Fifty Years of Eating Together: For the Love of Food

Fifty years contain a lot of food, so it's no wonder a couple coming up on their golden anniversary has made many delicious memories together. From coffee and Korean food to snack-size Hershey bars...

Best Korean BBQ and SPICY in Seoul?

by UWSBB 3 years ago

Hi, heading to Seoul tomorrow. I was considering going to Saebyukjib in Gangnam for BBQ. Any opinions on this place or other suggestions? As for spicy food, looking for a good amount of heat, but ...

Baekyangsa Temple, Korea (Temple Food, Jeong Kwan)

by sobbuh 4 years ago

"A top 10 vegetarian/vegan food destination worldwide?" We were fortunate enough to be able to make a trip to the Chunjinam Hermitage and Baekyangsa Temple, where the much-touted chef/nun Jeong ...

Trip to Seoul

by LauraVG 3 years ago

We are going to Seoul by the end of May. We know very little about Korean food. Can anyone recommend us what to eat in markets or food stalls? Any specific place you like? We would also like to go...

Seoul Christmas Trip

by jzc 4 years ago

Hello all, My family is planning to be in Seoul for 7-8 days after Christmas. There will be 5 of us and we are big eaters as well as adventurous. This is our first time and we don't speak Kore...

What are some Korean dishes/foods that a first-time visitor to Seoul should try?

by kevinh100 5 years ago

I’ve heard of samgyetang, samgyeopsal, kimbap, ddeokbokki, and Korean-style fried chicken. Are there any others I should be aware of before I visit Seoul in a couple of months? And are there any pa...

Best places to try samgyeopsal (삼겹살) in Seoul?

by kevinh100 5 years ago

First time visitor to Korea interested in trying samgyeopsal in Seoul. Is it a pretty common food that a lot of restaurants have, or do you have to go to specific restaurants/street carts to have i...

Most conveniently located hotels in Seoul for walking?

by kevinh100 5 years ago

First time traveler to Seoul and would like to know if there are hotels that are conveniently located for exploring the city (primarily by walking). Information on conveniently/centrally located ne...

Things to eat in Seoul that's difficult to find in NYC

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 5 years ago

Hi. Will be going to Seoul in a few months. Haven't been there in over 30 years and looking forward to revisiting. I live in NYC and have decent access to Korean food in New Jersey, Flushing and Ma...

French hound coming to Seoul 2 - The return of the bearded one

Rio Yeti
by Rio Yeti 6 years ago

Dear 'China & Southeast Asia board', you've helped me tremendously last year when I came to Seoul (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/980009), and it resulted in some great eating (http://chowhound.c...

Seeking advice: Week long foodie trip from Japan to somewhere else.

by lederhosen 6 years ago

I'll be on a month long trip eating myself through Japan and I am thinking of adding another week to somewhere else in Asia, but can't decide where to. I am very tempted by Kuala Lumpur but Shangha...

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