle of champagne last?

by Frank Escobar 17 years ago

I have a nice bottle of French Champagne (redundant?) that I received in December of 2002. I am thinking about opening it soon but I was afraid that it might have gone flat or bad. Does anyone k...

Corn on the cob question

by Judith Hurley 17 years ago

If you buy fresh corn on the cob, how long can you keep it in the fridge? And will it keep longer if you don't shuck it?

How long do cooked potatoes stay good?

by Allie D'Augustine 18 years ago

So, last week, I baked some potatoes in order to make hash browns... and now I have one thoroughly cooked, leftover potato wrapped in foil in my fridge. It's 5 days old and it *seems* fine... Do co...

Roast Chicken - good for how long?

by Cymbiosis 19 years ago

Once I've roasted a chicken and it in the fridge, how long can I pull of strips of meat for salad, sandwiches, etc. before it's gone bad?

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