Can You Really Die From Eating Apple Seeds?

Are apple seeds poisonous? seems like a simple question. And the short answer is: yes. But before you up and toss the literal fruits of your actual labor this apple picking season, let's have a look...

Getting our herb garden started: West/Conn 2018...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

We're ready! Our patio was renovated this past winter and we are anxious to get it growing again. We were able to save our chives and oregano which are coming back nicely in their original pots. We...

Lompoc Valley Seed and Milling to close down

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Always sad to read when a long time local food institution is closing down. Shut down is scheduled for May. LOMPOC VALLEY SEED & MILLING 1119 West Laurel Avenue Lompoc, CA 93436 805.736.2517...

Cherokee Nation Seed Bank online distribution begins Feb. 1

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

“The native plants are just as much, or even a little bit more so, a part of Cherokee culture than are the crops. The native plants are harder to produce as we have to try and replicate an environm...

Best plum tomato seeds for NC climate (zone 7b)

by loves2cook82 9 months ago

Every spring I visit my local farmers market and buy a variety of heirloom tomato plants for my garden: German Johnson, Pink Girl, Cherokee Purple... This year I'd like to add a plum tomato to the...

Pawpaw seeds - just how poisonous are they?

Full tummy
by Full tummy 12 years ago

I have recently purchased a couple of pawpaw trees. We aren't talking papaya here, but the pawpaw that grows and produces fruit all the way up here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I understand the...

Recipes that use immature cilantro seeds?

by small h 1 year ago

My cilantro has bolted, as cilantro will do, and it's producing lots of seeds. I know I can wait 'til they're dry and either plant them or cook with them, but can I do anything with the "green" seeds?

Pomegranate seeds too crunchy - does baking help? Recipes?

by MidwesternerTT 6 years ago

So now I remember why it's been a few years since I last bought a fresh pomegranate. I enjoy the "surprise inside" experience of opening the fruit and getting the seeds out. But we don't particula...

Difference between Onion seeds and Nigella seeds

by cavecreek1986 9 years ago

I found a recipe which calls for both onions seeds and nigella seeds. I spoke to someone at an Indian market, and he said nigella seeds and onion seeds are the same thing. The research I've done on...

Working with Cardamom Seeds and Pods: Help!!!

by opinionatedchef 8 years ago

Even the excellent spice books , Spice and Herb Bible and Herbs and Spices, have no compassion/ prep tips for the home cook working with cardamom pods and seeds. I loooove cardamom. I add it to my...

Black vs White Sesame Seeds

by AGWheeler 2 years ago

I've recently been baking bread using both black and white sesame seeds. An earlier discussion here concluded that there's no difference in flavor, but I notice a distinct difference. The white...

What seeds can turn milk into a pudding (like chia?)

by glify 3 years ago

I hear flax can do it also but must be ground, not ideal here in Thailand when I'm on the run (we don't have Whole foods here but we do have tons of convenience stores with small milk bottles and p...

Nigela Seeds

by Fuffy 3 years ago

What are nigela seeds which are in several otto Lenghi recipes, and are they worth finding and buying?

Innovative appliance for nuts seeds and spices!

by Galamba 3 years ago

Dear community, I am currently studying for my PhD on product design, and thought it was a good idea to come up with something useful and innovative on the field of small kitchen appliances. ...

Create a nuts and seeds smoothie

by VeeK727 4 years ago

Hey Guys, I'm vegetarian and trying to add some nutrition to my diet and found out the nuts and seeds are a real powerhouse in a package. However I also found that eating them raw would not be very...

Recipe for German "Korneck" multigrain rolls

by avonfluegge 4 years ago

We just got back from Berlin, where we couldn't get enough of these Korneck multigrain rolls. Here is a link to the website of the bakery chain: http://kamps.de/backstube/produkte/broetchen/?b=152 ...

seed and pit edibility: please dispel myths from my childhood...

by silence9 13 years ago

Hiya... I will sheepishly admit that I do not know if it is OK/safe to consume the seeds and pits of common fruit. Sometimes I just want to eat the entire apple, orange, grape, pomegranite, etc., s...

Gordon Ramsay Carrot, Cumin, Orange Salad question...

by UsWombat 4 years ago

The recipe calls for Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds and I'm not sure if it would be ok to use roasted/salted seeds? ( That's what I have on hand) Would it make it way to salty? http://www.lifestyle...

Your typical bag of perilla seeds from the Korean grocery store?

by vil 8 years ago

Recently, I spotted such a bag and got it on a whim, hoping to be able to plant some of the seeds, while figuring out on how to use the rest of them in cooking later on. I love shiso plants and cou...

Do you eat papaya seeds?

by rworange 13 years ago

Googling for something else, I found a mention that papaya seeds were edible. I never knew this. Usually the taste is compared to pepper, mustard or watercress and one place compared it to horse...