Restaurant owners backtracking

by Gastronomos 4 months ago

This is one side of a story found on the interwebz: "I would like to address the post about Jamis Kitchen and the ...

eclecticsynergy commented 2 months ago

How much do bussers/runners make in a fine dining restaurant?

by santaclaws 2 years ago

I'm a server at a casual dining restaurant and make about $100-$150 a night on average. I'm considering a job running...


Lissajoyce commented 7 months ago

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No Piece of the Pie by Food Chain Workers Alliance

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"... According to the report, food is now the largest employment sector in the United States, after growing 13 percen...

Professional waiter/waitress- a dying breed?

by TheTrout 9 years ago

My wife and I had a great anniversary dinner last Friday evening at Sage. The food, as expected, was excellent. We ch...


PersonalDeliConsultant commented 2 years ago

How do you feel about waiters clearing dirty dishes and then serving food without washing their hands in between?

by johnb 2 years ago

Seems to me that's asking for transmission of germs. In some restaurants different people do these jobs, but I'm sur...

johnb commented 2 years ago

Yuck...I'm being waited on by a sick server!

by Beach Chick 9 years ago

I just refused service from a server who was sneezing and her nose was running and she was taking her arm to catch th...


eeeeeegirl commented 2 years ago

Can I get a job as a wait staff person? What do I need to know?

by genoO 2 years ago

With the never ending posts about tipping and food servers, there are some questions that come to my mind. In all ...

coll commented 2 years ago

What are some of the more irritating and/or interesting questions diners ask servers about wine?

by Capone 2 years ago

Looking for hopefully answers from servers or former servers on questions about wine that stand out because of the fr...

Midlife commented 2 years ago

Skimpy Pours?

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

I am not a very experienced drinker, but years ago, I discovered Cosmos, which I really love, mostly because I am MAJ...


CaptCrunch commented 2 years ago

Is tipping in cash better for the server?

by piwakawaka 6 years ago

My father (from NZ where tipping is *NOT* the norm) is insistent on leaving the tip in cash when on holiday in N Am s...

Delucacheesemonger commented 3 years ago

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