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Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce: shelf life question - will adding alcohol help it last longer?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 8 years ago

How long would you say homemade salted caramel sauce will last (refrigerated). I keep seeing blogs w/ recipes saying only 2 weeks - that seems short to me (but I have no idea!). The recipe I us...

Cooked White Rice.....how long does it keep?

by cb1 8 years ago

I have a container of white rice from a take-out place that's a week old. Would you still use it? Was getting ready to throw it out for trash day tomorrow and then I thought some fried rice using...

How to know if sweet potato is too old

by bythebay 8 years ago

We've had some sweet potatoes siting around on the counter for a while. I started to cut them up to roast but not sure if they're too old. The flesh has some yellow parts on in in addition to the u...

How long can I hold defrosted shrimp?

by shark37 9 years ago

We had a frig/freezer die during the night. Two bags of very large shrimp were concerned. They are on ice now, but they were probably 70% defrosted when we rescued them. Will it be safe to eat them...

How long does soup last?

by Rheta 9 years ago

I made a soup on Friday. Veggies, Ital. Sausage, tortellini, tomatoes and broth were the main ingredients. How long will it last in the fridge? Thanks.

How long to keep smoked salmon

by mocro 9 years ago

This relates to my smoked salmon appetizer recipe question below. Ha! For Christmas I received a generous gift of a whole smoked salmon from Scotland. It's beautifully packaged w/plastic betwe...

Spiral ham (heated/glazed on Xmas) - how long does it last?

by lazylghtng 9 years ago

Hi - Bought a pre-cooked spiral cut ham from Burger's Smokehouse for Xmas. Arrived frozen. Thawed a couple of days in fridge, then cooked low and slow to heat up and glaze. Now it's one week...

How do I store pecan pie and how long will it keep?

by hungryinmanhattan 10 years ago

Hello. You all have saved me many a time and I thank you CHs! I need advice. I have 12 people coming on Christmas Day, 7 days from now. I would love to do some of the dishes ahead of time. I was...

How long before I throw out the SHRIMP?

by waterisgood 15 years ago

I ordered a 1/2 pound of shrimp from the seafood guy at Whole Foods on Saturday. It's now Tuesday - do I throw it out?

How long will lobster live out of the tank?

by mothrpoet 15 years ago

I would like to buy some live lobsters on Friday to prepare on Saturday evening. Is there a way to keep them alive for 24 hours or so? I'm used to doing tails, so steaming a live one is a new adven...

French Macaroons/Macarons - How long will they stay fresh?

by skaboy 10 years ago

Hi, I'm really pressed for time this week and I want to grab my Mother's day gifts early. I was thinking of getting Macarons at the local patisserie and wondered if I bought them Thursday or Frida...

How long will egg whites keep in the fridge?

by TerriL 10 years ago

Apologies if this as been discussed - my search didn't turn up anything. In any case, we made a pastry cream on Friday night, leaving us with 4 egg whites which were promptly refrigerated. The egg ...

Thanksgiving Dinner - what Can Be Made In Advance?

by lattelover 11 years ago

I'm already thinking about the big day and getting night sweats. What can be prepared in advance without sacrificing taste/ texture etc. I'm sure I can make cranberry sauce and gravy a couple of ...

Can Homemade Pie Crust Dough Be Left In The Fridge For 2-3 Days?

by icecone 11 years ago

I'm referring to pie crusts with and without baking powder. Can I make them ahead, wrap them, and leave them in the fridge? I'm worried that the crust with baking powder will suffer from extended s...

Storing Half a Watermelon

by jcattles 11 years ago

I have a watermelon that I've only used half of. Usually I cut the whole thing into small pieces but don't have time to do that right now. Can I cover the other half & leave on the counter or shoul...

Gingerbread cookie dough - maximum fridge storage time?

by susan_e_webb 11 years ago

Hello, Toronto Chowhounds, Can anyone tell me how long homemade gingerbread cookie dough (wrapped in plastic and then aluminium foil) can be stored in the fridge? I made some on a Wednesday nigh...

does clarified butter require refrigeration?

by buzzy715 12 years ago

title pretty much says it all. will clarified butter keep in a jar in the pantry? if so, for how long?

How long is opened vodka good for?

by foodsmith 12 years ago

I have a barely used bottle of Smirnoff, triple filtered vodka that I swear must be nearly 2 years old. Is it still good for making penne al vodka? And by good is there anything dangerous about eat...

Does unrefrigerated, unopened wine go bad?

by Fomeomega 12 years ago

My dad has a bottle of white wine that he kept refrigerated for a year, then left at room temperature for a year. He has not yet opened it, but he wants to know if it could be bad from being left ...

Storing chopped onion in Freezer and in fridge

by sepandee 13 years ago

I was wondering whether one can store chopped onion in the fridge and freezer. Well, I know i can store in the fridge, but for how long? Also, I make a lot of persian recipes, which call for ste...

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