Secret Menus

Shh! Do you know about secret menus? Chowhounds do, and they share what off-the-menu dishes you can order at restaurants everywhere from In-N-Out to Wondee Siam.

An Official Guide to the Unofficial Starbucks Secret Menu

Tired of ordering the same few drinks each time you visit Starbucks? What if you could invent your own pick-me-up at your favorite coffee shop? What if all your favorite desserts were made into beverages...

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Kwik Way – Rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese, apple pie, coffee shake and secret menu [Oakland]

by rworange 9 years ago

Before I go on and on, I want to note the apple pie is excellent. The little personal size pie has one of the few crusts without butter that I like. It isn’t too delicate. It isn’t flakey. It h...

Secret Indonesian menu at Wok Coco in Anaheim

by mayobanex 9 years ago

Due solely to knowledge obtained through my Indonesian in-laws, I ate lunch today at Wok Coco in an Anaheim strip mall. You would never know this place has Indonesian food -- the signs and menus ou...

DC area Secret menu compilation?

by rHairing 9 years ago

So on a recent thread about Thai by Thai, there is talk of a secret menu. This is not the first time a secret menu has been mentioned. Has anyone ever compiled a DC list on CH? I did a search ...

New Secret Menu at Bangkok Golden, Falls Church

by Steve 9 years ago

There is a new secret menu now at Bangkok Golden in Falls Church, VA. There is the printed Thai menu, the printed Lao menu (which used to be the secret menu), and now a copied paper in a plastic s...

Secret Menu Items

by jensie 10 years ago

Does anyone know of secret "off-menu" items at Montreal restaurants? I've heard of meatballs at Westmount Taverne and a secret wine list at l'Express.... Thanks!

Chabaa Thai Secret Menu - What's Worth Ordering?

by possumspice 11 years ago

Per Jonathan Kaufmann's review in the SF Weekly, there appears to be a secret menu (which the Weekly staff has had translated and turned into a pdf) of Issan-style food at the Outer Sunset branch o...

Wondee Siam Secret Thai Menu

by AubWah 10 years ago

I saw a picture of it, but in the picture there were no prices. Are there really no prices listed do you have to ask? Strange ----- Wondee Siam 792 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

In-n-Out Burger's "Secret Menu"

by degustateur 11 years ago

You've probably heard about “Animal Style” burgers and fries at In-n-Out Burger. They’re just a small part of an extensive (over 400 possible combinations) derivation of the standard menu known as ...

Hunan Legend Secret menu

by Warthog 12 years ago

I have friends who I dine with frequently who love Grace Garden, but don't get done with work early enough to make the long drive worthwhile. Luckily, HowChowBlog recently posted a translation ...

10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants

by monku 12 years ago

10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/wayoflife/09/28/mf.10.secret.menu.items/index.html

Secret Thai menu's in Boston. Tried some, not impressed, suggestions?

by Torolover 12 years ago

There is all this talk about the ordering from the "secret" thai menu from S and I, Brown sugar, and Dok Bua. What are the exact names of the dishes and the ten best? I'm going to S and I, Dok ...

Article: "10 secret menu posts" from Mental Floss Blog

by gyozagirl 12 years ago

http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/33297 I thought this was pretty interesting, even though some of the stuff doesn't appeal to me. I order the Starbucks "short" size all the time, and I...

REVIEW w/ pics: Secret Balkan Menu at Metro Diner

by pleasurepalate 12 years ago

From the outside, Metro Diner looks just as it seems, a diner. Breakfast and lunch offer the standard fare of eggs, omelets and pancakes or salads and sandwiches respectively. It's around dinner ti...

Ordering of the "Secret Menu?"

by ReelMike84 12 years ago

No this is not a question of what's on the not so "secret menu" at In-N-Out. What I'm asking the hounds for insight into is what luck has been found at by simply asking your server if anything "off...

Where to get the "secret" Chinese Menu in Pittsburgh?

by SisiL 12 years ago

Hello! Years ago I was introduced to the vegetarian dishes off of "secret" menus in chinese restaurants by an american friend who had spent some time in China. I am not a vegetarian, although I...

Chalres Yu secret Chinese menu dinner?

by pouletsecret 13 years ago

I was avidly (if clearly too shyly) following the discussion of a possible chow meetup to eat all sorts of arcane dishes that remain a secret to those not versed in Cantonese script. It was suppo...

Do you like secret menus?

by susancinsf 14 years ago

On the San Francisco board, there is a thread about local restaurants with 'secret' or off menu items...: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/436778 which prompts me to ask: am I the only hound w...

In-N-Out secret menu...

by EnderWiggin 14 years ago

"3-by-3" = three meat patties and three slices of cheese. "4-by-4" = four meat patties and four slices of cheese. "2-by-4" = two meat patties and four slices of cheese. *Note: You can g...

How to get a proper omakase at Gari 46? 'Secret menu'?

by AppleSpam 14 years ago

Planning to try Gari 46 this week, but I have never been to a Gari restaurant, so not sure what to expect. I would like to get the omakase since that is what I'm used to at other sushi restaurants...