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Pawpaw seeds - just how poisonous are they?

by Full tummy 11 years ago

I have recently purchased a couple of pawpaw trees. We aren't talking papaya here, but the pawpaw that grows and pro...


BigG commented 4 months ago

Recipes that use immature cilantro seeds?

by small h 5 months ago

My cilantro has bolted, as cilantro will do, and it's producing lots of seeds. I know I can wait 'til they're dry and...


small h commented 5 months ago

Pomegranate seeds too crunchy - does baking help? Recipes?

by MidwesternerTT 5 years ago

So now I remember why it's been a few years since I last bought a fresh pomegranate. I enjoy the "surprise inside" e...


kmariebmoore commented 1 year ago

Difference between Onion seeds and Nigella seeds

by cavecreek1986 8 years ago

I found a recipe which calls for both onions seeds and nigella seeds. I spoke to someone at an Indian market, and he ...


igmac commented 1 year ago

Working with Cardamom Seeds and Pods: Help!!!

by opinionatedchef 7 years ago

Even the excellent spice books , Spice and Herb Bible and Herbs and Spices, have no compassion/ prep tips for the ho...


knitter36 commented 1 year ago

Black vs White Sesame Seeds

by AGWheeler 1 year ago

I've recently been baking bread using both black and white sesame seeds. An earlier discussion here concluded that th...


hallen_carina24 commented 1 year ago

What seeds can turn milk into a pudding (like chia?)

by glify 2 years ago

I hear flax can do it also but must be ground, not ideal here in Thailand when I'm on the run (we don't have Whole fo...


CreativeLowCarbFusion commented 1 year ago

Nigela Seeds

by Fuffy 2 years ago

What are nigela seeds which are in several otto Lenghi recipes, and are they worth finding and buying?


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Innovative appliance for nuts seeds and spices!

by Galamba 2 years ago

Dear community, I am currently studying for my PhD on product design, and thought it was a good idea to come up wi...


breadchick commented 2 years ago

Create a nuts and seeds smoothie

by VeeK727 3 years ago

Hey Guys, I'm vegetarian and trying to add some nutrition to my diet and found out the nuts and seeds are a real powe...


VeeK727 commented 3 years ago

Recipe for German "Korneck" multigrain rolls

by avonfluegge 3 years ago

We just got back from Berlin, where we couldn't get enough of these Korneck multigrain rolls. Here is a link to the w...


avonfluegge commented 3 years ago

seed and pit edibility: please dispel myths from my childhood...

by silence9 12 years ago

Hiya... I will sheepishly admit that I do not know if it is OK/safe to consume the seeds and pits of common fruit. So...


jumpingmonk commented 3 years ago

Gordon Ramsay Carrot, Cumin, Orange Salad question...

by UsWombat 3 years ago

The recipe calls for Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds and I'm not sure if it would be ok to use roasted/salted seeds? ( Th...

Robin Joy

Robin Joy commented 3 years ago

Your typical bag of perilla seeds from the Korean grocery store?

by vil 7 years ago

Recently, I spotted such a bag and got it on a whim, hoping to be able to plant some of the seeds, while figuring out...


pitu commented 3 years ago

Do you eat papaya seeds?

by rworange 13 years ago

Googling for something else, I found a mention that papaya seeds were edible. I never knew this. Usually the taste...


Gailcanto commented 3 years ago

Where can I find Scotch Bonnet pepper seeds? Or habanero seeds?

by beetrootjuice 3 years ago

I need scotch bonnet (or habanero) seeds as soon as possible. Where in Toronto can I find them? Toronto is ideal, but...


prima commented 3 years ago

Nigella/charnushka seeds.

by suzigirl 6 years ago

Several years ago watching Nigella Lawson did a recipe with potatoes and several seeds including these seeds. Now I c...


bagelman01 commented 3 years ago

Dill seed vs. fresh dill for refrigerator pickles

by watermelonsoo 7 years ago

I've tried making refrigerator pickles twice and they both seemed to have this strange sweetness that I'm really not ...


MickiYam commented 4 years ago

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