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Seaweed Salad

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Frozen seaweed salad

by terrycar 4 years ago

I picked up a bag of frozen seaweed salad at T&T's today. Does anyone have any tips on how to thaw & prep it. Thanks.


medlar commented 1 year ago

Seeking seaweed salad

by Deborah R. 2 years ago

Does anybody know of a good source of seaweed salad in the Washington, D.C., area? I'm not looking for the overpriced...


Informeister commented 2 years ago

High Fructose Corn Syrup in your Seaweed Salad?

by blythe 2 years ago

I love the seaweed salad you get at sushi joints, and can find it easily at Japanese markets. Recently, I REALLY sta...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Finding the Seaweed Used in Japanese Seaweed Salad

by JoJo5 6 years ago

Hi everyone, I've fallen in love with seaweed salad and want to make it at home. Anyone know where I can buy the se...


VMarcuri commented 3 years ago

Berkeley Bowl seaweed salad-Blue and yellow make green

by sensi63 12 years ago

Checked the seaweed salad at the bowl. It is artificially colored with blue and yellow dye, not green dye. I guess ...

Robert Lauriston

Robert Lauriston commented 4 years ago

seaweed salad--clear seaweed?

by roxstarred 13 years ago

does anyone know the name of the translucent, almost cellophane-y type of seaweed that is found in seaweed salad? i l...


ashleyhaley95 commented 4 years ago

Squid and Seaweed Salad at Bonita Fish Market, Berkeley

by escargot3 4 years ago

I was crossing town and had a hankering for a pretzl croissant at Oktoberfest. Forgot they closed the storefront on U...

Robert Lauriston

Robert Lauriston commented 4 years ago

Seaweed Salad

by Danybear 5 years ago

Big fan of seaweed salad served in sushi/Japanese restos. Trying to find a grocery store type source is proving diffi...


elvisahmed commented 5 years ago

Survey: Do you consider Seaweed Salad a salad?

by Chemicalkinetics 5 years ago

Thank you for the generous replies on my previous thread "What is your definition of Salad?" http://chowhound.chow.c...


shaogo commented 5 years ago

I can't find a Sichuan Spicy Seaweed Salad recipe.

by loveisblind 5 years ago

I love the spicy Sichuan Seaweed salad that they often serve as a cold appetizer at Sichuan restaurants, however, I c...


Chemicalkinetics commented 5 years ago

Seaweed Salad

by katealexa 5 years ago

Where can I buy seaweed salad (the kind with sesame seeds and rice vinegar) to buy in a store (i.e. not a restaurant)?

Robert Lauriston

Robert Lauriston commented 5 years ago

Seaweed salad

by Alica 7 years ago

When I go to Japanese restaurants I love the seaweed salad they have. I was thrilled to find it frozen in my Asian ma...


letsindulge commented 7 years ago

Best Seaweed Salad - Head to Malden

by givemefoodnow 7 years ago

I just have to mention that All Seasons Table in Malden serves a fantastic seaweed salad, their "Caribbean Seaweed Sa...

Bob Dobalina

Bob Dobalina commented 7 years ago

Seaweed salad - why so expensive?

by greygarious 9 years ago

I love seaweed salad but am always surprised that at local restaurants, a small portion runs upwards of $5. A couple...


shaogo commented 9 years ago

Define really good seaweed salad.

by tatamagouche 9 years ago

It's so often like eating sweetened strands of plastic. But not always. What's the catch?


Atahualpa commented 9 years ago

Seaweed Salad

by charlottecooks 11 years ago

I really love the seaweed salad that seems to be at every single sushi restaurant. I think it is usually too overpric...


john lucas commented 9 years ago

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Seaweed Salad in London

by loobcom 9 years ago

Great seaweed salads seem to be ubiquitous in Japanese restaurants in the US and Canada and I love them dearly. Som...

Best Seaweed Salad 14th-Uptown (East or West)

by Jacey 12 years ago

I'm craving really good seaweed salad that's not overly expensive, which seems it tends to be at a lot of places in t...


sam1 commented 10 years ago

Seaweed Salad at home...what am I looking for?

by kmoore 10 years ago

I've been hooked on the typical green seaweed salad that is served at most sushi joints. Most places call is Kaiso s...


goodhealthgourmet commented 10 years ago