Secret Menus

Shh! Do you know about secret menus? Chowhounds do, and they share what off-the-menu dishes you can order at restaurants everywhere from In-N-Out to Wondee Siam.

An Official Guide to the Unofficial Starbucks Secret Menu

Tired of ordering the same few drinks each time you visit Starbucks? What if you could invent your own pick-me-up at your favorite coffee shop? What if all your favorite desserts were made into beverages...

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Thai Secret Menu---from Chicago Board

by malcarne 18 years ago

This post is in response to a thread on the Chicago board regarding the supposed condescension inherent in “secret” menus-First: Thai food, it's width and breadth, while(in this case) limited? to t...

Sorta secret menu at Phoenix Inn, Evanston - Anyone Tried?

by zim 18 years ago

A while back I noticed that Phoenix Inn (which I always thought of as a dingy place with dingy food and surly service)had posted a menu of new offerings on the window of Szechwan and cantonese Dish...

Off Menu Items, or Secret Menu's?

by Steve 18 years ago

Ok, so recently I have heard that some restaurants have Items that are not on the menu. So does anyone have any clues, here is what I have heard. Spago, Salmon Pizza. Jiraffe, Albondigas soup. G...

It's About Thaim: Spoon Thai secret menu translated (v. long)

by foodfirst 18 years ago

I've listed dishes under each heading moving top to bottom then left to right, ie finishing a row then moving right to the next row. (the menu lists items in three rows). Some items -- mostly towar...

other Thai secret menu -- where's the thread?

by foodfirst 18 years ago

I just sat down to (try) to do a little translating, but now I can't find the thread for the (was it Spoon?) Thai secret menu. Help?

Secret thai menu revealed!!!!

by Vital Information 19 years ago

Yum Thai's thai language menu has been translated over at the general board. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/290642#1578369

Secret Menu at Tung Shing House

by Canchito (J. DiStefano) 19 years ago

Last night I went to Tung Shing House (97-45 Queens Blvd.) for the second time. The first time I was amazed how many Chinese people were there given that the menu didn't offer much beyond General T...

yet another "Secret Menu" posting...

by Joe B. 19 years ago

As quoted from today's New York Times: "The Secret Menu is not an In-N-Out marketing creation, and its popularity appears genuinely to mystify the company's officers. "We've never called it the...

In n Out's secret menu?

by Newby 19 years ago

I've heard that In n Out Burgers has a secret menu. Things like protein burgers and wellies? Is there a link to this secret menu? If not what is a protein burger and wellies?

Ginza Sushi-ko Secret Menu

by Michael Robertson Moore 19 years ago

Wink at the chef and ask for a Double Double. You'll get just that and pay $150 for it. A word to the wise guy...

Vietnamese SECRET MENU!!??

by Richard Gould-Saltman 19 years ago

It appears that the prospect of being in on a secret cabal prompts substantial responses, so let me re-cast my last query to the baord in a new form: I HEAR TELL THERE ARE VIETNAMESE PLACES IN TH...

In 'n Out Secret Menu

by Sheryl 19 years ago

I'm always reading on here about the In 'N Out secret menu. Finally, I have to speak up. What is the big deal? Nobody needs to know some dopey frat boy code. All you have to do is order your bu...

In 'N Out "secret" menu

by newtoLAJeff 20 years ago

I keep hearing that In 'N Out Burgers has a whole other menue of items that you have to know about to order. (e.g. 4x4's etc) Anyone know where to get a comprehensive list of this menu or if not av...

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