What Is the Difference Between a Radler and a Shandy?

In a battle of radler vs shandy, everyone's a winner, but what exactly is the difference between these two refreshing drinks? While beer-based cocktails in general are criminally underrated, the shandy...

Summer of Shandy?

by SP1 6 years ago

Now Narragansett is releasing a second flavor of Del's shandy, black cherry: http://www.providencejournal.com/article/20150531/NEWS/150539881/13939 Also, I've seen a more radler's showing up on ...

Narragansett/Del's Lemonade Shandy in Boston

by kimfair1 7 years ago

I had a chance to try this while visiting my parents in New Bedford at the excellent taco/burrito place No Problemo. I stopped at a liquor store there, and he said they sold out of the 29 cases the...

anyone know where i can get a "SHANDY"?

by miltiek 13 years ago

just got back from york, uk. a "SHANDY" is a mix of lemonaid and beer, something i could mix at home but prefer a place when i'm out with my buds. thx

In search of Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy Beer - have you seen it??

by WildSwede 10 years ago

I had it while visiting Wisconsin recently and love this seasonal brew. I have called BevMo and they said that only a few stores sell it and they are in Arizona! Has anyone seen it anywhere local...

leinenkugel summer shandy

by im hungry 13 years ago

were loving it this summer,now a bunch of others are too,cuz its all gone.....

Leinenkugel "shandy"

coney with everything
by coney with everything 14 years ago

I saw Leinenkugel "Shandy" at my local gourmet market a week or so ago. I'm reluctant to buy an entire 6 pack only to find out that it isn't good. Has anyone had experience with this? I do know wh...

beer shandy

by george 16 years ago

I have had a beer shandy in the UK. Anywhere in New York to get this delicious drink?


by Mike Benedetti 21 years ago

I seek the Carib beverage Shandy, in either its ginger or sorrel forms.

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